Bay 12 Champions

The following people supported Bay 12 Games as we built the game during the Classic period. Champions are listed (roughly) by support/contact date.

champion Kodey/Kayla
Victoria, BC, Canada
"Wait, this isn't Minecraft?"
champion Henrique Amaro Guedes
São Paulo, Brasil
Dentre os grandes, és o primeiro
champion Urist mcHipster
Castelo de Lego
"I paid for Dwarf Fortress before it was cool :-P"
champion Matthew Flinchbaugh
The Tallest Dwarf
champion Raffers
Novice Ludonarrative Interpreter
champion John Lewis
"Terram Fode!"
champion Brian H.
Oakland, CA
champion StarryFK
Congratulations on the release of the steam version!
champion LCLPhoto

champion Kodey/Kayla
Victoria, BC, Canada
champion lali99
Prepare carefully
champion Vukky
"Woo! i blame btrfs"
champion David Balsiger
champion Nick Grogan

champion Ki H.

champion Patrick B. N. Solomon
"The awful thing is that beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and the devil are fighting there and the battlefield is the heart of man." ? Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov
champion Irish Requin
San Antonio, TX
"Finally replied after 4 years, anyway shout out to"
champion runHarder

champion Thomas Windisch
"Pierce the heavens and strike the earth!"
champion RoseHeart
Thanks for the years of forum games. May they continue for years to come.
champion Steven Bodnar
Chardon, Ohio, USA
"We're all in this together!"
champion Vilkur
"Dangerous to recognize. Deadly not to."
champion Lars Rosenberg
Gevelsberg - Germany
champion Khalid Alawaji
" Mirinda Citrus "
champion JD
Palo Alto, CA
champion Alex
champion TMTIME
"Shoutout to Kat, I love you a lot amor~"
champion TurboEuclid

champion Josh Highton
champion Tyler whitehouse

champion void_fortress
"Dig as deep as you can!"
champion Deric Bindel

champion DrMT
champion Prometheus1998_

champion Jay Wheeler Bennett
Discuss the Sun!
champion Jason Lionel Wright
Tasmania, Australia
champion Cole Hendrix
Hanover, Indiana
champion Zoja "Ladygolem" Barylko
Toronto, Canada
champion Chris B.

champion Jose C. Wong
"Era inevitable"
champion Joshua Anguiano

champion Henry R. Hill

champion Kevin
Los Angeles
Kevin looses a roaring laughter, fell and terrible!
champion Nic Gard (TheNicGard)
Chicago, IL
(fan of the world's deepest universe simulator)
champion Little

champion Johnathan Sult
Washington, USA
champion Wicker

champion Stefano Vittorio Porta (Stefa168)
Asti, Italy
champion Kadol Harginsson
"Dwarf Fortress changed my life!"
champion Hinaichigo

champion Kyle Barrett
New Hampshire
champion Daniel D G
"Ovine aviation"
champion Tom
"It was inevitable, Ali."
champion Patrick (JiraePatrick)
"It is morphing time!"
champion Ondra H.
Czech Republic
"Even the bugs are hilarious."
champion Jacky (Jaculiferous)
"R.I.P. alcoholic cats"
champion NordicNooob
the willow log strikes the woodcutter in the head and the injured part is crushed!
champion Clortox
Kent, OH
champion fawn
champion Jelle
tilatkaa Jelle productions
champion Cynthia (PixieCatSupreme)
Antwerp, Belgium
"Cynthia likes cats for their aloofness."
champion Joshua Taniwha
Enfield, CT
"what is a dwarf fortress?"... 10 hours later...
champion Puddy
Needs more lizards
champion Dave "Wolfechu" Simmons
the Tallest Dwarf in Albion
champion Acenoid

champion Hontar
"I am like big celebrity now"
champion FirePhoenix11
Melbourne, Australia
Cancels Programming: Went insane.
champion Meisam Tabriz
"The only way out is in a simulation!"
champion The Lonely Paradox
"Looking forward to the Steam release!"
champion Portalman4
"Champions list moving so fast that nobody will see I'm fey"
champion Xtoq
"There is absolutely no evidence to support the theory that life is serious."
champion Rhys Meagher
"Dwarves live and die, but the fortress is eternal!"
champion AwesomeFish
AwesomeFish admires emus for their strangle-able neck throats. They prefer to consume emu meat.
champion Daniel M.W. Stewart (Stux)
United Kingdom
"Much love to my friends and family for listening to me rave about this magnificent game"
champion Santiago Moreno
Toronto, Canada
"All craftdwarfship is of the highest quality."
champion Connor Davidson
"Let Bay12 Games strike the earth for ages to come!"
champion Bradley Beach
Portland, OR
"You know, I'm sick of following my dreams, man. I'm just going to ask where they're going and hook up with 'em later."
champion Pirate Santa
"May the magma flow forever."
champion Stillklish
"Harf will always be in my heart"
champion David Forkash
"<=>" - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
champion Helloagain

champion nvoa
"I'm doing my part!"
champion Tanner Niland

champion keupo
"Minkot and Urist sitting in a tree, S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G"
champion Andrew H.
New Haven, CT
"Easily the best game out there."
champion Anthony
Center City, MN
"Why do I even have the option to embark without a cat?"
champion Kiiranaux

champion Orffen

champion Saltavista

champion Stormtrooper SH42913
"Another one stormtrooper..."
champion James Madden
Columbus, OH
champion Steve Chatfield (Flamika)

champion BluesBraden the Dirtfoot

champion Matthew Blakley
champion Jack (An Alias)
"There are some who call me..."
champion Jack Kennedy
"Still figuring out magma physics"
champion Ariadne Thompson
"Strike the earth!"
champion Ilari T
"Bearded Bastard"
champion Hong Chou
"Just gaming"
champion Kornél Róth
champion Astral Grove

champion Your Beloved Issy
"Unleash the Hubris!"
champion Mr.B.Vicious
champion Schmaven
"Don the armor of patience, free from anger"
champion Łukasz Fręśko

champion Shaun Graham (Pancakes)
Western New York
"In a time before time, somebody attacked somebody."
champion Filippus
Malmö, Sweden
champion Cameron Pfiffer
Eugene, OR
"There's never enough booze."
champion Jaime Herazo B.

champion monkeycid
"Strike the earth!"
champion Ezum Uzolegen
North Carolina
"Where there's a crutch, there's a way." - Losthoist
champion Grafalgar
"Oh, no, thank you!"
champion thisisdaleb

champion Anthony Cooper
West Point, CA
champion Rafał Karczmarczyk
"It's for the best."
champion Ricky Munroe

champion jake "gramm" valinotti

champion Per Kristian Brastad (Mokkun)
"Happy to support the most important game of the century."
champion CaptainArchmage

champion Stimraug
Engraved on the screen is a superiorly designed game.
champion Millipede
"dreams of mastering a skill"
champion nickpeq

champion Alakala

champion Muz

champion "Dear Jude, Thank you for buying that spice rack."
champion Kenzoke

champion Alec Radliff (Arad)
Western Washington
I'm finally well enough to contribute to the community that has shaped me into who I am.
champion Ellie (Lileiv)

champion Chimpanzee
"When Armok gives you lemons, pour magma over your elf prisoners."
champion Lucas Kessler
Berlin, Germany
"Supporting DF is the only meaningful thing I did in my life"
champion Cason White
Greenville, NC
champion Bacik

champion Harp Seal
"Loved by dwarves for my adorable pups"
champion Martin Stelte
champion Liam Davis
"To know is to do."
champion Gabriel Jones
"RIP Reg Datanod. I swear I had bone stockpiled."
champion DeKaFu
Ontario, Canada
champion Thomas Burke
Franklin, MA
champion Veltoss

champion James Wines

champion Mark Wooding

champion Soia

champion TheGreyCow

champion vert

champion The Bonk Batter

champion Nahere

champion Andrew McCann

champion Paperplane
Meddl Loide
champion Melpomene
North-West England
champion Jake (Napisdog)
"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Dwarf Fortress, and !!FUN!! followed with him."
champion George
"Beware of the fish"
champion Felipe Vicencio-Heap
A medium-sized creature dedicated to the ruthless protection of nature.
champion CHERRYNTN

champion Markus Schmitz
champion Martijn van Dalen (Lord_Lemonpie)
Wageningen, Netherlands
"Blessed be the Dwarven God of Rainbows!"
champion Ullallulloo
Champaign, IL
champion Cera Schell
"Volcanoes = Fun!"
champion latias1290 / Foxite
The Netherlands
champion KFW
"The Hippo spits out Your head! You have been struck down. The Carp stands up. Play Dwarf Fortress!"
champion Nick Tittley

champion Sarrak
Stories are made to become eternal.
champion Gandysampras

champion Adrian Carroll

champion RoboLuddite
Melbourne, Australia
champion ChrRaz
champion Chinook
A medium-sized highly social mammalian carnivore.
champion David Zehntner

champion Runesturn

champion VonHeer
"Drink because you are happy, but never because you are miserable." G.K. Chesterton
champion Ricky
"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"
champion Vinashko
Calgary, AB
champion Cloud_Keeper
Here lies the countless hours spent caring for dwarfs.
champion Paxman
"Why respect knights, when my potions can do anything that you can?"
champion Thorin Sorensen
"I love this game so much, I wrote a book about it"
champion Connor
I accidentally the dorfs
What should I this dangerous?
champion Richie Bisso
Los Angeles
"Thank you for all the inspiration and good times, Bay 12!"
champion Joe Binns
Des Moines
champion clinodev

champion Untrustedlife
"It was Inevitable"
champion Gabe Glaser

champion Magnus Gunnarsson (EnderCrypt)
Stockholm, Sweden
"You can't consent to being a pizza"
champion Justin L.

