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0006484Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2014-05-14 11:412016-05-26 05:32
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
PlatformWindowsOSVistaOS Version64 Bit
Product Version0.34.11 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006484: Dwarf drops wheelbarrow and abandons hauling job when pathing outside of burrow
DescriptionWhen a dwarf using a wheelbarrow to haul an item pushes the wheelbarrow into an area outside of his burrows, he will drop the wheelbarrow and abandon the hauling job. It's as if each single step were a new job subject to new burrows checks, as opposed to steps on an already computed path for which all required burrows checks are a fait accompli.

Hauling jobs not using wheelbarrows are unaffected; they work as expected when the item source and destination are in disjoint regions of a burrow, checking burrows only for the source and destination and no point between.
Steps To Reproduce1. Embark with one wheelbarrow and one stone.
2. Disable stone hauling for all dwarves.
3. Create a stone stockpile a short distance from the wagon.
4. Set the stone stockpile's wheelbarrow count to 1.
5. Unpause.
6. Wait for the wheelbarrow to be hauled to the stone stockpile.
7. Pause.
8. Create a burrow with two disjoint regions, one of them including the wagon and the other including the stone stockpile.
9. Add all dwarves to the burrow.
10. Enable stone hauling on all dwarves.
11. Unpause.
12. Wait for the stone to be hauled to the stockpile.


1. Dwarf walks to stockpile.
2. Dwarf picks up wheelbarrow.
3. Dwarf starts to push wheelbarrow towards wagon.
4. Dwarf drops wheelbarrow and abandons job upon reaching the gap in the burrow.


1. Dwarf walks to stockpile.
2. Dwarf picks up wheelbarrow.
3. Dwarf pushes wheelbarrow to wagon.
4. Dwarf loads stone into wheelbarrow.
5. Dwarf pushes wheelbarrow to stone stockpile.
6. Dwarf unloads stone from wheelbarrow.

Tagsburrows, wheelbarrows
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related to 0000597confirmedFootkerchief Civilians assigned to burrows while hauling something spam "dropoff inaccessible" 
has duplicate 0009012resolvedlethosor Dwarves abandon wheelbarrows if they ever step out of burrows, even if destination tiles are within burrow 

-  Notes
NW_Kohaku (reporter)
2016-03-30 02:38

In case it is useful, here is a save file demonstrating this from the "duplicate" bug report that was marked "resolved": [^]
JustAnotherLurker (reporter)
2016-05-26 05:32

This is still occurring in 42.06.

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