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0007629Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2014-07-25 14:162019-06-02 02:12
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PlatformOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version0.40.04 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007629: Nail/claw/horn - tissue have no [HEALING_RATE] token
DescriptionThe nail, claw and horn templates have no healing-rate token, while in real life they all heal by themselves.
Steps To ReproduceTake a look in the raws.
Additional InformationThis is very related to 0004498 but I think this is a second bug, because the first is healthcare and treatment and this is a bug in the raws
TagsProbable Quick Fix
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- Relationships
related to 0004498confirmedFootkerchief Dwarves with lingering medical problems 
related to 0008137confirmedFootkerchief Cartilage lacks HEALING_RATE; noses and ears bleed forever and don't get treated 

-  Notes
Detros (manager)
2015-12-25 14:50

Similar to 0008137, "Cartilage lacks HEALING_RATE; noses and ears bleed forever and don't get treated".
kemptastic (reporter)
2019-06-02 02:12

Cartilage parts still lack healing rate tokens in latest 44.12 version. Have had many dwarves who were going to die before I figured out how to mod this in, all from cuts on their noses and ears they could never get healed, eventually became infected and caused them to bleed out. Serious issue tbh as minor injuries are proving to be incredibly fatal. Besides editing raws, the only way to get them treated is apparently to make them take more serious injuries via some intentional mishap.

I've been getting these injuries a lot with fully armored dwarves training in a barracks that has channeled holes for them to doge and fall into, to help train armor user, to help them move faster, since it stops training around level 6 otherwise when they just strat dodging or blocking all attacks that don't outright kill them. The falls however (and collapsing things) causes a lot of these minor facial injuries.

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2014-07-25 14:16 Saram-61-97-kon New Issue
2014-07-25 14:29 Footkerchief Relationship added related to 0004498
2014-07-25 14:29 Footkerchief Tag Attached: Probable Quick Fix
2015-12-25 14:50 Detros Note Added: 0034196
2015-12-25 18:03 lethosor Relationship added related to 0008137
2019-06-02 02:12 kemptastic Note Added: 0039386

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