champion Jonas-fr
« In our digital era, Numearcheology is of paramount importance for future generations and historians. Therefore strict DRM and copy protections that threaten the preservation of history should be fought at all cost until it is finally banished. »
champion Thorondir
Coce Awi
Drawbridge Eugenics Coordinator
champion AxeZ0N

champion Nikolai Weidt (ionlyplaynude)
"Be water my friend!"
champion Konstantin "Kvist" Treuber
"DF is the best dwarf game out there. Keep up the good work."
champion CaptainCat
Felt annoyed after being caught in the rain
champion Samantha Oliver (Darathem)
Michigan, United States of America
Needs imagination to get through the working day.
champion The Cryptoneedler
"Dreams of adamantine cacti."
champion Daniel N. J.
Netherlands, So hot!
"By my beard how I love the smell of magma fumes!"
champion Hawknar

champion Lowe Eklund
champion Liam Conway

champion Digitalap3

champion Peter Bernhardt
champion Toren
Nashville, TN
"Losing is Fun!"
champion Tony Saffrony
"The true enemy of any fort is its player!"
champion Doctor Pepper
"Portland, OR is just a big PvP enabled area"
champion The Gaughran Family
San Diego
"Our fortunes rise and fall together!"
champion Bill 'Ragman205' Moseley
"Love is all."
champion Grey (citriccenobite)
champion Forest
Otocinclus catfish are neat.
champion Logan
"Armok left me unfinished"
champion Belug
"The beauty of creating something new is finding bugs and solving problems."
champion Jorge Yanar
Princeton, NJ
Dwarf cancels sleep: interrupted by thalamus.
champion Artsy Anthony
The Netherlands
"He was ecstatic being near to a waterfall"
champion Jonas Andradas

champion Chrras
"He absolutely detests giant cave spiders"
champion Oskar Hiorth

champion Jonri
Best State, USA
Behold my sacrifices, Armok! Take it as I pray for my friend's next fortress, as well as his next chapter in life as a dad, to not go by fast!
champion Q the Beagle
"I am become Urist, thrower of tantrums."
champion Matthew

champion Brett Barr

champion Keenan P.
champion Blake (Zebede)
"What sorta drum circle bullshit is this?" -Andrew
champion Kristen Morrow
Atlanta, GA
"Dwarf Fortress is crafted with the highest quality 0s and 1s."
champion Qingyao Sun (nalzok)
Shanghai, China
"The best thing about being a statistician is that you get to play in everyone's backyard." - John Tukey
champion BryDesu
Central California
"I Sang and Danced with Drunk Dwarfs"
champion Daigoro
Toulouse, France
champion Jaden (eardwulfa)
swampy moon hut
the witch who danced with moon rabbits
champion Emperor Udan
"The ride never ends"
champion SoapiestWaffles
"These got peanuts and soap in em!" - Gir
champion RabidAnubis

champion Servenikas (Asordu Fatierji)
"Ready for work"
champion Andrew Maroni

champion TKR101010
Denver, CO
"Beware the werebunnies."
champion Rusty Shackleford

champion Mike Flynn

champion antibi0tic
"Love is the meaning of life and pain is its proof."
champion WalrusIncarnate
"Probably one of the most unique and compelling games that exist, and a lot is randomly generated."
champion Frankie Encalada
"Ahh, celestials above blue!"
champion Fernando Rivera
champion McAnan
"Please don't change! Keep it FUN!!!"
champion Krabbe's-Tykke Lobbe's-Terre

champion Ryan S
Long Island
"A game just daring you to play it!"
champion Federico M.
"A toast to Armok, the God of Blood!"
champion "Sic mundus creatus est," said a special dwarf alchemist. - dedekind champion Chris, Christian, Isaac
Las Cruces, NM
"Dumass Donald Trumpodud, Trader is throwing a tantrum!"
champion Lynne
Just happy to be here
champion Davy
"ah lads, just take the bodies out of the reservoir; there's no need to stand there vomiting"
champion Achira
"Thank you for the Rutherer nightmares!"
champion Aluminum Elephant
"What we call reality is, in fact, nothing more than a culturally sanctioned and linguistically reinforced hallucination." - Terence McKenna
champion Kalidon
champion Werck
champion Terci

champion Noah Heague

champion doolydooly

champion Lori
the best combination of 0s and 1s
champion Grumdelachum
"A short, sturdy creature fond of drink and industry"
champion Nikita Trofimov
San Diego, CA
It was inevitable
champion CharonM72
Supporter of procedural carp generation since 2019
champion Emmett Gaines

champion BrainsickBlaze
"A very 'epic' guy"
champion Rollin Salsbery

champion Henderic0
The Netherlands
champion Gaspard
"charnel winds that brush the pallid stars and make them flicker low"
champion Kiarrn

champion Philipp (FingO)
Berlin, Germany
„I'll sponsor you if you lead me to glory and death“
champion Henrik
champion Zohrs
Middelburg, South Africa
champion Hazem A
"A were-what-now?!"
champion Benjamin Kulp

champion Jonfor
"Time is a drug. Too much of it kills you"
champion Jorge Iglesias
"Now you will know why you fear the night"
champion Eck
"Dwarf Fortess is the type of game you warn new developers from trying to make because it will take 20 years to even get close to finished. I'm happy ToadyOne didn't listen."
champion Manu 'Monolith' Garcia
"He felt pleasure upon improving fortressing"
champion Patrick C

champion Max Austin Gehring
New Hampshire, USA
champion Torren Renne

champion Davis Hughes
"Of dubious quality"
champion Eqwin

champion David Ashman
United States
champion J10Five

champion Alex M

champion Aussiemon

champion Abel Lopez
"Productivity is the right balance between sleep and goofing off."
champion trophyhusban

champion Jonathan Phebus
Tennessee, United States
"The thing's hollow--it goes on forever--and--oh Armok!--it's full of dwarves!"
champion Dajomu
I love being a dwarf!
champion Mr. Bonanza
"There are many quarries out there, but this one is mine."
champion Drude Fiegler
"I once lost my fortress to weretapirs, and it changed my life."
champion Denny Giesbrecht (Metalhead3)
Manitoba, Canada
"If losing is fun, then I'm the greatest loser!"
champion Luke Baldwin-Brown (goldensundude)
San Francisco, CA
champion Ben Wynne
"Still digging"
champion Martin
Hackney, London, E9, UK
Genuinely amazing game. Thanks!
champion Anco Peeters
The Netherlands / Australia
I finally know what it's like to be a dwarf.
champion Michael Beene
"I fear the night... Thanks to a Wherellama"
champion Raatokarpanen
Joensuu, Finland
champion Christof Berger

champion Quixotic
"Audere est Facere"
champion Mike "DarkArbiter" Carmody
"The ends justified the means in hindsight." - Vlad Dashing
champion DasPixieKIng

champion Kacper
Olsztyn, Poland
Hello future myself, is Dwarf Fortress out already?
champion Chris Knadler

champion Bighorns

champion Storvolleng
champion brandon konig (mymidnightelectric)

champion Filip R.
"Uninvited Guest"
champion Calvin Coberly (MisterTrafficCone)
Gilbert, AZ
champion UnkemptArmada
"I'm just happy to be here."
champion Evan Gale
champion Aliaksandr, the last Dzik

champion Josh V

champion Owen Campbell

champion easystar

champion Salubrious Rex
"Be kind to your dwarves."
champion Aneurysm9

champion Desmond Turek
"Right action is better than knowledge; but in order to do what is right, we must know what is right." - Charlemagne
champion Kevin
"Fun is the Mother of Invention"
champion Tim "Tum Guy" Hart

champion Charles Maxson
Seattle, WA
"Who knew water could flow UP a well?"
champion Stewart (Snart)
champion Brian Gordon
San Francisco, CA
champion Jordan Bergmann

champion Deadbolt Vulpoon
Florida, USA
"for my smol pirate, may your fey mood never wane"
champion Remaille
Rennes, France
"I connected that lever, right? right?"
champion Lordmaladax

champion Andy Latham
United Kingdom
"Can't wait for Dwarf Fortress VR"
champion Mitchell (taconui)
*punches honey badger in the neck, the artery explodes into gore!* "I had a wonderful bath. Is this bliss?" - "Tristan" McUrist
champion Atkana

champion Morjax
"The severed part flies off in an arc!"
champion Ian Joost (Chopster the Lobster)
"I am the Lobster, I tell only truths... Tell a lie... And I'll cut yous"
champion Andrettin
"Loud roar the dwarves by the doors of stone"
champion Roman Garanin
champion Tom H

champion Lex Song
champion Adam Bazzi
Windsor, ON
champion Gregory M
Sydney, Australia
"He is rarely happy or enthusiastic, and he is conflicted by this as he values parties and merrymaking in the abstract."
champion Henrik Torkelund
champion Carlos Kitazawa Neto (carloskita)
Really happy to support someone that make the game community better with free updates in this incredible game!
champion Austin Mathis

champion FunnyMan

champion Johnathan H.
"Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't." - Mark Twain
champion Josh Pevehouse
"I keep accidentally starting cults"
champion paiwithapple
Are dwarves a renewable resource?
champion terubby
"what do you mean theyre all dead!?"
champion =]DI[= Z00111111
Sydney, Australia
champion beans

champion Lucas Moretti
São Paulo
champion EvilWizardGabe
Madison, WI
"Your strength has been broken."
champion Unzer
"Content after having a pretty decent drink"
champion FlaminNips
"No need to be number one. You're smiling."
champion Ilkka Wahala
champion Vladimír (Flaeme) Kedro
"Seven for the Dorf-lords in their halls of stone."
champion Freddie Ridell

champion Kalrum Greatforge
"With great risk, comes greater power."
champion Kieron Scott (KiKi)
"All hail the dwarf cube!"
champion Owen Malley
Saw DF as child, 10 years later and still excited
champion Tanner (McNitro)
"My first adventure was ended by the kick of a horse"
champion Sethatos

champion RLS0812
Cancels Everything
champion Eric Prather
Oregon, USA
Thank you for the childhood.
champion Dawnmist
"Likes Dwarf Fortress for its depth of detail"
champion Jack "KheVy" Dillen

champion Baldur (Yoko)
"Life is a game, the game is life." I dedicate this to Balk, who was a good dog
champion Kurru
California, USA
champion Xamaracer

champion Andrew

champion Braelen Hill

champion Dreen
"Fun rules."
champion Azmodean

champion David Dampolo
New Hampshire
champion Grimnar
"It's all about the ☼Roasts☼!"
champion LoganGrey
"The great Logan has come!"
champion Maxisokol
champion Sam "zelderan" Brown
champion Eduardo "mrtheduts" Souza
"Laziness is one of my best characteristics."
champion Isaac K (slientmagician9)
"How many migrants just showed up?!"
champion Apeiron from Elbendale
Czech Republic
"I have finally found the world's largest prase!"
champion Luke Derry
Cantrybury New Zealand
champion Baron Icklesworth
Some dwarves like bat men for their haunting cries. "I am the night!"
champion Paolo Torelli
Cupramontana ITALY
Vincere è da perdenti ! ! !
champion Longstrider

champion GragSmash
WA State
champion B Scobe
"Cause of death: lava accidents, glacier forts, glass spiders, undead skin and oceans of elf blood."
champion Patrick Rousseau
champion Colin Tel
Cookeville, TN
"All things shall pass."
champion BoneWizard666
"I don't care. He's already dead."
champion HauntedBotanist

champion LeveeBreak
The Rumored Dune
champion RoboHobo
"Thief! Protect the hoard from skulking filth!"
champion Khardankov

champion Russell White (Arctem)
San Francisco
champion Paul '@pjf' Fenwick
champion SpaceSjut
"fun turns into !!FUN!! quite fast in here"
champion Dustin Feldt

champion Tom and Alexi Wisneski
Minneapolis, MN
"You don't mind doing a little well-digging to pay for your breakfast, do you?"
champion Alan Velasco (Alanbato)
Monterrey, México
"Funding the research lab where virtual beings will first become self-aware."
champion Zoimos

