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0009925Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2016-07-18 01:382016-08-24 15:59
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Platform64 bitOSLinuxOS VersionArch
Product Version0.43.05 
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Summary0009925: Camp sites cause animal population explosions.
DescriptionLike it says on the tin, when building a site it seems like you get some animals that become histfigs for some reason and thus don't despawn when they usually would, so the game keeps on spawning new ones to replace them, which interact with the ones there, making them histfigs, new ones spawn, etc, etc, etc.

Save with this done twice, I wasn't able to try a third construction because it climbs up to 6.3 GB of ram use, where before it was 1.3 GB > 3.4 GB > 5.3 GB > ran out at 6.3 GB I guess since I only have 8 GB and the entire ram use was 7.54 GB at that point. [^]

Game has my mods and is using the "no hell layer > volcano tubes behave weirdly" glitch so I could build in the caverns/under the collapsing magma, but that isn't responsible for the population explosions directly, as I've had it happen while building on surface sites with no cavern access as well.
Steps To ReproduceThis is harder to explain, but generally it seems like having animal populations see you/try to attack you when you initiate construction leads to them becoming histfigs, and passing along a contagious lag-plauge of histfigging.
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related to 0010991new Extremely severe lag (4ghz quad!) from sudden massive animal spawn on adventurer's site. 

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Max_TM (reporter)
2016-07-18 01:40

Contagious lag-plague* damn fingers.

An image of said plague: [^] where the cyan masterwork symbols are sense creature icons.
Max_TM (reporter)
2016-07-18 11:43

It seems naming the site can trigger the transition, I couldn't test with the other save, could barely even get to a different spot to try to retire, but in a new camp I noticed the mega-lag started after I named the site and tried to build something.
Max_TM (reporter)
2016-08-24 15:59
edited on: 2016-08-24 16:01

Feels like this is related enough in that it SHOULD have the same root cause, and did seem to take place due to my using lots of camp constructions to advance the game across two years.

So, here's the save: [^]

Now, a word of warning: DO NOT FAST TRAVEL IN TO THE CENTER OF THE SITE, YOU WILL EXPLODE YOUR COMPUTER! Mine ran out of ram at 6.1 with no sign of slowing, just getting close enough to see 5 of the 28 buildings in the center of the site sent usage up to 3.25 GB: [^]

At a guess, that animation has the (modded to be cyan for that syndrome) sense creature icons for tens of thousands of dwarves, possibly approaching 50,000 in those five houses visible. The mead hall has 22 dorfs in it, the site export shows 28 others to house the rest of the population.

Over the two years that I have been constructing camps and eradicating beasts, that site Tunnelabbey had a rather strange population explosion.

105: ´┐Żdkulet, "Tunnelabbey", hamlet
 Owner: The Ordered Stake, dwarves
 Parent Civ: The Sculpted Rocks, dwarves
 lady: Cilob Wheeledstruck, dwarf
 147 > 29710 > 236608 dwarves
 50 horses
 2 > 4 > 7 dogs
 2 turkeys

This is a 33x33 world, over a period from 499-01-01 to 501-01-01, the original total dwarven population was around 17,000.

Additionally a dark fortress (ruled by elves apparently) had another unusual population explosion.

20: Stosb´┐Żbslusp, "Hatedropes", dark fortress
 Owner: The Gloss of Winter, elves
 Parent Civ: The Heather of Sweltering, elves
 administrator: Romimi Fragrantcurled, goblin
 1715 > 1732 goblins
 54 > 216 > 3456 raven men
 403 > 1612 > 25792 polar bear men
 30 cougar men
 5 ostrich men
 48 skunk men
 61 elf visitors
 1 goblin visitor
 1 human visitor
 8 goblin outcasts
 42 elf outcasts

The visitors/outcasts populations changed some over this period but just a couple either way as would be expected, unlike the 4x > 16x multiplication of the raven and polar bear man populations.

I did not build a camp beside either of those sites, I haven't actually visited either directly until just recently after noticing the MASSIVE population jump in the world sites and pops export and then noticing I had overlooked it in the prior ones.

I did build a cluster of campsites on the east-south-east section of the map near a hamlet which ended up with the regular campsite wildlife population explosion (it is called Failboat for this reason) but I do not know how or why that would have triggered the hamlet/dark fortress citizen pop explosions.

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