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0008968Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2015-05-22 07:542018-07-29 11:26
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PlatformIntel Core i5-2430M (64-bit)OSWindows x64OS VersionWindows 7
Product Version0.40.24 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008968: After loading save, gorlak pieces previously exposed to fire breath catch fire in refuse pile
DescriptionRecently I had a couple fire-breathing forgotten beasts come through my first cavern layer. In order to bait the second one within reach of my archers, I chucked a caged gorlak into the caverns near the archers's fortification. The plan worked; the gorlak died a painful fiery death, followed by a painful pincushion-y death on the part of the FB.

After the FB died, I opened up the caverns to my dwarves again. It appears they moved the gorlak's bits up into my refuse pile. This wasn't a big deal until after I loaded my save today, after which the gorlak bits and arms and stuff immediately caught fire and set the surface ablaze.

I have a save zipped up, will upload it somewhere shortly.
Steps To Reproduce1) Load affected save
2) Press F1 to zoom to surface
3) Move north a bit to refuse pile
4) Unpause, watch the world catch fire
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child of 0010765confirmedLoci Upon reload, various severed parts of cavern critters spontaneously catch fire 

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dorsey (reporter)
2015-05-22 08:01

Save uploaded at [^]
Xolroc (reporter)
2015-05-22 08:41

Not a fix, but you could probably work around this by loading the affected save with temperature turned off. That would at least let you continue the world (just destroy the gorlak bits or put them somewhere fireproof before turning temperature back on).
dorsey (reporter)
2015-05-22 09:30

I managed to continue by using dfhack to spawn a bunch of water over the affected gorlak bits. Didn't think about turning temperature off, thanks.
Detros (manager)
2015-05-24 17:58

I think I have already read about this issue somewhere but am now unable to find it again.
Button (reporter)
2016-03-09 15:05

It was mine! 0006432.

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