Stroud, UK
champion Yuvve
champion Luke "Lukaus" Stanley

champion Brian Mayle
Cape Coral, FL
champion Andrew Sullivan
"Now I know to fear the night!"
champion Michael Schmidt
Allen, Texas
champion T.M.A
"He beat the epidemic with his bare FISTS!"
champion Aj (Mr. Bubbles)
This game has NO business being free, it's an absolute crime, I'll call the cops.
champion Corinne T. (Midground)

champion Peter McCusker

champion jrecursive
san francisco
"standing on the shoulders of dwarves"
champion Fixwec

champion Judassuffocated
champion Katie
Des Moines
"Shit blizzard's early today!"
champion SabbaticGoat
"I look forward to Dwarf Fortress 1.0!"
champion Gabriel "Gabe" Gonzalez
Austin, TX
"Funding development of the matrix, dollar by dollar."
champion Mr. Rigatoni
champion Nineel
"Never underestimate stupid dorfs in large numbers!"
champion Joel Croteau (TV4Fun)

champion Richard (Gonthorian)

champion Justsick
Ontario Canada
champion Robert Ring
Birmingham, AL
champion sheshiresat
"Cancels everything: interrupted by Dwarf Fortress."
champion Paul T (Ninja)
NSW, Australia
champion FruitBird

champion Adam Baldwin

champion Valentin S.
"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."
champion Stuv7CB

champion Will S. (Blinky the Blind)
"You've never seen a blind miner? Neither have I!"
champion Graham "Phantom" Watson
Muncie, IN
champion Georg Schwab

champion Aaron Surratt
champion rycar

champion Thomas (Lepwn)
South of France
champion Edward
"One day, I'll understand how to play this game."
champion Imperatus Rex
"Beware of wereantelopes in the night."
champion Kristian "Rompcat" Jaech

champion Jonathan P.
Alabama, USA
"And what would you do, if an uninvited dwarf came and hung his things up in your hall without a word of explanation?"
champion Joshua Draeger
Cudahy, Wisconsin
champion Urist Chamberdoctrines
"Laid the tile, boss"
champion Aled1984
Paris, France
"Lost so many times, it was worth paying for it."
champion Dogone

champion Brongle
champion Nutchapol?Sal
Bangkok, Thailand
"?If you never lose, then you never had fun.?"?
champion Mike Nickels
champion NeophyteElite

champion Pavel Lieberzeit (Humungus)
"Paid for a free game. Would pay again."
champion Christian Duncan (ShaveDaWookie)
"This is Dwarf Fortress. All craftdwarfship is of the highest quality..."
champion Unifel
"What the hell was a B-GOC anyway?"
champion Farfentufles
"I love Dwarf Fortress!"
champion Adam Heckler

champion Matthias
champion Manfred (TargetDrone)
champion Egg.

champion Simon Hansson (se05239)

champion Nikolay Skinteev
Moscow, Russia
"Having fun fun fun fun fun"
champion Adam Podgorny

champion Endarei Steiner
Winnesota, USA
champion Alfalfa Scout

champion Cassandra Roth

champion A. Bergman
Lancaster, Ca.
"Once paid to sit around and play Dwarf Fortress."
champion Hammo
"I wish I understood even a hundredth of it all"
champion Jaxin
"200 hours, still no idea how to play."
champion Chris C.
Fargo, ND
"I'm happy to support. Keep up the amazing work!"
champion D. Fox
"I'll just decapitate this skeleton.... WAIT NO!"
champion Rafael Paione Freitas (Paione)
"Dont believe the hype!"
champion bswolf
"May you never lack for anything while in a fey mood."
champion Thomas Zamojski
Perth Amboy, NJ
"Continue developing the masterpiece"
champion Dirk L. (Odhrean)
champion Akhier Dragonheart
"I'm a Dragon, Roar"
champion yngwi
"Not all those who wander are lost;"
champion Mustakhrakh1sh

champion Richard Heritage

champion José
Bad Vilbel Gronau
champion Yuneeks
"I struggle, I win."
champion Darin 'handytech' Mahon

champion Hunter S. DiCicco (igokaskowitz)
Boatmurdered (NJ, United States)
"Strike the Earth!"
champion Ryan
champion Dalriad
champion Dylan Trueblood
Shreveport Louisiana
champion Łukasz Strzebińczyk

champion Anton Örn Sigurðsson

champion Benjamin Gare
champion Austin Wigley
"Deep roots are not reached by the frost."
champion Alexander Egge Engvik

champion Jackson Bahr (Jake)
"Just leave it blank, don't put a quote there."
champion Mister Lich
There just isn't another game out there with this depth.
champion Katie Bowers (skylar)
"Urist delved too greedily and too deep and much FUN was had."
champion Jèššé Höwârd
I came for the boatmurdered, I stayed for the "fun"
champion Captain_Duck (DFVIDTUTS)
"Don't cut down trees which have an anvil in them"
champion David Horvath
"It turns out, building underground fountains are never a good idea."
champion Robert McAtee
Bozeman Montana
champion Alessandro "Hamcha" Gatti
"This is probably my biggest mark in history"
champion Shrogen
champion Jakob Butler
Vester Hassing, Denmark
"Spil noget med Slayer! \m/"
champion Geodew
'Laluthrakust' for my Fortress name? How apt.
champion Josh Tesler (Alkhemia)
Washington state USA
champion Broms
King of Prussia, PA
"Gamer cancels Play Dwarf Fortress: interrupted by Support Bay 12 Games."
champion Ectopilot
"It was inevitable."
champion Vagonasaurus

champion Bosniak Rambo
"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn."
champion Andrew G McCarthy
champion Baz Lever
"So long, interdimentional town"
champion Caleb Sizemore (rumialumia)
champion Tildestar
Manitoba, Canada
Rongongith Adil Ibruk Never Forget 3rd of Opal 156
champion Ryan Gigliotti
"Fomire Fomire"
champion Douglas Nahogyil
"Spoiler alert: We all die, may as well enjoy it."
champion Zantos
champion Alexis DeSilva
"Remember Dyebrews! All the clown trap regret!"
champion Henry Aberg (haberg)
Linkoping, Sweden
champion Kairos

champion Tom huri
"Battles that last five minutes spawn legends that live a thousand years."
champion Elsa Gomes (ElsaTheHobo)

champion Rich Wilson

champion Andrew Hampton

champion Zhurya and Krizhka

champion Peter James
Austin, TX, USA
champion Adam Powell

champion John Mark Smotherman
Eaten by a Grue
champion Curtis Gooden

champion Tholal

champion Thomas Smith

champion "Hi!"

champion Froglift
"We are men of action, lies do not become us."
champion Dustin Doss
Cambridge, MA
champion VengefulPotato

champion Bott Maggot

champion Gaurav Vaidya
Gainesville FL
"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
champion Elijah (Kulemi)
North Carolina, USA
champion Edward Evjen
"Losing is fun!"
champion Yan Chen

champion Fritz (Komack)
"Make you the one you want to be"
champion Torenhire

champion Victoria Jordan
"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so truly free that your very existence is an act of rebellion"
champion Tremzack

champion Mr. Moo
is fond of cows
champion Sebastian Gałecki

champion Stush Cinta
"Forgetting how werewolves work was my big mistake."
champion pyndul (Brenn)
"But, oh! What providence! What divine intelligence, that you should survive as well as me!"
champion Adam "Vilkans" Wilkans
"I'd kill for an ale"
champion Ólafur Ásdísarson

champion Hamster (Hamsterface)
Auckland, New Zealand
"My Hamstercraft is fool of Eels."
champion Domingo Cheleuitte
Maine, USA
"There's no mystical energy field controlling my destiny." -Han Solo
champion Steve Scott
"Onward to the Shining Future"
champion Dallin Hunter
"You had me at fire-breathing hummingbird."
champion Sergei Meranov

champion Henry
Tri-Cities, WA
champion zukonake
"I laugh in the face of death!"
champion Nookrium
"Vasco oost!"
champion eroen

champion Javon Harper
"The image is a symbol of Javon, a local rage quitter."
champion Scot Hutchison (Oxycrate)
"To save our mother earth from any alien attack!"
champion Andreas Antoniades
Hunter Valley, Australia
"Gravity always wins."
champion David Hagerty (gloatingfiddle)
"This is where the FUN begins!"
champion se5a
"Menaces with spikes of drunken creativity!"
champion Josh
Las Vegas
"To Jeanelly, you know how much I love Dwarf Fortress, so you'll know how special it is to have your name here."
champion Tonweight
"Urist McTonweight cancels drink, interrupted by software bugs."
champion Sparkybear

champion Jesse
Middle of Nowhere, Canada
It's nice to see a ASCII game making such an impact. <3
champion Bruno Raymundo (brainbug)
Porto Alegre, Brazil
"My dreams are now in ASCII."
champion Brunillus
San Luis, Argentina
"To live is to die"
champion Rusty "Shardok" Shackleford
Forest of Silvermoon
champion Ryan Allen
"The Axedwarf stands up."
champion tanman24

champion Hexadot
"You sit in cages because you don't say what you think and don't think what you think."
champion Pontus Borg Karlsson
"If you have once tasted true freedom, you would kill to taste it once more"
champion J. Howard

champion Kenny
Tokyo, Japan
champion Phil Shenk (Philbo Baggins)
A huge oceanic fish capable of great speed.
champion Stijn Gijsen
The Netherlands
champion Sad Soviet
champion zkat
"The magma cannon sounded like a really great idea"
champion Zlatko

champion Chris Sells
Seattle, WA
"Imagination is more important than knowledge." --Einstein
champion Charles R.

