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    ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00111422[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Building Construction and Destruction
majorneeds feedback (Loci)2019-08-18Pathing issues while building stairways
  0011144 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Trade
minorresolved (Loci)2019-08-18Traders show up at same time as Giantess now I cannot trade
  00089616[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipment
majorconfirmed (Loci)2019-08-13Off-duty military dwarves store food in bedrooms, get more, repeat
  00111363[Dwarf Fortress]
Technical -- General
minorconfirmed (lethosor)2019-08-11macOS version crashes on case-sensitive filesystems
  00111404[Dwarf Fortress]
Miscellaneous Crashes
crashacknowledged (Loci)2019-08-09Game crashes at specific point
  0011138 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Invasions
minorresolved (Loci)2019-08-05Human sieges bring horses as soldiers rather than mounts
  00111391[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Environment
minorresolved (Loci)2019-08-05Dwarves not showing any symptoms of cave adaptation despite being fully adapted
  000673727[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Environment
minorconfirmed (Toady One)2019-08-04Flying animals (e.g. birds) stuck in mid air (prevents invasions?)
  00111341[Dwarf Fortress]
Technical -- Saving/Loading
crashresolved (Loci)2019-08-03Masterwork Mod Update: Loading Crash Missing Plant Glow: SWEET_GALENA
  00111322[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Combat
minornew2019-07-31Bite->latch on->shake opens arteries even when the bite was deflected by armor and the teeth never reached flesh
  00111244[Dwarf Fortress]
Technical -- General
crashneeds feedback (Loci)2019-07-30repeated crash to desktop
  00111283[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Reactions
minorneeds feedback (Loci)2019-07-29Animals that bleed to death cannot be butchered.
  00111312[Dwarf Fortress]
crashnew2019-07-29Consistent crash about 15s after loading this save
  00111301[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General
featureresolved (Loci)2019-07-26Can't build gold statues
  0011129 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Holdings
minorresolved (Loci)2019-07-26Requested worker is a "Merchant" and arrive with traiding horse
  00111047[Dwarf Fortress]
Technical -- General
minornew2019-07-24DF crashes it try to save right after loading or wait several game days
  00111272[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Environment
minoracknowledged (Loci)2019-07-24Shallow (1/7 and 2/7) water on vegetation tiles turns into ice walls during winter
  00111262[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Manager
crashresolved (Loci)2019-07-23Searching "silt" in manager order conditions crashes the game
  00111252[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Trade
majorresolved (Loci)2019-07-22No wagon access across entire map
  00111206[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General
minorassigned (Loci)2019-07-20Contructions on top of walls can only use materials on top of those walls
  0011123 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Town
crashnew2019-07-19Crash in town bordering on evil biome
  00111224[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Visitors
minorconfirmed (Loci)2019-07-19Visitor has petitioned for residency hundreds of times.
  00111211[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Military
minorresolved (Knight Otu)2019-07-15Necromancer Dawrfs create hostile Zombies.
  00111106[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handling
minorassigned (Loci)2019-07-14Catch Live Land Animal/R causes trapper to run around food stockpile
  00111053[Dwarf Fortress]
Miscellaneous Crashes
crashacknowledged (Loci)2019-07-11Segmentation fault, uncertain cause
  00111163[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Items
crashacknowledged (Loci)2019-07-11Game crashes after a few moments in-game.
  00111112[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare
majorneeds feedback (Loci)2019-07-11Dwarves won't give crutch to other dwarf that needs it.
  00111131[Dwarf Fortress]
minoracknowledged (Loci)2019-07-11Screw Pump Text Inaccurate
  00111152[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designations
minorneeds feedback (Loci)2019-07-11Dwarves will not pick up axes to chop trees
  00111143[Dwarf Fortress]
Technical -- General
majorneeds feedback (lethosor)2019-07-11World won't load
  00111192[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Transport/Hauling
minorneeds feedback (Loci)2019-07-11if something is marked to be dumped and then reanimates, this sometimes breaks dumping
  00111181[Dwarf Fortress]
crashneeds feedback (lethosor)2019-07-10saved game crashes shortly after loading
  00088433[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Building Construction
minorneeds feedback (Dwarfu)2019-07-09Hives in Bins not available to be placed
  00110476[Dwarf Fortress]
Technical -- General
minorresolved (lethosor)2019-07-04Linux: Enabling arb_sync causes crash
  000959331[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Trade
majoracknowledged (lethosor)2019-06-30Invisible caravan arrives, no units listed on units list, trade impossible.
  0011109 [Dwarf Fortress]
minornew2019-06-17Plants having an ocean or lake in their list of biomes causes game to lock.
  00111081[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General
blocknew2019-06-15Freeze on choosing "Forbid Passage" on a door
  00111063[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- General
majornew2019-06-14Adventurer suddenly turned into a chinchilla
  0011107 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Civilization/World Info
minornew2019-06-12Unable to select/cycle multiple locations in a single world-tile on civ/world screen
  00111031[Dwarf Fortress]
textnew2019-06-06Typo in Narwhal man description
  00076292[Dwarf Fortress]
minornew2019-06-02Nail/claw/horn - tissue have no [HEALING_RATE] token
  0011102 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Sleep
minornew2019-06-01Can't sleep/wait with people present on my own property.
  00111003[Dwarf Fortress]
Miscellaneous Crashes
crashnew2019-05-28Game crashes as soon as bard visits
  00110906[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Non-dwarf Citizens
minornew2019-05-28Dwarfs Captured as part of a raid come back bugged
  0011101 [Dwarf Fortress]
Legends Mode -- Historical Figures
minornew2019-05-28Male Hydra
  00110992[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General
majorconfirmed (Loci)2019-05-26Constructed Walls change their building material seemingly at random
  00063314[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Immigration
majoracknowledged (Loci)2019-05-26Migrants don't arrive after frozen river thaws
  000065814[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit View
textacknowledged (Footkerchief)2019-05-26"His/Her upper body is gone" - every dead unit
  00110981[Dwarf Fortress]
textresolved (Loci)2019-05-26his/her upper body is gone.
  00110961[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items
minornew2019-05-25Only first items in job list are produced when limited by materials
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