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0006800Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2014-07-09 01:522014-08-20 13:25
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PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformWin32OSWindows 7 EnterpriseOS Version6.1.7601
Product Version0.40.01 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006800: Immigrants spawn in inaccessible area, try to jump canyon, die
DescriptionThe 3rd wave of migrants in the second spring arrived to an inaccessible part of the map: it's separated from the fortress entrance by a 3 z deep canyon, 4 tile wide, with a river at the bottom.
I designated a walkway to be built at once, but they wouldn't wait, went straight to the edge, possibly tried to jump across, maybe slipped, then drowned at the bottom. Some of them didn't jump yet, they can be observed running around, trying to find a path across, some of them are horror-struck. Yet another few of the migrants are sitting on open space above the river, find them above the "pool" where the river forks.
Save game attached, open announcements and zoom to the corpses.
TagsAI, falling, Fixed in 0.40.09?, jumping, pathing
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has duplicate 0006718resolvedFootkerchief New dwarves take impact damage on arrival. One died. 

-  Notes
fricy (reporter)
2014-07-09 02:02

Save file: [^]
fricy (reporter)
2014-07-09 07:25

Oh, one more problem with the save I forgot to mention until another player brought up the problem: The militia won't spar. [^]

The "barracks" is set up at the entrance (F1 to zoom to), there are two dwarves in the squad. When first set to train I'm pretty sure they were sparring, although there are no combat reports, so I might be mistaken. But since they were taken off duty they won't spar, only do individual combat drill. They set to active training duty, 10 soldiers minimum. This might be related to 0000428, so then I tried modifying the order to 2 soldiers training, which got them to spar, but then the game crashed in seconds. Tried again, crashed again, so this looks like something you can reproduce with the save linked above.
Kumquat (reporter)
2014-07-09 11:17

I had this happen as well. In my case most migrants their luck with jumping was variable, one made it over all right, another jumped into wrong place, and one jumped into the river where he stayed a while and became adequate swimmer but still refused to swim out of the canyon and instead apparently tried to jump up or climb out instead with little luck.
Footkerchief (manager)
2014-07-13 11:29

Reminder sent to: Kennel

Please don't attach so many tags. It makes it hard to tell which reports have been updated recently.
Talvieno (reporter)
2014-08-19 11:21

It's possible this was fixed with 40.09.

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