champion From RH to RP
Have a Beyond Quality New Year
champion Benjamin Audren
"I am pretty sure this dwarf was not bitten by the werebeast..."
champion quekwoambojish

champion JoBoX Tyrrell
Long Island - NY
Intentionally Blank
champion Malacare
New Jersey, United States of America
"If it is natural to die, then to hell with nature. We must rise above nature. We must refuse to die." - FM-2030
champion Sam Glendinning
British Columbia
Beware of Carp!
champion the_pasemi

champion Vojtěch Balák (Remedan)
Czech Republic
champion dezwart

champion Darksheao
"As much fun as dropping elfs into a pit of wererabits!"
champion Dominic "vopi" Pace
"Get busy living or get busy dying"
champion Diego Malatesta (darquill)
champion dmagbone

champion Kharn
"Blood for the blood god!"
champion Moral
"All According to Griflibrisfriblim..."
champion Craig Marshall

champion Thomas Kupka
champion Ioannis Anastasios Katsafaros
Chios, Greece
"Dwarves of the world, unite!"
champion Boogle
"Merry Christmas"
champion Plankton

champion Draxis

champion MrBurd
"Getting bored? Time for megaprojects!"
champion Jake McNees (Rushock)

champion Asayoru
"Aulë's Pride"
champion Josh
"Do Andwarves dream of electric sheep slaughter?"
champion Les Murphy
Denton, Texas
champion Jeffery Sky Griggs
"Use the Goblin Arm!"
champion apokaladle

champion Peter
Building an LHC to see what DF is made of.
champion Aloe
plants are friends
champion Jacob Stove Lorentzen
San Francisco
"Keep Striking the earth, you crazy diamonds."
champion Tristan Keen
Professional giant olm tamer
champion Zachary "Halophyte" Smith

champion G.D. Duck
"The Wise Spag throws his wrench and runs"
champion The Llovet Family
Belgrade, Montana
Driving in a sporty or dynamic manner!
champion Ramonacus
Vane, this is all because of you
champion Sean (Goatllama)
A mysterious mountaintop
"There's really nothing quite so fun as devouring some unsuspecting dwarves, may they ever multiply for Armok's delight!"
champion Josiah Intia
Underground Cavern Crow
champion Stone Sherrill (An-Actual-Stone)
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
"I like everything"
champion Andrew W.
He feels pleasure near a wonderful Crayon Reward.
champion Mark Yorke (SteelGolem)
Nova Scotia, Canada
Maids are love, maids are life.
champion Sage Beroff(KuudereChef)
"has been found dead, played way too much Dwarf Fortress"
champion Orange Something
"It was inevitable"
champion Daniel Coffey
...reads a particularly strange Tome. What, by Armok's beard, is "ALMSIVI"?
champion Valdus92
"DF will become self-aware on August 29th at 2am"
champion Jake Reiske (Trinnith)
Chicago, IL
The hematite must flow!
champion PapperWing
"Best regards from Czech republic"
champion Abby
Seattle, WA
"Admired a waterfall recently."
champion Stefan Theil (Akko)
has been found dead, completely drained of free time.
champion Zamadaga

champion Scarybirdman
champion Trevoke Sunshire
"What is the nature of conflict?"
champion Horse Boat
"Take the reins, my friend, and together, we shall rule the seas!"
champion Alyfox
champion VykMcDwarf
"Pom pom pom..."
champion Shazwar
"We too are dwarves. Enacting some grand, sick plan"
champion Andrew McNiel
Kent, WA
Product of dwarven day-care.
champion Manuel Sánchez (Manimambo)
Valencia, Spain
"I want to be a drunk miner"
champion Kavi (qfwfq)
Gilroy, California
"He thought about how delicious it was, how he liked slippery foods, how slipperiness can be of different kinds. I am a philosopher of sandwiches, he decided."
champion Ryan Hull
Niagara on the Lake
champion Spaghetti

champion Lud
champion Mark Lill
nice game
champion Charles Z.
"You must learn how to lose."
champion Xfr
Santa Cruz, CA
"Welcome to sacred lands"
champion Kofthefens
"Deathly afraid of emus"
champion Ryan Dorkoski
"You can have anything you are willing to struggle for."
champion Bret Stone
Katy, TX
"Needs alcohol to get through the working day."
champion Doug (Doog)
Dorfs are Good
champion Tim Rapp
"Death is all around us. This is truly horrifying."
champion Double Backstitch Arts
Saves dwarves in trees by chopping them down.
champion Bishop
The Capybara of Dwarf Fortress
champion Maik Theisen
champion Nicholas Frank
"The worlds tallest Dwarf thanks you for all the fun."
champion Maygriev
"I'm afraid of Werellamas..."
champion Jeff
I don't even see the ascii
champion BurritoRonin
Somis, CA
champion Jithak
champion Kestrel
"Make the fortress great again."
champion Quyxius
Braunschweig, Germany
champion peterb
Pittsburgh, PA
champion Daniel
Ucatsuton, Ontario
"I don't even see the ASCII anymore."
champion nthDream
champion John Even Bjørnevik

champion Baelyk
Madison, WI
"I'm potty trained!"
champion Joey Baggadonuts
champion Gorloth Usik
"I stand at the borders of society, observing their stupid conformity."
champion nthDream

champion Sheb
"Everything got an end, except sausages, which has two"
champion Gorlen

champion Rho
"A short, sturdy creature fond of drink and industry."
champion Shaku
"Keep up with the !FUN!"
champion Dan O
champion Valthero
"Bugbats, all of you."
champion Sarah Tilley
"Don't go in the Hospital"
champion Aaron Mark Johnson
Portland, OR
champion Eduardo A. (Guayinski)
Chile, Southamerica
"we can do it with the help of everybody"
champion Bryan
Dwarven Dignity in Death and Digging
champion Schopenhauer
It's joyful
champion Philip Hehn
champion David - CalamarRojo
Canary Islands (Spain)
"I had fun once ... the horror"
champion Kortus
"Damn Elves"
champion Collin
Regina, Canada
What is dead may never die
champion Gregory Peters
Tomsk, Russia
champion Demosthenex
"Let's have FUN"
champion Jawor
Czech Republic
champion aapalo
champion OcelotTango

champion CaptainLambcake

champion Ben

champion Clayton "KarmaEnforcer" Seymour
"How do I smelt tacos?"
champion RadiationPals
Portland, OR
champion Jon
"We'll fix it in post."
champion Babarix
"Cut all the trees, we need more booze barrels!"
champion Justin Neiley (Lasndmaster)
Ontario, Canada
champion Adam K Dean
"On the face is a beard depicting unregulated growth."
champion Rindel Gósmeralak (Rindel)
Stud with Black Metal - R
champion Saeris

champion Richard McCormack
"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more"
champion Gagaltharax
Louisiana, USA
"...likes wizards for their esoteric knowledge."
champion Artiph Hastaenax
"...laced with water, water, water, water, water..."
champion Prince Merluza
"To the tomorrow that gleams with light"
champion Jonno "Scott" Wood
Newcastle Gym has some nice memes
champion Andrew Groot (thesquaregroot)
Westerville, Ohio
champion squishy3

champion James Renken
Minneapolis, MN
champion David (Shifty)
Grants Pass, Oregon
"Deus Vult! Mortem ad elves!"
champion Anthony (zestorer)

champion Samuel Slay Skidmore (Sambo)
champion Ben Collier
Manchester, England
v0.42 is a delight! Thanks chaps!
champion Mike Wasson

champion Urist McRhoades
Redlands, CA
champion Markik of Kentucky

champion Raven185
"Now we're cosmic friends forever... OK?"
champion Sean 'Ariamaki' Riedinger
Northeast Ohio
champion Jakub Makar (Amarok)
Do everything to live carefree, but get excited for DF.
champion Samuel LeGresley
Acadie, Canada
champion Cujo26
Stellenbosch, South Africa
"Milk for the Khorne flakes!"
champion Anthony
"The only solution to the issue of human rights is oblivion"
champion frontmonk
Chicago, IL
"I'm pretty sure Sonic Zombie isn't the worst band in the world."
champion Adriaen
"In the light of Champions, humble followers will etch their story."
champion ToastGoats
The man who gave $0.85
champion Paino

champion Veronica Pauli

champion Hvinnir

champion Matthew Isom
Little Rock, AR
champion Traitor (Lucky)
"If there is a chance I'll screw up, you can bet I will screw up"
champion Eric
Zurich, Switzerland
champion Niels Peter (Qusteka)
Hong Kong
"But I, being poor, have only my dreams;"
champion Steven Whiting
"In honour of the dwarf that killed 20 goblins signal handed before dying. Sorry dwarf, I forget your name"
champion Dmitrii T.

champion Chinese Immigrants
Lincoln, NE
"Here we have a Shrieking Man Child."
champion absolutfreak
champion Douglas S.M. Lum
Sonoma County, California, USA
"Douglas S.M. Lum withdraws from society..."
champion Lee Grey
New Zealand, the Land of the Long White Cloud
champion Ashley 'Ash' Cottle

champion Nudibranch

champion Kieren L.
Queensland, Australia
champion Darque
champion 85065688
champion Luis Eduardo (Luisedgm)
"Legendary Goblin Punter"
champion Christopher P.
Germany, Saxony-Anhalt
Played DW for hours without even embarking.
champion Cam W
Ontario, Canada
"me too thanks"
champion Will L.
Seattle, WA
champion Zachary E. Braun
In Exile In Atlanta, GA
champion Shannon Quesnel (Strangeblades)
British Columbia, Canada
"Here lies Strangeblades, the sleeping liar."
champion LaChouette
"The war grizzly is mightier than the whip."
champion Jeremy

champion connick
"This is a glorious day for my dwarves!"
champion Tyler Bindon

champion Moxon
Germany, Bavaria
"A little suffering is good for the soul."
champion Devin Gunay
"Never give up, trust your instincts!"
champion Jan Z (Xaygon)
"My first fort ended with a failed weregila experiment, the second with a literal zombie apocalypse."
champion Xeron

champion Jake (Rangerklypf)
"Goblins deserve love too!"
champion Robert Tylee

champion IGTHORN
South Africa
When possible, he prefers to consume tea and rusks.
champion Donal (GrapeSoda)
Elves are bad
champion Bellmoore
"Beard to beard with."
champion Ozone Grif.
"A humanoid fox with wings, beware its magics!"
champion Neroxen
"Tarn & Zach have been taken by a creative mood!"
champion Matt
"If you can't smile for you, smile for someone else who may need it."
champion Corwin
"Day 1: Housing, Day 2: Magma Forge"
champion Luke Washburn
Life Cannot Exist Without Chaos; And Chaos Cannot Exist Without ARMOK!
champion Jake Brown (magicburrito)
North Carolina, USA
champion Drums Sez Yo!

