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0008564Dwarf FortressCombat -- Target Selectionpublic2014-11-19 06:172014-11-19 06:43
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PlatformLinuxOSZorinOS Version8
Product Version0.40.14 
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Summary0008564: Military dwarves sometimes do not pathe or fight their target despite being right on top of it
DescriptionI have ordered my military to kill stuff a few times so far in this fortress, once for a group of mountain gnomes who decided it would be a good idea to drink the booze that a human caravan brought, and more recently to kill an Ettin. However, with both orders, a couply of dwarves did not attack or even pathe to their target. One of the swordsdwarves even was right on top of their targeted mountain gnome for well over 15 seconds without doing anything, and the gnome just sitting there. (I hope they weren't... oh never mind.) The same thing for the Ettin, two soldiers had a clear path to the ettin and even though the whole military was ordered to kill it, they did not go to their target. Their jobs were "Soldier (no reachable valid target)". The dwarves who did pathe to the ettin just followed it around for a bit, until a wrestler decided to come along and beat the crap out of it.

This does bothers me a bit, even though both cases when the military was ordered to kill something it did turn out good, the mountain gnomes didn't really fight back - they just ran away, and the ettin apparently had a pretty whimpy character - 2 seconds after spotting the first marksdwarf coming at him, he was apparently overcome by terror and ran away(after receiving a several wounds he was "experiencing mortal fear"). But even though the military hasn't failed yet, I am bothered by the fact that I haven't had any snatchers or thieves yet, and it may even be possible that the goblins decided to skip snatching althogther and are now preparing a full-on siege. If it goes the same way when that happens, my military will probably fail(even though the traps will likely do a pretty good job in fending the remaining goblins after they breached the outer walls).

Actually I just remembered that I ordered the militia to kill a group of elves and their animals, and for as far as I remember that went all-right. Maybe it only happens when the target is "overcome by terror", or "experiencing mortal fear".
Steps To ReproduceOrder militia to kill something, order many soldiers for the best effect. Watch as they follow their target around and only one soldier actually kills it.
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duplicate of 0008367resolvedToady One Soldiers not attack nearby enemy when using kill or station order. 

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