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0008874Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Sleeppublic2015-03-26 05:162018-10-10 23:11
Assigned Tolethosor 
PlatformPCOSWindows 7OS Version
Product Version0.40.24 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008874: Crashing when waiting, fast traveling, or sleeping outside in adventure mode
DescriptionSo in adventure mode, I have a bug where every single time if I attempt to sleep, begin to fast travel, or wait, if I am outdoors (eg not in a safe building) I will get a crash to desktop.

It always pulls open the "fast travel" screen like normal, but then it crashes while still saying "offloading site".

I originally thought this was mod related, but after trying it on a copy of the game that ONLY has lazy newb pack installed, I am confident this is a bug.
Steps To ReproduceAttempt to sleep, wait, or fast travel, while outdoors.

Fast travel will occasionally not cause a crash, while sleeping and waiting will 100% of the time cause a crash.
Tagsfast travel, offloading site, sleep
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Knight Otu (manager)
2015-03-26 13:16

Reminder sent to: deadlyhooves

Please upload a save that reliably duplicates the crash to the DFFD ( [^] ) and post a link to it here.
Serveell (reporter)
2016-04-01 09:07

I posted a save with just this problem here: [^]

I should have also noted I was using the Dwarf Fortress 40_24 Starter Pack r20
InfantIguana (reporter)
2016-07-05 04:12

This issue has cropped up in one of my saves. The adventurer is *indoors* when it occurs, however: attempting to wait, sleep, or fast-travel from a particular house results in a crash.
a52 (reporter)
2017-05-28 12:31
edited on: 2017-06-02 19:23

I have occasional crashes when "Offloading Site". May be related, may not be, but here's the save: [^]

Using LNP 0.43.03-r09

Edit: The crash seems to consistently occur the second time the site is offloaded, so fast travel a few tiles, stop, then try to fast travel again. It always crashes at that point.

Edit 2: Updated to LNP 0.43.05-r05, still occurs.

Edit 3: Attempted in vanilla DF, still occurs.

Edit 4: Tried retiring and unretiring, crash occurs upon first fast travel instead of second.

Edit 5: Retired and tried again as a new adventurer. Never crashed, even when I moved to the exact same spot and traveled from there. It seems that my crash must be caused by something specific about my adventurer, possibly a bugged item or the fact that she can fly. Otherwise, it would be a little weird that it crashes after unretiring but not after creating a new adventurer.

a52 (reporter)
2017-06-28 23:18

I came back to this save, did some more testing, and found that it does not crash after dropping all items and dropping/removing all clothing. After further testing I narrowed it down to something I was wearing rather than something in my inventory, and then to a:

Bronze crossbow strapped to my back. (separated for noticeability)

Removing the crossbow from my back and leaving it in my hand was not enough to stop the crash, nor was removing it then putting it in my backpack. Dropping it then picking it back up also still resulted in a crash. I had to lose possession of it completely for the crashes to stop.

Leaving the cursed crossbow in the possession of a companion or a shopkeeper does not seem to result in crashes (although I'd rather just be safe and destroy it somehow, at this point).
TomabScblieter (reporter)
2018-10-10 23:11

I may have run into a very similar issue, except in my case I have multiple items and my companion must also drop the "cursed" items in order to avoid the crash.

0010925 [^]

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