champion Jay Meyers
champion Blues
"Urist takes the full impact, jamming the skull through the brain"
champion Vandoon

champion Pavel C
Minsk, Belarus
"Build your own fortress with dwarfs and cats"
champion bearnaut

champion Kirkegaard
"Let us build it great"
champion Heath McUrist
"Take my hand, we'll have a dorfy good time"
champion Nate Ware

champion Frank A.
"A short sturdy creature fond of drink and nostalgia."
champion CoolSkeleton95
champion TickleThePanda Kunotad
A short sturdy creature fond of drink and industry.
champion Neil van Vuuren (Kalinith)

champion Corey Hoard
" could be Franky"
champion Arek (Mroku)
champion Eric Lanser
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
champion Nicolas (CrossAlbeo)
"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us"
champion Dekaron
'The sun carried on a white horseback; in the profundity of the sea; the dangling rope twined by moonlight.'
champion Noah Lamproe (InkPacket)
Medford, Oregon
"Every human walks around with a certain kind of sadness. They may not wear it on their sleeves, but it's there if you look deep."
champion KaptainKhaz
"Admired a fine trap recently."
champion Sheldon Ketterer (Cow)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
"I will show you fear in a handful of dust" - Chong Li
champion Chris M in Darnestown

champion Ghedipunk
/* no comment */
champion Bartek Kalinka
Warsaw, Poland
champion Brian C

champion Rotinso
"Being strong is the only choice you have, T1D"
champion Hugo Porfirio
Camaragibe/PE - Brasil
champion Daren
I thought this was to get out!
champion Ricardo C. M. Portella
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
champion moldau
champion Theodora Snailhorn

champion Aretheus
Kaiserslautern, Germany
"A Hour of Dwarf Fortress a Day keeps the bad Mood away ;-)"
champion Sizik
The one and only.
champion Entaris
"He died like he lived: without pants"
champion Ltan
Concord, NC
...cancels Brew Drink: Interrupted by suffocation!
champion Harrison Sokol (Bluedude588)
"Coolest game ever!"
champion TheMagicDwarf
McLean, Virginia
"I'm a weezard!"
champion Sir Tottenham
Thank you for the endless hours of FuN!! You have provided for me. I hope it continues for years to come.
champion flebbebe
"I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole."
champion Stephen Smith
"Dwarf Fortress is more than a game; its a lifestyle choice"
champion Teqqra
Thanks for all the FUN!
champion Dyre
"Whichever way I look, I see trouble"
champion Szymon
"Throwing tantrum in the head, tearing apart the muscle, shattering the skull and tearing apart the brain!"
champion Cuthbert Smilington

champion Gearomatic

champion Ken Hoyt (boatie)
London, UK
The foggy cavern's musty grime
champion Tyler McCauley
"Migrants beware, you're in for a scare!"
champion Tim Zgoda
Osnabrck, Germany
"It was inevitable."
champion Myrkky100
champion MacTORG Steen (MacTORG)
"To Live is to Learn. To Die is to Graduate."
champion stepvhen

champion Neill Robson
champion Alexander Kudelich
"Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee."
champion forestcreature

champion Joshua Jordan
"Likes humans for their tender meat"
champion B-rat
"Hey TK look at me!"
champion Danny Turner
Odense, Denmark
champion Taylor Nixon (Ognir)
"Asunder? I don't even know her!"
champion yur_mum
killed a mule by throwing clay at it.
champion Alberto (Riken Avadur)
"Who said we shouldn't weaponize elephants?"
champion Gary Gerbrandt
Barrie, Ontario
"Urist cancelled Eat: Hunting vermin for food."
champion Dakota "Doc Brown" Brown
Fayetteville, AR
champion Sir Jakob Zaborowski Esq.
New Jersey
"There's a fine line between not listening and not caring. I like to think that I walk that line every day of my life."
champion Lubos 'Maeglad' Miklosovic
Bratislava, Slovakia
champion Jaquob Russel Dey
"One time I pissed through a car windshield"
champion Skaboxx
"cancels Brew Drink: Interrupted by Antmen"
champion Stoike

champion Christopher Mangum
SF Bay Area
champion Marot
champion Noah Arnett
champion Harm Vanwelkenhuyzen
Hasselt, Belgium
"A game that always makes me come back"
champion qmoog
"Interrupted by sleep."
champion Yazman
champion Apollo Densin the Scholar

champion Jonbama
Best State, USA
Happy 402nd birthday, Tsavri!
champion Urist McUrist Lolar
"I thought I was good till I played dwarf fortress"
champion Simon Appleton

champion Rasmus Pettersson Vik
Härnösand, Sweden
champion Florian
"This game is even (so much) greater than #TeamNorsch."
champion Eric Beem
champion Madison Stemm
Las Vegas
champion Jack Morgan (Kuriosly)
"That cat had it comming"
champion Asger Kühl
Denmark, Copenhagen
"Urist denies being a vampire."
champion Sabastian
Merchent, Washington
"The next coin is always the better one"
champion Lamphare
Tofu Player No.1
champion The Sore Head!!

champion x-gk
champion Almonihah

champion FutonForensic

champion Bash
champion Robot Parking

champion Brendan

champion Khrrck
Beaverton, Oregon
"Wasn't me."
champion NeplusUltra

champion Layne Benofsky

champion Menarra(dagothagahnim)
Black Rose
Beware the blood red rose's thorns.
champion Lucas Murray
champion Dread Pirate Mal

champion Ramsey

champion Shamooel
Cutebolds- the IDEAL shortrace of shortraces
champion Halftau
"I don't know what I'm doing"
champion Sigurd Nilsen (stickmakerman)
Finnmark, Norway
"Good, this game is fun."
champion Andersina Kjellsan (Akjellsan)
Kiruna, Sweden
"Snatchers stole our mayor."
champion Kell Inkston

champion Alehkhs
The Sorrow of Poets
champion Abelian Monoid

champion Ben Porter
"For all the space dwarves."
champion Eldin00
Boise, ID
champion Joey Coleman

champion Patrick
champion Kyle J. Connor
Melbourne USA
champion Seal
"You are only as dwarfy as your ABV"
champion Mike Caron

champion Manifest
New Zealand
champion Dola
"Dama is a huge floppy weiner"
champion chrismdp

champion Zachary Ennenga
champion ScottyWired
champion Ian Coley
Los Angeles, CA
All craftsdwarfship is of the okayest quality.
champion Azirphaeli

champion Peter.
The Mad Scientist.
R'lyeh (Behind you, Do panic).
Impossible, you say ? The word itself screams: " I'm possible ! "
champion mrjnewt
☼Unusual Request☼
champion Brad Bailey
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
"Thanks for all the !FUN!"
champion Showbiz
> played Dwarf Fortress for 13 hours
> dreamed in ASCII afterwards
champion Bjoern
Cologne, Germany
Fun included.
champion Konstantinos Dimopoulos

champion Slab
champion PeridexisErrant
champion Zac
Cambridge, MA
champion Arkhometha

champion Kristopher Cost (Lavos)
Los Angeles, CA
The Future Refused to Change: On Break
champion Bunnytots
I tried being witty, deleted my joke, and made this comment instead.
champion Reuben
"Adams making atoms"
champion Michał Bartoszkiewicz (eMBe)
champion Christian Tschanz
"The Swiss are part Dwarf, part Dragon."
champion Max Grant
"Do waterfalls still make mist if they're magma?"
champion Skyte100

champion Dan Embrey
champion Matthew Mason
Nova Scotia
"My dwarves voted for a 9 year old mayor..."
champion Theodore Lief Gannon
You guys are basically my role model. Keep it up!
champion Schonega
"For a group of homicidal, class-obsessed small people, they were really rather good fun"
champion RydelFox
Orlando, FL
champion Twryst
"For the children"
champion Dan Schneider
"The Candy Man"
"Get in the van"
champion Waru
McUrist represent!
champion Lemmiwinks
Lower Intestines
"Gerbil King"
champion Brooks Brown,
who's not very good at dwarf fortress.
champion Chace Duma
United States
"So long and thanks for all the Urist."
champion Dave Finton (surazal)
Behold the mighty sock monkey!
champion Donnie Ewald
Pea Ridge, AR
"Not all those who wander are lost." JRR Tolkien
champion N9103

champion Fred the Goat
"Efficiency demands puppy spleen and tattered sock biscuits."
champion Svix
Favorite color you ask? Red. Red as in Armok.
champion tedward1337

champion UndrState
Montreal, QC, Canada
champion Satyr216
Newcastle, NSW
champion Erik

champion Patrick Schmidt
Allen, TX
champion Reese Adams

champion Devin Flannigan
Southern California
"Praise Fish!"
champion deadly

champion M Smith
champion Jennifer Wahl (Riel)
North Carolina, USA
"We're going to a need a shot gun for these Plot-Bunnies..."
champion C5E3
Dwarf fortress: Where doing everything right is still doing it wrong
champion UristMcNuggies
champion Ville Talonpoika (Nanofus)
Helsinki, Finland
champion Lance Anderson
Iowa, USA
champion Hempftator
champion Shelby Hamm
Claremont, California
champion Scott Aguirre (FriendFive)
"You know I hate to ask, but are 'friends' electric?"
champion inpute

champion sutr90
"Plan you don't have, cannot fail."
champion Remigiusz Rzeszowski
Berlin, Germany
champion Heavenlyalchemy
"Urist is love, Urist is life"
champion AnonGiles
champion Jay
Vinyl Rabbit
"He who dies with the most debt wins!"
champion Michael Holroyd
"He was delighted after having a truly decadent drink."
champion Ian Donn
champion Brad Spendlove
San Antonio, TX
Make a donation, ere the Toady One gets hungry.
champion Konstantin Winkler
Leipzig, Germany
"Glory to Arstotzka!"
champion Alessar & Luke
"It's Dwarf Fortress Time!"
champion Firesolved Death Machine

