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Bay 12 is dedicated to providing original games free of charge, but that doesn't mean it is free for us to make them. We've been online since December 2000, and you can help Bay 12 Games continue to thrive. If you've enjoyed any of our games, and you are able to give, we accept financial support.

Our main electronic method is PayPal. Click on the button below to get started (you don't have to create a Paypal account), and thanks in advance.

Paypal charges me 2.9% + 30 cents to process the payment.

If you use Patreon, you can support us at our Patreon page.

Patreon is a recurring payment system which provides us with some stability from month to month.

If you are planning to support us more than once, have signed up with Paypal and would like to automate the process without using Patreon, you can use the form below. This will set up a Paypal subscription to Tarn Adams listed as "Bay 12 Games Recurring Contribution". You can cancel the subscription through Paypal at any time.

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All support goes toward site fees, computer equipment and my personal expenses. As of June 2007, your support is the only money I receive from month to month and is therefore deeply appreciated! It's my hope to keep Bay 12 going for the foreseeable future. Have fun with the games.

Tarn Adams, Co-Founder of Bay 12 Games.