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0000886Dwarf FortressContaminants/Spatterpublic2010-04-09 10:082011-04-01 13:07
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
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Product Version0.31.01 
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Summary0000886: Teleporting piles of peat mud and blood.
DescriptionA spot in my fort right where it converts from above ground inside to underground suddenly grew seriously dirty. With piles of peat piles of mud and blood. It seems to slowly be spreading. It happened after I collapsed a section of the map 3/4 of the map away with some peat above it.

The blood comes from a dwarf who was drowned, completely enclosed, in a small cistern. I have no idea how it managed to get in my entrance way.
There are no trails of mud or peat or blood on the ground outside. even though it is also smoothed.

All this contamination happened in a few minutes after collapsing the peat layer. Now that I search across the level i see that I also have some random peat and spatters of blood from the same dwarf across the entire level. Perhaps it was flung into the air somehow? still doesn't explain how it go into my entrance. Or how the blood go out of the cistern.
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duplicate of 0000296confirmedLoci Pools/smears/spatters of blood, dust and other materials multiply themselves, get tracked around too much 

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Drakale (reporter)
2010-04-09 10:37

I had a similar situation with blood going into weird places. I thought some dwarf spread it around, but your case seem to confirm its some kind of bug with the spatter system.
darkfred (reporter)
2010-04-09 11:03
edited on: 2010-04-09 11:04

I should note that the dwarf, who's blood is teleported, was also involved in a cavein, shortly before he died. :) So the common factor here may be cave-ins in both cases.

Or this could be a case of blood in water teleporting with flow which has been reported elsewhere. I think this this is different though since the teleported blood ended up on dry land half a level away.

DoctorZuber (reporter)
2010-04-09 12:17
edited on: 2010-04-09 12:20

refer back to 0000296, 0000777 and 0000884. If these appear to describe your problem this ticket should probably be closed.

I am somewhat curious about this collapse you speak of. more details could be helpful in trying to recreate this.

Zas (reporter)
2010-04-09 12:35

I dunno if it's related, but I also have a strange thing with blood. Several years ago I had a goblin invader struck down near the entrance of my fort. Not only did his blood never go away, it somehow managed to spread around all fortress, up to -5th level underground. Several times, the blood outside disappeared, no mention in k-menu, no nothing, but then it mysteriously reappeared. It's like a haunted house or something.

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