champion John Ladd (HartLord)
"To many more incomplete fortresses!"
champion Branden M. Ardelean
Tiffin, OH
"It was inevitable."
champion Tone

champion Hiromi & Selden
In memory of Mgarr, our black cat.
champion François "Childeric" Houlbrèque
A French enthusiast
champion Jesse (jadle)
"DF: turning 9pm into 4am since 2006."
champion DanVzare
Once smoked a bogeyman's head.
champion Nokao
Venice (Italy)
champion UristWoodie

champion Urist McGoombaBrother
"Trust the fungus."
champion 심규홍 Q.Hong Shim
대한민국 Republic of Korea(South Korea)
"Time of Sky, Way of Earth, History of Dwarf
These are 3 element of Universe"
champion GraveSalad

champion Justin Howell
champion Bryan
"Mining, drinking, fighting, and building. What more could a dwarf want?"
champion Mrówa
"More blood for The Blood God"
champion Linhasxoc
"I'm building a road made of gold bars because I'm bored and because I can."
champion Andreas Larsson
Umeå, Sweden
"Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig."
champion kcnh
"You have to slay a dragon before you get the princess."
champion Timo Vesalainen
champion Iain Rowley
"Dwarf Fortress, one of the 7 Wonders of the Digital World"
champion Cole
"Thank you for many hours of FUN"
champion Ryan "MagmaFly" Mayhew
Edmonton, Alberta
"Can't get enough !FUN!"
champion Josh Tempesta
"You have devoted so much time and energy into Dwarf Fortress it is truly a work of art at this point, great work!"
champion Mothy
Roswell, GA
champion Archosoph
"Archosoph likes llamas for their resemblance to baby llamas."
champion Dante S-K (Ambidextroid)
Leamington Spa, England
"I thought you said there'd be biscuits?"
champion Drew
San Francisco, CA
"I've never met a Urist I didn't like"
champion Kadikis
champion Mikael Ögren
"It is never too late to give up."
champion Nolan Thomas Denman

champion José Plácido
"Are you having !FUN! yet!?!?!"
champion Robert (Munkel)
Tampa, FL
champion Jonathan (Ashman)
champion SirPenguin
Seattle, WA
Go Hawks!
champion Luke Franceschini
Ontario, Canada
champion Friend
"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed."
champion Ravendarksky
"Urist Mcdarksky cancels life: Interrupted by Dwarf Fortress."
champion Silaith
Lyon, France
"Aemuli, Nec Invidi."
champion 2 Angry Weasels
Buffalo NY
champion Wakitcha, in WI.

champion MnJiman
Ontario, Canada
"Thank you"
champion Brandon Fallout
Seattle, WA
Brandon Fallout Productions
"A Blog of Music && Programming"
champion Alexander "Xan" Kashev

champion LucusLoC
Si vis pacem, para bellum.
champion David Ferrone (Zapwai)
"RNG wins again!"
champion Nicholas1010
Georgia, Tbilisi
champion Adam
Edmonds, WA
champion ToXeye

champion Rip

champion Alex
Louisville, KY
champion BoredGermanGuy
Because it's not a game. It is a Universe.
champion Wrathful Carp
champion R. Martinho Fernandes
champion Jerry Welch
"those are war rabbits, I trained them myself."
champion Peter
Reading, UK
"Are those my feet?"
champion Francois
Paris area, France
"Has been ecstatic lately. Admired a legendary video-game lately."
champion Meltimer the Mage
United Kingdom
<Keeps forgetting what all those levers do>
champion Benjamin "BenaSPACE" McQueen
"No parties in the party zone!"
champion Noobazzah
Slayer of Panda Men
champion Charles Haynes

champion Matthias Gebhardt

champion Scott Nickell (Salvius23)
Watertown, WI
"Needs more cats."
champion NES

champion Ben U.
Urbana, IL
Ben cancels job: seeking dwarves
champion Cameron A

champion Clay Caviness
Jersey City, NJ
champion Nick
Reading, UK
"Singularity - the rapture of the nerds."
champion Stressed Chef
"Symptoms: pushed to death by vomit monster. Diagnosis: DF."
champion zeldagamerboy
"Courage, Power, and Wisdom.. are needed to play DF"
champion Mirza (540)
"Die Jagex PLS"
champion Marius Hirschfeld (Burzgrokash)
Trier, Germany
"Ich wäß wann ich verlor hab, aber jetzt noch net!"
champion Ty "Troll" Sawyer

champion Toastee
From Canada EH!?
champion Bo the Wolf
Roswell, NM
"Because giving back to dedicated developers who offer a free game, will only help make the game better"
champion Rey Ramos (Drofar)
Dragonsbane Tavern
"Must I churn more butter Papa?"
champion J.C.O.
"Urist cancels Brew Drink: Get your own."
champion Gitsnik
"Stop emigrating ruddy glaziers already and send me a hunter"
champion Engio

champion Paperkoopa
"Player has grown attached to a ☼Video Game☼!"
champion Thomas Schmidt (Toxn)
South Africa
champion Graeme Stevens

champion James Leffler
I don't know what this game is but I like it.
champion The Brodacious One
"Stab it twice for good measure"
champion Mo and Lina
champion errational
"I have no idea what I'm doing!"
champion EmeraldWind

champion Ryan K. (thesocialshift)
Dallas, TX
"Once you label me, you negate me"
champion John D. Livingston
"Why can't my dwarves craft banjos?"
champion Danny ter Haar (Suigintou)
The Netherlands
"Ywaq ma phgwa'cul hnakf"
champion Paul B.
"Suddenly I can see through the ASCII."
champion SirVigh
"Everybody does it differently"
champion Inarius
"Dwarf Fortress : Tales of Horror and Fun."
champion Xelias
"Rith Craftportent for President !"
champion Kaitoace

champion Vitaliy Kanevskiy (Omgwar)
Moscow, Russia
champion Sean "Throckmorton" Stinehour

champion Mike Karfunkle
St. Louis, MO
"A short, sturdy creature fond of drink and chemistry"
champion Montaz-Mautino
Paris, France
"Ce jeu est fou. Ce jeu vous rendra fou. Vous en deviendrez fou."
champion John (NerevarRising)
champion Sledge Hammer

champion Dave
"Congrats on the new release!"
champion Jukka "Anastajamato" Nissi
"I wish I had a motto" - Jon Arbuckle
champion KtosoX
KtosoX likes birch wood, green glass and magpies for their graceful flying
champion Wayde Gardiner
Jekleb for top lel
champion Marco Bergogni
Likes microcline for its color
champion felixphew

champion Lewis Tralla (clank201)
"Trolasso sombrío"
champion Sidi (ThePigeon)
champion Ben Watson
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
champion Johannes Ney
Saarbrücken, Germany
"It's not triple A, it's septuple At."
champion Sullivan Ford (SullyJHF)
"Get in there!"
champion Sten (eccentric)
champion Jan J.
"Thanks for many hours of !FUN!"
champion Anthony G. (Foffy123)
Vancouver, WA
"Likes water bears for their indomitable nature."
champion Mitchell Adams (CzarSquid)
"The only winning move is not to play."
champion Joni M (JazzSinatra)
"There is never enough beer..."
champion Tayrtahn

champion Slava Shirokov (@sshirokov)
"A fool if there ever was one."
champion MeimieFan
Meimie's Home
champion Runemiekka
champion Carkasjak
My support: It was inevitable
champion John Kastronis (Holymittens)
"Cacame hefted his war hammer."
champion Maeyanie

champion Tom O'Bedlam

champion Toa
<3 Dwarf Fortress <3
champion Scaed
"Dip me in chalk and call me a limestone conglomerate!"
champion woytaz
champion mareepsheep
champion James Strife
Through strife we gain wealth...or death
champion Cameron T. (ChaosRain)
Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada
"Question Everything... except this donation. <3"
champion Paulius Bartkevičius (Pawlys)
Vilnius, Lithuania
True gamers are flexible.
champion Nate Mosier

champion Lothiack
champion Deyagore

champion TheDelver
"The carp misses you."
champion DocTavia
"I'd ph'nglui her R'lyeh, if you wgah'nagl my fhtagn."
champion fumble
What a splendid jest!
champion Alexander (Eleventh Eye)
Moscow, Russia
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
champion Maxime L'altier
"Geshud Ngathsesh shall rise again!"
champion Amazoph
United Kingdom
'Peculiarly Secretive'
champion Alessandro Gangemi
champion J. Sandmark (ProfessorRekyl)
Thanks for a great FUN simulator
champion Bob the Hamster
Hamster Republic
champion Roody "saharo" Q.
Munich, Germany
The dwarves of Figata now know a few facts about dragon training.
champion Sebastian Mankowski

champion Mozes (Dean)
Moscow, Russia
champion Matthew Parker
Menaces with spikes of wombat soap
champion Ian M.
Hamilton, ON
champion Jón Aron Lundberg
A content elf exterminator.
champion Stephen Smith (SGrayWolf)
"Every action derives its quality from the motive which prompts it."
champion Ian Gowen
Pittsburgh, PA
"A tall, lanky creature fond of drink and industry."
champion Ic3crusher
champion Chroniqueur

champion Raunyc

champion Andrew Beck

champion thebellmaster1x
Chicago, IL
champion Anton Gully
champion Nick (Dwarfy)
New York
"Implying I didn't donate."
champion Regulator
"Ah...That turned out more FUN than I wanted..."
champion Sarejo

champion Bobnova
"Drunk Fortress: It was inevitable"
champion Ben (Furious)
An ambush! Bless them!
champion Nasobema
DF - it is terrifying.
champion ☼The Jigowah☼
"A short, sturdy creature fond of drink and industry."
champion Derek Pierog

champion d.wats

champion "I axed you a question"
champion Risingsun
"that is terrible.
I must leave."
champion Miles Boylan (Milesaru)
champion Rauder
"It was inevitable."
champion Ispil

champion David Braymer (Canarmane)
For his daughter of the mind, Phon.
champion Ylech
champion Tomislav Lj.

