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0008742Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2015-01-15 07:452018-02-01 15:31
Assigned ToLoci 
Platformx86OSw7 proOS Versionservice pack 1
Product Version0.40.24 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008742: River depth fluctuation causes frequent "item inaccessible" hauling cancellation spam
DescriptionOne of my dwarves was possessed and crafted a toy axe whose name doesn't appears on the list.
I hovered over it then saw its name. Noticed that dwarfs spammed hauling jobs for it but it was said that the item was inaccessible; I couldn't dump it. I tried using a bridge to smash it by having it fall one z-level, but nothing has changed; even after it was smashed, dwarves still kept trying to haul...something that doesn't even exists anymore (or isn't supposed to)...

The only difference that I noticed compared to previous artifacts, is that I had a broker with no appraisal skill during the time that it was made (and, as such, I couldn't see its value), and that the dwarf started the production quite fast (only used a few - if not only one material).
Steps To ReproduceUnsure about that.
Additional InformationI've uploaded its save (region1) to mediafire: [^]

...Gonna have to abandon the fortress. @_@ (They keep trying to haul, even with it set as forbidden, and no stockpile accepting artifacts nor it marked to be dumped.)
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Footkerchief (manager)
2015-01-15 07:54

Please upload to [^] instead -- Mediafire is unreliable and will probably delete your save before Toady gets to look at it.
Sler (reporter)
2015-01-15 13:54 [^]
Loci (manager)
2018-02-01 15:31

The job cancellation spam has nothing to do with the artifact. In your save, dwarves are constantly canceling wood hauling jobs targeting a number of willow logs at the end of the river. The water level in those tiles briefly drops to 3/7 allowing the jobs to start, then rises to 4/7 causing the cancellations. Forbidding all the river-bound logs stopped the cancellations.

I've confirmed the behavior still occurs in v0.44.05.

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