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0009576Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2016-02-18 04:312016-03-16 14:28
Assigned Tolethosor 
PlatformLinuxOSXubuntuOS Version10.04 Lucid
Product Version0.42.06 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0009576: Sold master quality items reported as "lost masterworks" upon merchants leaving the map
DescriptionMy embark was on a tiny world in which there was no dwarven settlement, but abandoned Dwarf fortress, which I reclaimed. From first month I received a Queen. Who made buzz about some armor part, I forgot which now. However after 1 year or so of in-game play the Queen changed automatically to another Dwarf Queen. The new royalty keeps embargo on trading gauntlets and amulets, while constantly demanding production of new ones, couple times every season.

Before 42.06 the embargo was constant. I never could sell the amulets or gauntlets to merchants. Those items were always under embargo. The 42.06 did change something with Queens mandates. She stopped keeping constantly the embargo. Now embargo switches from gauntlets to amulets or there is no embargo at all. So taking chance on the fixed bug of exported value I tried to sell some of those overproduced goods to merchants.

I started on selling amulets to Human merchants to get some metal items to smelt. I tried to keep majority master amulets, but sold some of masterworks and all non-master quality. Some bins full of only amulets I sold entirely. Upon Human merchants leaving the map I got hit with 2 dozen notices "masterwork of <name of Dwarf> is lost". I got clueless. Upon checking few of my "100 amulets carrying around in hand" Dwarfs I discovered tears. So I assumed those amulets were somehow their property and because owned items are so regulated by whom can move them around, they did not get moved out of the traded bins. So those prolly got sold together with those bins. So I decided not to sell more of masterwork amulets.

Do Dwarfs seriously put their personal possessions in general assembly stores? I've thought they suppose to keep those in their chests in their rooms or with the recent bug carry multi-grasp around with them. All my Dwarfs have their private rooms with stone chests and stone cabinets.

When Dwarf caravan did visit I sold all my gauntlets. Some with bins. This is about part of armor though. I've never seen civilian Dwarfs putting on armor items or claiming them. Dwarfs despite having the chests in their rooms and with new fix allowing them to store items instead carrying them around still carry items acquired in earlier versions. So one of my wood craft Dwarfs carries about 20-30 stone pots as his "civilian job equipment". It is weird, but it works so now. Upon Dwarf merchants leaving the map I was walled with flood of 30-50 "masterwork of xxx lost" messages.

So, I am pretty sure, this bug is something with trading goods, which formerly used to be constantly embargoed in earlier versions. Not just for selling with bins owned items. It could be a bug from using earlier version save. Maybe starting on new embark site without nobles fixes it? Or is it something with having particularly a Queen's mandates, which could translate not only as "another demands", but as "law of the land"? No clue.

Also I kept both stores for amulets and gauntlets in Queen's office. She mandates them, embargoes them, so lets keep it in the Queen's office. I dunno, if that has any influence on the bug though.

Also Queen and Mayor are my only two nobles due the export wealth bug. I did not receive yet a baron.

Still I have so many of my craft Dwarfs crying silly now in my fortress so... I felt it is important to share on this bug. Poor heartbroken Dwarfs.
Steps To ReproduceStart DF in 42.04 version on tiny world. Make sure Dwarfs Fortress is abandoned and there are no other Dwarfs.

Start embark by reclaiming the Dwarven fortress. Get the Queen.

Make sure for 1-3 years that Queen keeps hammering embargoes on 2 favorite items, while making constant mandates on production of new items.

Change DF to 42.06 and copy over old save. They suppose to be compatible...

Make sure to sell all earlier embargoed items to merchants and change export value from 0 to something much much more.
Additional InformationI dunno, if this is saved game transition bug or DF 42.06 version specific bug. So alternatively, if someone starts a new embark on DF 42.06, then gets a Queen (through nobility or just by reclamation of abandoned fortress), then gets embargoes on her favorite items and then tries to sell those formerly embargoed items to merchants could be helpful. If leaving map merchants spawn "masterwork of xxx is lost", then this is the same bug.

Oh, and I play vanilla version DF. Nothing but vanilla version. No skins, no hacks, no therapists, no peekaboo fancy 3d viewers, no annoying crashes to desktop, no nothing. Just plain, simple and stable like hell Dwarf Fortress in messed up asci on screen. :D
Tagsmasterwork, trading
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duplicate of 0005021resolvedToady One "Masterwork has been lost" when merchants leave with traded items 
has duplicate 0009605resolvedLoci Hydras melting trade goods? 

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Sarmatian123 (reporter)
2016-02-18 04:33

I would attach couple of my saved games, but I can't figure how.
Muumeh (reporter)
2016-02-18 08:52
edited on: 2016-02-18 11:10

I was just about to report the same bug. I have clean installed 42.06, and I keep getting the "lost masterwork" when selling masterwork items to merchants. No nobles yet except a mayor, so it is not related to that. My metalcrafter, gem cutter and stonecrafter all received unhappy thoughts from art defacement. (Sold stone and metal crafted finished goods and large gems)

I'm on win 7 machine so this is not Linux issue either.

Savegame: [^] The merchants have just left, reports of this happening is shown in announcements.

Sarmatian123; To attach a savegame, zip the region folder, upload it to [^] (registration required) and then copypaste the link to the text field in your report.

Sarmatian123 (reporter)
2016-02-19 00:12
edited on: 2016-02-19 00:31

I've registered and loaded up few saves. [^]

Sold masterworks causing massive spam of "masterwork of xxx lost". Causing my heartbroken craft Dwarfs to cry silly.

6 manual saves (copy paste of region1 directory) in the zip file. All 42.06 saves. If a need'll be, then I can upload also saves from version 42.05 and 42.04.

Sorry for the filth inside of my fortress, but I did not figure out yet how to sweet talk Dwarfs to clean after themselves. Dye and alcohol spillage drives me crazy. Even pigs in my fortress keep their surroundings cleaner.

Muumeh: Thanks for info.

lethosor (manager)
2016-03-16 14:27

Resolving this and reopening 0005021

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