champion Fernando Gallego
"How many rivers we had to cross before we found our way..."
champion Jenn of Canberra
"giant wolverine explosion"
champion Magnus Alvestad
Bergen, Norway
champion Hugh D. Glossop
Auckland, New Zealand
champion Icefire

champion William Fehling
Mount Prospect, IL
Been playing since 2007!
champion Ariel Spear

champion Uuppi
Jyväskylä, Finland
champion Kat
"in memory of Rhenaya"
champion Jason RG Coulson (Rocky)
Northwest United States
"Rocky was comforted by a lovely waterfall lately."
champion Kazymir

champion Kasami
Todalen, Norway
champion Opaex <3's JMT

champion Andy Crossett

champion HellWatcher

champion Max Danger

champion Geoffrey Lee Shaw-Cullen
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
"The Northern King lives on!"
champion Onebadterran
Idaho, USA
YouTube Let's Player and Game Review Extraordinaire.
Strike the Earth!
champion Shreyas "chandsie" Chand
Berkeley, CA
Go Bears, Beat the Megabeasts!
champion kbasten

champion Nicholas Reedy
Boise, ID
"Damp stone located, McUrist felt compelled to keep digging"
champion Mathieu Simon (Ouid)
Paris, France
Ouid ate a legendary meal lately
champion Tolis Kadestozi
Legendary Human Maceman with a dark secret.
champion Urist McOl_hickory

champion Peter Owens
Melbourne, Australia
champion Bismuth
The Netherlands
champion Nanimonai
champion Urist McRoel
"you call THAT a minor injury"
champion Jabler911
champion Andrew "Fulby" Campbell

champion Grey
"No, don't worry the explosions mean its WORKING."
champion upyrj
champion Gabriel Verdon
champion Ian Dupre
United States
"The Emperor Protects"
champion Ferog the Mighty
New Zealand
"I don't care if it is your prize bull. My jeweler needs bones!!!"
champion Budgerigar
"The little things creep out to patch themselves hovels in the marred shadow of your gift."
champion Henrique Vignon
São Paulo, Brasil
"I saw a monkey strangling an axelord, 10/10."
champion Philipp
"I had part of a slinky....but I straightened it."
champion draeath
"The easiest way to solve a problem is to deny it exists." - Isaac Asimov
champion Jacob
Duthnurnom Ralathlumnumthunen Talul
champion Beanchilla
"Don't Panic!"
champion Anisdrin
Barcelona (Catalonia)
champion Stefan G. (Kyan)
champion Duncan "Marasmusine" Timiney
Doncaster, UK
Thank-you for the inspiration, procedural and otherwise.
champion Lior K.
champion Espuma

champion Evan

champion Mariah (@Mariah_A)
champion Urist McWangchuck

champion Chris Johnson
Kingwood, TX
champion White2tea

champion misterdangrant

champion Ish

champion Hillstache
champion Maciek B.
Don't avoid the FUN
champion Hayden Horvath
"Dwarves, so alcoholic they blow up when ignited!"
champion GuitaristJake3
"The carp stands up."
champion Eugen Suman
"And I haven't even started playing yet".
champion Serpent Stare
"Keep it up, Toady!"
champion Pierre-David Bélanger
Montréal, Québec, Canada
champion Ceasis
"He took a leap of faith... Once"
champion Joe McDonagh

champion Nolfan
South Dakota
champion David Pugh (Samedude)
Dwarf Fortress is the best game in the world!
champion Chris L (Ruskus)
"Lava: A Dwarf's best friend (After booze that is)."
champion Aaron Heidorn

champion DullThud
"Keep on dorfing!"
champion serlin
"Thanks friend"
champion draemmli
Near Bern, Switzerland
champion Rush
Arkansas, USA
champion T. Hanson (TheThibz)
Mother tongue: French
"STOP WRITING! These are not my famous last words, I will survive!"
champion Dutch_Wilkerson

champion Jarkko Oranen

champion Grades
Vancouver, Canada
"Dad, are you playing the matrix?"
champion Dan Stuart
"I like to put the brain words on the word screen"
champion Christian (_1r0-8)
The weather has cleared.
champion Alexander
champion Luke Nihlen (Muad'Dib)
Scotts Valley, CA USA
champion AlexaiZ

champion Seraphyx the Immoral
"I have harnessed the shadows that stride from world to world to sow death and madness."
champion WastedJamacan
Sioux Falls, SD
champion Trevor "Cappy" Rice
Houston, TX
"Fireball solves all problems."
champion Voelker

champion Jordy Kocken
The Netherlands
"Life is not a ponyridecamp."
champion Gruelon
"A short sturdy creature fond of drink and industry."
champion Trevor "Minalear" Fisher
OKC, Oklahoma
"Beware, I live!" - Sinistar
champion Aaron
Scottish Borders
"11/10 would dorf again"
champion von Kebabosh

champion Burgi
"Nerf stairs!"
champion Lungs McGee

champion Mike Pinto
champion Baeldeth

champion Joe Rediger (ninj00)
Mesa, Az
"It's all about the lore"
champion Martin Y.
Toronto Canada
champion Karl Arsiriy (SpiritTauren)
"Better is better" – J. Holleran
champion Stephen Smith
"Losing is learning"
champion Milythael

champion dkorduban
Kyiv, Ukraine
champion Hertzila
"There's no overkill like dwarven overkill."
champion Ben Harris
New Jersey
"Guess who's finger!"
champion Primalucem
New York
"Primalucem collides with Dwarf Fortress, shattering the skull and tearing the brain."
champion David Herschell
"Saltwater, aboveground, whips only."
champion Yggdrasyl
Tartu, Estonia
"fortune -o | cowsay -f tux"
champion Sumner
Sumner begins programming. Sumner withdraws from society...
champion Squidmann16

champion Duncan Robertson

champion Zafar Babaghanoush
"...irritated by the sun recently"
champion Vinci
"He is a worshipper of Vioh the Carnage of Healing."
champion Greg Baker
Santa Clara, CA
champion Joshua Kraemer (Dinjoralo)
"By saying we have 'enough' beer, you imply that any more would be 'too much' beer."
champion Kristijan Secan (Zlicak)
Ljubljana, Slovenia
"Far over the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away, ere break of day,
To claim our long-forgotten gold."
champion bjoernd
Dresden, Germany
champion kiryam

champion Louis Britton (UrbanWulf)
Bristol, UK
UrbanWulf withdraws from society...
champion Martin Kümmerling & Lisa Burkhardt
Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany
Strike the Earth!
champion Tulon Eturashok
"In honor of those who died bravely in defense of their homes"
champion Cheeetar

champion William Ferrell
Orlando, FL
"Losing a game has never been so fun."
champion Mathias Lindroth (Discord)
Sweden, Vaxholm
"he needs alcohol to get through the working day"
champion murakdar
Did you mean: murder
champion Jonathan Oks
Coral Springs, FL
"For Tarn, to continue his life's work forever. Dwarf on!"
champion Megawacky Max
"There's more to do in the Net of Nets!"
champion Lielac
Ontario, Canada
champion Auldrin
United Kingdom
"Quantum stockpiling and atom smashing are for casuals."
champion Mephi Dross
I think that wooden floodgate was a bad idea, Urist.
champion Oscar Gasaev
"From Russia with !!LOVE!! to your game. Thanks for all"
champion bellwetherbeast

champion glisignoli
New Zealand
champion Willhelm
Bimshire, "The Beaches of Mirth"
Willhelm cancels Play DF: Interrupted by Real Life
champion Marius L.
Marius withdraws from society...
champion Aiden Campbell (Adiendo Whiskerbeard)
Houston, TX
Tall for a Dwarf, with a sharp tongue and sharper blade. He wanders the land seeking adventure and wealth but always challenged by his arch-nemesis, an automaton, named Toggle.
champion CountAlex

champion Mithril Leaf
"Burn the elves like the trees they love!"
champion Soup Nazi
Phoenix, AZ
"No Soup For you!"
champion Mercfh
champion James P.
Vancouver, BC
"The item is a masterfully designed image of Rakust the deity of suicide, death, blight and disease, depicted as a male dwarf. Rakust is unnaturally contorted."
champion Devon Tobin
Rhode Island, USA
"Praise the Sun!"
champion The William Anderson

champion Beta Quail
Bloomington, Illinois
"Urist McToady has created a masterpiece!"
champion Jan Bezget
"You are an inspiration to all us dwarves!"
champion FirstyB
United Kingdom
champion Aapo
champion Eric Lakin

champion Stefan Grgic
champion ethereal
champion AikonCWD
"We ran out of coal!"
champion Gabriel Carvalho (Gabeux)
São Paulo/Brazil
"The Hydra has been struck down."
champion Eoya Bosan
"It's sort of like One Hundred Years of Solitude, but with more goblins."
champion Baron Cosah von Shmoopy
"Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!"
champion Mikhos
"Where will you be when Fun strikes?"
champion Guillermo Morán (Will Moran)
El Bierzo
Let's strike Las Medulas!
champion Eric Kos
Alameda, CA
"A longtime collector of upper back teeth."
champion Nikolai T.
Tettnang, Germany
"A vile force of FUN has arrived!"
champion Stefan
Rotorua, New Zealand
champion Bernhard "Chalid" Schropp
Thanks for a fantastic game.
champion Elderon
champion Slava
When in doubt, use magma
champion sal gunduz
"Master of stone, aquifers and small ornately carved little wooden mushrooms"
champion UMN Video Game Dev Club

champion Thumaszz
"It was always too late."
champion TonZa
"Dwarves are chewy but tastier than goblins"
champion Sam Silbory
I guess a militia of just war dogs, poorly trained honey badgers, and cage traps isn't "good enough for now"
champion Ben (ab2e)
Cleveland, OH
Teach your friends to play!
champion Jacob MacDonald
champion Steven Portzer

champion Donald M.

