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0008912Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2015-04-10 09:372019-04-24 01:02
Assigned ToLoci 
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Product Version0.40.24 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008912: Strange Cave Creature Climbing Behavior
DescriptionCrundles keep appearing in my fort's second cave level, which is highly full of water. By that I mean underground lakes. I occasionally see that some combat has occurred so I check the logs. It says thing about crundles' and their body parts taking the force of impacts. I checked their location and basically they appear, or I find them anyway, in groups clustered together often in a single tile, latched onto the wall, mostly standing still but occasionally plummeting into the water and hurting themselves and dying.
Additional InformationAlso a giant cave spider just stayed latched onto the cavern/stalactite/rock column wall without moving for an extremely long time. Not sure if it's a bug (no pun intended) or what, maybe it just had nothing to path to? But usually things wander around I thought.
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has duplicate 0010322resolvedLoci Troop of troglodytes spawned in single open space tile 
child of 0010671new [CLUSTER_NUMBER] creatures have erratic laggy movement 

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Detros (manager)
2015-04-10 10:32

Can you show us the save in which is this happening? Please upload your zipped region folder to [^] and add link to it here.
Hinaichigo (reporter)
2015-04-10 11:31
edited on: 2015-04-11 01:05

Next time it occurs I can.

EDIT - here: [^]

WorMzy (reporter)
2015-04-26 13:20
edited on: 2015-04-26 13:22

I seem to be affected by this bug too. I had a group of several troglodytes that were hovering some 24 levels above the floor of the first cavern, clinging to a wall. A few of my dwarves appeared to be stuck below them (in the sense that they would come down to the cavern to haul something, see the troglodytes, cancel the hauling job, then stare in wonder, forever more).

I dug a route up to where the troglodytes were hanging, carved fortifications, and stationed my elite marksdwarves there. Most of the troglodytes died to the onslaught, but two were seemingly immune to bolts (no combat reports were generated, and they were unharmed), and since the onlookers were slowly starving themselves to death, I used dfhack to kill the troglodytes.

As soon as they died, the bystanders wandered away.

I had hoped it was a one-time bug, but I now have a wallfaring troll slowly shuffling around 21 levels above floor levels in my cavern.

Incidentally, I hadn't used dfhack prior to this, so it's not a bug caused by that. I just used it as a last resort.

I have a copy of the save prior to the dfhack usage if it will help.

EDIT: Hinaichigo hasn't filled all their details in, but I'm running 0.40.24 on Arch Linux, 64-bit.

Hinaichigo (reporter)
2015-05-30 00:51

I'm using Windows 7 64-bit in case it helps.
Loci (manager)
2017-11-11 16:31

v0.43.05: Ametsala posted a save of troglodytes stuck climbing in 0010322: [^]
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2017-11-12 04:22
edited on: 2017-11-12 05:20

Anecdotally I have seen groups of crundles particularly climb very slowly on steep walls & get stuck on the ceiling when they elevate, otherwise they also get stuck onto tall tower cap trees by entering their flat top horizontally if it is also adjacent to the cavern wall.

This happens especially in caverns with steep verticality between exits or with water caverns blocking off key access routes to non-swimmers.

Limey (reporter)
2019-04-24 01:02
edited on: 2019-04-25 01:25

I probably suffer from this as well.

My last fort (that ended up digging to deep) had crundles stuck on cavern walls for a very long time, and elk birds stuck in trees. My current fort got dralthas stuck in a tree in the caves, and flesh balls immobile at the edge of a cavern layer thats filled with water.

Both elk birds and flesh balls have been there since I breached the caves and spotted them (elk birds was years ago, flesh balls at least months ago). Dont know if the flesh balls suffer from this bug too or something else.

Some creatures work and move around normally (a giant mole and a giant rat).

No idea if it got something to do with this, but I only had one werebeast and one forgotten beast that arrived very late (had +120 population by then). The first semi-megabeast arrived at +140 population. No goblins, but they might be busy with my other neighbors.

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