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0008537Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Environmentpublic2014-11-10 07:492016-03-20 18:33
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Summary0008537: Surface Tree Growths Underground Hang Plant Gathering
DescriptionIf you dig out an underground pasture on the first dirt level, without cutting down the trees over it, there is some odd behavior where the tree roots used to be.

Fruit trees will sometimes generate fruit & leaf growths on the tiles where their roots used to be. These growths are listed as e.g. ", apricot leaves, apricots".

Herbalists will attempt to gather these fruits and are unable to. An herbalist will continue attempting to gather from such a tile until they get hungry or thirsty enough to interrupt the work; after they've seen to their needs, they get right back to the un-pickable fruit.
Steps To Reproduce1. Embark on a heavily-forested, flat area.
2. Dig out a large (~30x30) pasture directly below the surface, destroying many roots.
3. Designate the area for plant gathering.
4. Wait for fruiting season.

(You may need to breach the caverns.)
Additional InformationThe game I found this behavior in included some experimental plant mods, but the trees in question (persimmons and apricots) were unchanged from vanilla.

I will upload the save soon - it's on a computer I don't have access to atm.
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related to 0008698confirmedFootkerchief Dwarf entering a strange mood when isolated (e.g. on a stepladder) causes severe lag 

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Button (reporter)
2014-11-20 11:21

I reproduced this in a 0.40.16 save; it is at [^]
Footkerchief (manager)
2014-12-30 16:43

Does this save still reproduce the problem in 0.40.23?
Button (reporter)
2014-12-30 23:44
edited on: 2014-12-30 23:46

@Footkerchief Yes.

ETA: Shortly after the save begins the gatherer goes and gets a drink. Don't worry, after he gets his drink he'll be right back to the gathering zone and get stuck on the rootfruit again.

Qrox (reporter)
2015-05-05 07:54

It seems if you don't have any stepladder but have "pick fruit from trees" enabled the gatherers will also get stuck when they try to gather fruit from trees
Button (reporter)
2016-03-20 18:33
edited on: 2016-03-20 18:37

Still happening in a fresh 42.06 save. Setting the gathering zone to "Ignore fruit on trees" has no effect.

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