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0009147Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2015-12-01 23:312022-09-28 11:52
Assigned ToToady One 
PlatformAll?OSAll?OS VersionAll?
Product Version0.42.01 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.42.02 
Summary0009147: Worship doesn't branch into other activities, doesn't satisfy need to worship
DescriptionAs You Know, Worship as an activity is just sort of hanging out, not letting dwarves do anything that would actually fulfill their need to worship.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create temple.
2. ?????
3. Worship!
Additional InformationDedicated thread is: [^]
Save posted in that thread (by vjek) is: [^]
Tagsneeds, temple, worship
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related to 0009324resolvedToady One polytheist dwarves will not worship more than one god in pantheon temple 

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Button (reporter)
2015-12-08 19:08

In 0.42.02 the Worship activity successfully branches, but still won't satisfy my dwarves' worship needs. They're getting new "uneasy after being unable to pray" moods even after spending all season praying.

I started this fort new in 0.42.02. Save is at [^]
Veroule (reporter)
2015-12-09 15:00

I have some dwarves that are uneasy because they have not prayed to 1 deity, but are satisfied for having prayed to a different deity. I think what remains of the problem is that the praying does not check for multiple deities that the dwarf might want to pray to.
Detros (manager)
2015-12-09 15:20

Praying to one god at a time makes sense. But yes, if they like more gods, they should pray to them accordingly often and not to only one of them. Maybe they are trying so, praying always to the god with the lowest "recently-prayed" value but these values are getting lowered too fast so dwarves don't pray often enough and they pick always just the first god.
Button (reporter)
2015-12-09 17:16

While that problem may exist, it's not the only thing going on. At least two of the three stuck in constant Purple! worship activities and getting "haven't worshipped" thoughts anyway in the linked save worship only one god apiece. (I remember because they were in my starting seven).
Button (reporter)
2016-02-03 09:51

I haven't seen this since the frequency of worship was turned way down in 0.42.04.
Button (reporter)
2017-03-19 19:06
edited on: 2017-03-22 11:59

Disregard that, I just got used to managing it. I came back to the game after a break, having forgotten about the bug, and now a ton of my dwarves are stuck in worship activities in a 43.05 save.

(If you set up a common temple ASAP, they never reach the point of no return; it's when you don't set up a temple for a year or two that they become permanent Worshippers.)

Double edit: OK, I think I've got a handle on this issue now. It's not about how long it is before you set up a temple - it's about setting up a temple [i]in a place where other things are happening[/i]. My early fort tends to be just a single 20x20 room while I dig out a secure entryway to the fort and get food, booze, and trade good production up and running, and I made the temple the same room as the dining room, dormitory, stockpiles and workshops. Now that I've set up a dedicated temple-room, my dwarves are properly getting their worship on.

I'll see about reproducing this distinction in a test fort Soon™.

Creidieki (reporter)
2017-04-26 12:44

I uploaded a save where this is occurring at [^]

The dwarf in question has the profession "PRAYERBUG". He's a tavern keeper, assigned to an alcohol-less tavern, with no labors enabled. (I was hoping he would be an audience for the performer). He's parked in a temple devoted to the first of his two gods, praying to that god repeatedly.
quarque (reporter)
2017-10-02 00:15

One particular nasty effect of this bug is that it can prevent your married dwarves from getting pregnant - they pray so much that they have no time left to spend with their spouse, even when you lock them together in a room.
PatrikLundell (reporter)
2017-10-02 01:24

I suspect quarque is suffering from a different needs bug: namely the one where needs ignore burrows and when temporarily interrupted by physical needs (eat/sleep/drink) that takes them inside the burrow to perform them have them violate the burrow restriction and return to socializing/praying. Locking the door when they're inside seems to "cure" returns to socializing most of the time (but not always), but it's not that unusual for "praying" to never disable itself (and probably not achieve anything, as the area isn't a temple).
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2017-10-04 08:08
edited on: 2017-10-16 04:57

Removing the meeting zone from a location and setting the activity area's 'active' off resolves some short term issues about dwarves going to meeting sites for inactive idling then becoming trapped there. (as well as filtering out of the site when and *if they are fufilled)

I would recommend that you try making the zone in the specific order

- Make a new embark & pause once dwarves crave relgion (wagon should have food/drink)
- Make meeting zone, turn it off (active to inactive) & set up temple name
- Set to a specific deity partially for population tracking, do not re-enable its activity
- Dwarves should go then return to a wagon/alternative unassigned meeting site as intended instead of stay lingering inside the temple always

This works as long as dwarves are not stuck for other reasons, like overlapping diety worship(or two gods in the same sphere extending length of stay leading back into needing to worship the first god again)

thvaz (reporter)
2017-12-28 13:48

The religious nuts dwarves bug still happen in 0.44.03. Some dwarves wont do anything but sleep, eat, drink and pray while temples are active. I had a lot of problems with my manager.
 A workaround is to let the dwarves pray a bit to satisfy their need and then deleting the temples zone.
Button (reporter)
2020-04-28 22:10

Reproduced this in 47.04 by having one dedicated temple, and one generic temple. Dwarves that go to pray in the dedicated temple, then queue up prayers for other deities, seem to get stuck. Save is at [^] . Affected dwarves are Zulban Ishtulon, Kib Avuzraluk, Inod Muthkatrodim, Olin Idashezum, Aban Tenshedletmos
Alex321 (reporter)
2022-09-28 11:52

The stuck in a dedicated temple issue also reported in, [^] there originally 0.44.05. I'm seeing it in 0.47.05, I've seen them spend 1, 2 days stuck in Worship! (looking with DFHack script, there are no Prayer/Meditation activity events with timers going on, so this appears to be just wasted time doing nothing; naturally, it will fulfill no needs)

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