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0008675Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Retirementpublic2014-12-28 08:472017-05-19 06:24
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PlatformLaptopOSGentoo Linux (64-bit)OS Version
Product Version0.40.23 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008675: Zombies attack retired necromancer when another adventurer reads their slab
DescriptionI've created a necromancer with an army of 70 - 170 zombies, and then retired them.
I've sent in other adventurers to read the same slab and become a heathperson, but both times I did this, the first necromancer was killed by one of their own zombies (according to legends mode). Therefore, I could not become the heathperson of the original necromancer.
Steps To ReproduceGenerate a world with an about 20 year history.
Look in legends mode to find a slab not in a tower.
Steal the slab using wrestling, and read it.
Create a zombie army by slaughtering towns and the like.
Place slab in a place where someone else can find it (i.e. a chest in a mead hall).
Create new adventurer.
Find slab you left behind.
Read it.
Struggle to find the original necromancer.
Retire, and look in legends mode.
See that your original necromancer was killed by one of their zombies.
Additional InformationThis world was genned in 0.40.23. Observe in legends mode how Nish idathkadol Zontosid Etom, the first necromancer was killed by one of his own zombies as soon as Catten Sazirbisek Siboshsharul Lorbam became a necromancer by reading Lirleziteg and how Catten was killed by one of his own zombies as soon as Rane Kastrolatal read the slab. You can find the slab in a chest in the basement of the mead hall in the hamlet Ruluwom in the human civilization of Ronugil. [^]

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related to 0006663resolvedToady One Necromancers afraid of/killed by their own undead 

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cpman (reporter)
2014-12-28 08:51
edited on: 2014-12-28 14:36

That is supposed to be a 20 year history...

I assume it is related to bug 0006663?

Hinaichigo (reporter)
2017-05-19 06:24

Is this still relevant? I believe it was supposedly fixed.

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