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0009592Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Burrowspublic2016-02-23 07:382016-02-23 07:55
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version8.1
Product Version0.42.05 
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Summary0009592: Needs type "jobs" sometimes defy burrows
DescriptionI've had problems with burrowed dwarves sometimes ignoring the burrowing orders, including defying them outright.
I've had a dwarf smoothing the a temple, and when burrowed the dwarf immediately started praying. Similarly, dwarves out of burrows when they are invoked can walk to the tavern to socialize, rather than walk to the burrow or remain where they are (my burrow consists of the dwarves' bed room, and contains a food and a drink stockpile, to draw them there to procreate).
I've also have burrowed dwarves enter the burrow, eat, leave to socialize, come back to sleep, leave to socialize some more, come back to drink, leave. I'm currently having a burrowed dwarf who's inside the burrow, but who's praying (and was lured to the burrow from the temple by a drink). All of these burrow defying activities were the green overridable version.
Using DFHack's gui/gm-editor command to view the praying dwarf, I see that the "idle_area_type" is set to 26 (MillBuilding), while her well behaving (this time) husband has that value set to 29 (MillingBurrow).
Female burrowees have also left the burrow, dropped the infant, and then remained rooted a few tiles outside of the burrow spamming failure to pick up infant jobs, until the burrow is lifted when both the infant and the mother get thirsty. I've also just seen one burrowee enter the burrow, do the business, leave, stop a 5 or so tiles outside of the burrow, and then return back in, similar to a miner who walks away from a recently mined tile and then returns to deal with the tile designated while the previous one was being mined.
Additional InformationUsing LNP r01 with the Phoebus tile set. I've used and removed usage of Crimson Crops that modifies crop growth times and seasons, as well as domesticated animals' reproduction and maturation rates. As indicated above, DFHack is used, with Performance Tweaks enabled.

I suspect the new zone based idle "jobs" sometimes fail to register the application of a burrow. I've seen MillBuilding getting converted into MillingBurrow on burrowees who stayed properly in the burrow after conducting their business, so it can change, but doesn't do that always.
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PatrikLundell (reporter)
2016-02-23 07:55

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Farmer 1 and Mason 1 are burrowed in the Mason/Farmer burrow below the center of the screen. Mason 1 carries her infant and is praying outside of any temple. She came from the temple after two weeks or so "burrowed" praying/meditating to get a drink. She was praying in the temple as she and her husband were assigned to the burrow, but I don't know how long she had been at it at that time.

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