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0009574Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Diplomacypublic2016-02-17 20:072018-01-18 02:42
Assigned ToKnight Otu 
StatusresolvedResolutionno change required 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version0.42.06 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0009574: A Vile Force of... Elves?
DescriptionJust got a siege on my fortress that confused me a bit. I've already been hit by a few goblin sieges, so I didn't look at the enemies at first; just told my dwarves to book it inside and my troops to get to their posts. When I started getting reports of combat between the invaders and the wild animals/visitors outside, I was confused because there were every log was between animals/visitors... And Elves. Like, Elven Pikemen, Elven Axemen, Etc. I thought maybe I had just gotten the wrong message, but I checked the diplomacy menu, and my civilization is currently at war with an Elven civilization I hadn't been at war with earlier.

So, any ideas what the heck is going on? The elves are slinging regular old metal weapons instead of their usual wooden sticks, and they didn't stealth their way into my fortress, so I thought maybe they were from a goblin civ that had been taken over by Elven children/migrants or something. But the fact that I'm now at war with an Elven civilization suggests that these are from an original Elven civ.

It's not that big of a deal, I suppose. Just hoping someone can fill me in.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start up a world, place fortress near Goblins and Elves.
2. Get sieged.
3. Become extremely confused.
4. ???
5. Profit? Death?
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flameroran77 (reporter)
2016-02-17 20:28

About a week after said siege, a caravan from the civilization I'm supposedly at war with arrived to trade. ...?
Ogg the Blinky Sock (reporter)
2016-02-17 20:33

If this is happening in vanilla (completely unmodified) dwarf fortress, you should upload an archive of the saved game data to the dwarf fortress file depot at "", [^] and link to it in this report.
Shonai_Dweller (reporter)
2016-02-18 15:24

Since elf civs don't generally have access to metal weapons it's likely that these were elves from a goblin civ. First thing to check would be the elf population of your neighbouring goblin sites.

Also, are you sure the Elf civ listed in the civilization screen is actually a civilization, not just a group?
I don't know if groups ever appear there, but wars in Legends are often listed as being between groups rather than civs, especially after initial worldgen. A group of elves from a goblin civ would make sense.
Button (reporter)
2016-02-19 07:41
edited on: 2016-02-19 07:43

One time in .34 I ran into a goblin civ made up entirely of elves. After some legends mode digging, I found out that this was because of a prolific snatcher and a human invasion force that left only the snatched children alive, but didn't rescue them. So they grew up to be members of the goblin civ, got married, had kids, snatched more elven children...

It happens, is what I'm saying.

Check their names. Names are based on the civ you're born in, so if your elves have mostly goblin names, it's likely your local goblin civ just has a large elven population.

flameroran77 (reporter)
2016-02-19 17:07

I've been using Soundsense and the Phoebus graphics set, but I don't believe either of those things actually changes anything in the files, so yeah, this is Vanilla, gameplay-wise.

I did *attempt* to use DFhack for 42.05 with this, but that didn't work out nearly as well. I removed it immediately afterwards, and it always stated that it DFhack was ending as soon as the game would start, but just in case that it did do something, I figured I should mention it.
flameroran77 (reporter)
2016-02-19 17:09

Save file is here for checking: [^]

However, I did a dumb and continued playing the game and saved after the attack. The elven civilization is still at "war" with me, and the corpses of the attackers are still present in the corpses stockpile. Hopefully I didn't screw up the process completely.
Huntthetroll (reporter)
2018-01-17 19:49
edited on: 2018-01-17 19:51

Checked the save in vanilla 0.42.06. All but one of the dead elves had goblin-language names. Also, the civilization at war with the player is the Momentous Dungeon, a goblin civilization. The local elves are called the Den of Hail, and they are at peace with the player.

I think that this report can be closed. The OP probably just misread the civilization screen.

Knight Otu (manager)
2018-01-18 02:42

Thanks for the update!

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