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0009449Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2016-01-05 08:422021-01-08 08:43
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PlatformWindowsOSWindowsOS VersionWindow 7
Product Version0.42.04 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0009449: Dwarves won't haul desired items from linked stockpile containing inconsistent items.
DescriptionPotential other summaries:

- "Dwarves will not haul from stockpiles if they have to think about which item to pick up"
- "Stockpiles containing disallowed items prevent hauling jobs from being created"

While setting up a minecart route to bring flux stone up from the mines to my forge, I was frustrated to find that no one would haul marble into the minecart, even though everything else was set up correctly (which took a lot of work!).

I dug a stockpile chamber for the marble, and after digging the chamber, it contained both marble and diorite chunks.

No hauling jobs were generated until I changed the hauling route's desired items to allow both marble AND diorite, not just marble. Dumping all diorite to remove it from the stockpile while still allowing only marble also worked.
Steps To Reproduce1. Find a Z-level containing marble and diorite.
2. Dig out an 11x11 square such that it contains both marble AND diorite chunks.
3. Designate a Stock(p)ile with (c)ustom Se(t)tings over the 11x11 square, allowing ONLY Marble.
4. (d)ig out a 1x3 strip on the upper-right of the stockpile.
5. Carve a Track from the leftmost tile of the strip to the rightmost.*
6. Create a (h)auling (r)oute
7. Add a (s)top on the left, Stop 1
7a. Guide East immediately when full of desired items
7b. Take from the Stone Stockpile
7c. Set desired items to Marble, like in Step 3.
8. Add a (s)top on the right, Stop 2
8a. Construct a track stop to auto-dump the contents at Stop 2
8b. Guide West immediately always
9. Assign an Iron Minecart to the route.
10. Burrow a hauler to the area.

At this point, the hauler should be wandering around with "No job".

11. (FIRST WORKAROUND) Change Stop 1's desired items to include diorite. "Economic" and "Other Stone" should now both be partially highlighted, as marble (Economic) and diorite (Other Stone) should both be allowed.

At this point, the hauler should change to "Store Item in Vehicle".

12. Undo step 11.

At this point, the hauler should CONTINUE filling the minecart with items until it's full, then someone should come guide it east so it empties at the track stop.

When the minecart is returned, the hauler goes back to having No Job.

13. (SECOND WORKAROUND) Dump all diorite from the stockpile.

Once all diorite has been removed, the hauler will change to "Store Item in Vehicle" again.

* - In practice, I dug an upward ramp up to the surface and set the hauling route to go up there, but it's doubtful that this affected the stockpile issue.
Additional InformationThe only thing I didn't try changing was the rules of the linked stockpile.

In this report, my reproduction steps involve taking from a stockpile for a hauling route, but I have witnessed similar behavior just hauling from one stockpile to another.

I included my minecart setup instructions for the sake of accuracy, but I will update if I can find some time to try reproducing without it.

Based on my experience playing, this seems like a potentially far-reaching bug to me. I think it has been the root cause of many frustrating stockpile problems for me over time.

If my hunch is correct and this can affect all stockpiles, not just those used as sources for minecarts, then I would describe this issue as
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Treah (reporter)
2021-01-08 08:43

I have not experienced this with stockpile links. There is another bug here about mine cart routes and stockpile links being wonky around the same time this bug was reported as well. I am using the current version of DF 47.04 and it seams to be working as intended. This bug needs to be confirmed by another user even if its from 4 years ago as its possible its been fixed.

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