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0009417Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- AIpublic2015-12-23 06:592018-01-27 12:20
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Product Version0.42.03 
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Summary0009417: Squids will never use "Squirt Ink" interaction, due to USAGE_HINT:FLEEING token not working.
DescriptionSquids have an interaction, called Squirt Ink or [INTERACTION:MATERIAL_EMISSION_WITH_HIDE_EFFECT], and it allows a squid to emit an ink material and use a HIDE effect on themselves.

The problem is, they will never use this interaction, or at least, never use it in the testing arena.

This appears caused by the USAGE_HINT:FLEEING token. removing it will allow them to use the interaction in any combat situation. Even when morale is turned on and the creature is running away or yielding, a USAGE_HINT:FLEEING interaction will never, ever be used by the AI, or at least, requires some manner of circumstance that never appears to appear in any gameplay situation I have encountered.

I changed the HIDE effect of the [INTERACTION:MATERIAL_EMISSION_WITH_HIDE_EFFECT] effect to CE_BODY_TRANSFORM in the interaction_standard file as well, just to be extra certain when the interaction is used by the creature. You can use the interaction just fine when you are a squid yourself, of course.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a bunch of squid based creatures in the arena, making sure they are in water, and that morale is active, and there is a conflict level that will cause them to want to flee from a fight.

2. Watch as squids will run, but never use the USAGE_HINT:FLEEING interaction.
Additional Informationplans for splatoon fortress quickly becoming infeasible
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Tiler (reporter)
2015-12-23 07:06
edited on: 2015-12-23 07:24

Okay, actually, gigantic squids WILL use the interaction. Squid Men / Squid Women, however, will not. It seems like some conflict between the USAGE_HINT:FLEEING token and some token related to some manner of sapience, as when I had a USAGE_HINT:FLEEING token on a dwarf, they had never used it as well.

Further testing shows that [CAN_LEARN] on the creature conflicts with USAGE_HINT:FLEEING. Having [SLOW_LEARNER] does not cause this conflict.

hugothedwarf (reporter)
2017-12-31 16:38

This seems to effect other USAGE_HINTs as well, making it so interactions are only used during combat, this wasn't an issue back in 34_11 (last I know of interactions for sentient creatures working without being in combat) not sure if this started in 40.xx or was only introduced in the 42.xx and up
Urlance Woolsbane (reporter)
2018-01-01 18:28

Usage hints broke in 42.xx, I believe; certainly no earlier.
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2018-01-03 15:56

I noticed a number of discrepancies when i tested this, firstly with morale enabled & and 'encounter' settings the squids follow their hints when they are overcome with the emotional state in blue of 'Overcome by terror!' but do not become terrified by brawling fights even if it ends up killing them.

Armed and undisiplined independent squidpeople in arenamode were completely complacent and immobile even when being harrassed by a giant squid which they wrestled until the gigantic squid's head was tired from exertion but didn't strike back on 'encounter' setting. I raised the conflict level past brawling (which start fighting until knocked down) and they all became consistently lethal on the non-lethal setting.

Terror, Horror, emotional shock (causes no evoke no reaction, closer they got to the giant squids without dying the more scared they were) & 'Mortal Fear' all yield no hints to spit ink by the squid people.
Xangi (reporter)
2018-01-25 21:50

I can confirm this is still in 44.05, though I encountered it when trying to get a human opponent to use an interaction upon fleeing. Perhaps change the Product Version field to reflect that the bug is present in the newest version.
hugothedwarf (reporter)
2018-01-27 12:20

It's not just INTERACTIONS that use FLEEING as a usage hint but with all of them. But perhaps I should clarify, the HINTs work but INTERACTIONs themselves are only used in combat (Aggressive behavior) but since the other type of HINTs are non-combat they are worthless.

I'd leave the product version as it @Xangi as it indicates when it was introduced. Until it's "Fixed" we can assume it's going to be in the latest version (Unless another bug fix solves this issue as a side effect, then we just have to report that it's no longer an issue)

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