champion Alex Quach
"im alex"
champion Mumzhar
Strike the earth!
champion Edwin Vane
champion The Mamborambo
champion Dylan (The Dwarven Toaster)
"Currently trying to use lava, complex mechanics, expendable dwarves and a lot of gold to make a TRUE dwarven toaster."
champion LieutenantTeets
"Live Free in the NC."
champion Etaglibash
"Supporting goblin genocide since 2013."
champion Timothy Cates
champion Erik H. Maier
Berkeley, CA
champion Sam Sleight
champion Nate Conn
Don't Forget to be Awesome!
champion Astronado
Chicago, Illinois
champion Jack Miller
Austin, TX
"It's raining elf blood... we've come to the right place."
champion Ethen Daniels

champion Nukeitall
Santa Rosa, California
"Don't believe in yourself. Believe in me!"
champion Heema
champion Mardukker
"Doing science in real life wasn't quite enough."
champion Firthro
Dwarf Fortress: The game where losing is fun!
champion Jikor

champion Gilbert "Faust" Benoit
"DF Achievement is to lose to the game, not to your incompetence"
champion Dan C. (Finn)
San Diego, CA, USA
"I would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for those darn kids!"
champion Greg Kovas (Telcontar)
"Make it Dwarfy!"
champion Fredrik Kristiansen Hultin (Kluten)
Kristiansand, Norway
champion Aristarhys
Russian Federation
"We can't stop here, this is dwarf country"
champion Martin Schweizer
champion Karl Northfell (dreamparacite)
Arkansas, USA
"Prepare for unforeseen consequences."
champion Nicola Corradin
Italy (veneto)
Io ve lo dicevo che questo gioco è una figata, dall' italia con amore, torno a scavare!
champion Nate Collins
champion Mark R. (Nonadam)
"CRAB BATTLE!!! For two days straight. Awesome."
champion Stefan Larsson
Mölndal, Sweden
champion Ian Crosby
Vancouver, Canada
champion Patrick Fay
Lawrence, Kansas
champion Paul
"Oh look, here comes more fun"
champion Michael Griffith (mngrif)
Kentucky, USA
champion flopflop
France, Paris
"Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?"
champion Beau Dacious

Merci pour ce superbe jeu, thank you very much!
champion N3rdm4n
From Argentina with awe.
champion Rabbiteconomist
"This is a game made by Tarn and Zach Adams. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality."
champion Katrinya
"I don't care if it's 5am! My dwarfs need cheese."
champion Ramzy (DJ Ramzy)
MD/DC - United States
"don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things"
champion Lagoon
"Horrifying screams come from the darkness below!"
champion Joshua MacNeil (joshor the swell)
"a force of nature"
champion Victor la Dinosaur
Goderich, Ontario
champion Snaake
"Beware its poisonous bite!"
champion Rob²
San Francisco
"I never got around to making that ☼Gold Wheelbarrow☼, but I did have fun."
champion Vlyn
"You know nothing, Urist McSnow."
champion jimj316
champion Erik Nyquist
"...physicians have yet to determine the connection between alcohol and Dwarf metabolism, beyond that it appears necessary for normal function..."
champion Jordan Christiansen
champion Liz
champion Alexandre Nascimento Skromov
Brazil and Portugal
champion obe34
Phoenix, Arizona
champion uggi
champion Foamybeard
Urist McDrunk has canceled Drink, too Drunk.
champion James Turner
Michigan, USA
"Stay thirsty, my dwarves."
champion RyoMishima (Ryo)
"Underpaying dwarfs since 2012"
champion Nick Lashj
"If everything's under control, you're going too slow"
champion Karma Junkie
"Singlehandedly depopulating the world fish supply since 2013"
champion Litton Wang
Houston, Texas
"Followed you guys from when I was fourteen, and three years later now I don't intend to stop!"
champion Aerth
This game menaces with awesomeness and spikes of fun.
champion Callum Craig
champion Ben Kirman
Lincoln, UK
"has admired a masterful game recently"
champion Pam Farber
champion Parker Robinson (acetech09)
I helped feed a toad. Have you?
champion Ghost Pickle
"If all else fails, drop the mountain on it."
champion Zwierzax
champion Zeth Hillman-Johnson
Portland, Oregon
"Forgetting to start a farm since 2009!"
champion Penny
"Wait which lever was that? Oh god - "
champion TerminalHunter

champion Lucien Greathouse
champion Lindsay Fehr
BC, Canada
"I'm pretty sure the sea monster is related to the carp..."
champion BohemianCoast
"You start with seven dwarfs and statistically speaking, only one of them is happy."
champion Antonio
United Kingdom
"The alligator stands up"
champion GreekPhysique

champion AGDG
just like make game
champion Nate Quinn

champion Johannes Kristmann
Berlin, Germany
We're all on a curious expedition
champion Jan Wegener
champion Tim
"What the hell is a rhesus macaque anyways?"
champion The Grim Reber
Scourge of The Chocolate Bunnies
"Has admired one fine door recently"
champion feitingen
"A medium sized creature fond of the drinking industry"
champion Brandon "Lithare" Brown
Charlotte, NC
Follower/player of DF since 2007
champion Eduardo C. F. Neto (Exmate)
Santos/SP, Brazil
I'm a dwarf and I'm digging a hole... dig dig hole ♪
champion Stelgim
"Dwarves of StelFort, always drunk!"
champion Nick P.
champion Geoffrey De Kerpel
champion Jamie Clinton

champion Ursin "Fenryr" Maissen
Guard your life, guard your gold, guard your beard. In that order.
champion Stevie Strickland
Providence, RI
"Tu was du willst."
champion Tom Feltwell
"The Kobold Thief wretches"
champion Eero Taponen (drunken warrior)
champion Kai
"It is a good day to die for Fun!"
champion Vordrak

champion George Pence

champion Federico Poloni

champion Silvio Manti
Melbourne, Australia
champion Adrian W.
"I fear not."
champion Rivers

champion Camden Segal
Philadelphia, PA
champion Urist McBeardWandered

champion Carlos (DragonAce)
Thanks for all the hard work and I look forward to playing this for years to come!
champion Alden
Los Angeles
"I'm only gonna play until....oops, all time is now gone."
champion William H. aka Ironfist
Spokane, WA
Bacon is my main ingredient
champion Jay Gregory
United Kingdom
champion Stewart Milne
New Zealand
champion Mike Siegel
champion Beau Carson
Chelsea, MI
Scientist cancels Research: Interrupted by Dwarf Fortress
champion strongrudder
Columbus, OH
"Came for the stories, stayed for the ☼fun☼!"
champion Geaxle
"It's so much cooler when it's useless."
champion Marcel Dregger (HopFlash)
Aachen, Germany
champion Sultan Alhazred
Sydney, Australia
Lord of the Strategic Finger
champion Nihhrt
"I live one life, but I give it to ARMOK! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!"
champion Prophet of Armok
"Armok has spoken again!"
champion Onionking
Run forever
champion Dan C
Seattle, WA
Needs alcohol to get through the working day.
champion Jack Yerxa (Kirbypowered)
New Brunswick, Canada
Contemplating such serious issues as ‼darkness‼ and ☼nothing☼
champion David Holmes
Minneapolis, Minnesota
champion C. Hansen (Widgin)
Los Angeles, CA
"Beware the dreaded Zombie Slug Men!"
champion Sean C

champion SamPanda
"Death by land-going zombie whales is the highest honor a dwarf can achieve."
champion Cüneyt Yetisenler (Theoden)
Aegian Cost Of Turkey
"Dwarves can do lots of stuff. Like digging."
champion VCosta (A.K.A. BLOB)
"Welcome to your tomb, adventurer. May our once alive fortress keep you entertained...Oh, and mind the traps."
champion net awsomeness +1

champion Michael Zenkl
Long live the Toad!
champion Swith
Interrupted by Carp
champion Background_nose

champion tivasyk
kyiv, ukraine
"urist mcdwarf has created a masterpiece!"
champion Jyrki Sivula
Thank you for the amazing game!
champion Anthony Garcia (Lagg)
"Traditional Dwarf Architecture Rule #3: A depleted vein is a new opportunity."
champion Garth Costall
Somewhere in Canada
champion Nich "Splode"
Strike the Earth!
champion Wade Freeman
champion JF Therien

champion Eon
Buenos aires, Argentina
"I will never forget those darn little dwarves!"
champion Noah the Poob (Ug3)
You can't spell Winds without Win
champion Swamper
Superior, WI, USA
champion Silent Cal
"You have struck an amazing game! Praise the Toady!"
champion Dustin (Chaoticdust)
champion taniaelil

champion Jaromir M.
Czech Republic
"Sometimes... There is too much fun."
champion Garo

champion Clintercell
Minneapolis, MN
champion Clayton Campbell

champion William
"Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?"
champion Erich
Austin, Texas
champion Andy Schmit (Pikandy)
"Thank you for hours and hours of pure fun!"
champion Stealth Rabbi
Why can't we have undead horse races?
champion Griswel
"fantastic game, the werecapybara was priceless"
champion chronotab
Saint Paul, MN
champion Leafar
Berlin, Gemany
champion L0j1k

champion Dan S (Limiate)
Charleston, SC
Urist McLimiate withdraws from society...
champion Norskov
Odense, Denmark
champion Eric
Decatur, IL
champion Claudiu Saftoiu (The Waffler)
New York, NY
Thanks for the awesomeness.
champion Kamil Kliwison

champion Alex Wilton

champion Sevariat
Strands in a cloth bin
carried up ten thousand stairs;
champion Dave
Portsmouth, NH
champion Phobos
"Thank you for helping us help you help us all"
champion Paul Manton
champion Gremdavel
New Jersey!
champion BluePhoenix

champion Olly Brainlick
"Armok Armok, He's the One, If He can't Do it... #@%*ING RUN"
champion ThomasGZ
Bethlehem PA
Thank you for making such an inspirational game.
champion Eirik Birkeland
Eirikr Arnviðarson
Japan (but I'm from Norway)
champion Gabriel
champion SephJoe
Charleston AFB, SC
I'm just here for the FUN.
champion Ephraim G.
Menaces with spikes of code. Needs alcohol to get through the working day.
champion Abby Ratso Lee
"I prefer to keep hidden fun stuff hidden."
champion Flying Lizard
Germany - Bavaria
"Wohooo! Bloodline!" YourTurn: "Oh dear god, WHAT DID THEY DO?!?"
champion Urist McEngineer of Mizzou

champion Kyle Kaye
United kingdom
Kyle cancels sleep, Interrupted by Dwarf Fortress.
champion Ajaifel

champion Zack Kenyon
New Mexico
"Buy yourself something +nice+"
champion Frango Nicolbidok
"... skids across the ground, tearing the brain!"
champion monkeyswinkle

champion Jeff Lowry
Dallas, TX
He’s been in a strange mood lately, should we wall him in?
champion Black Ace
"Hmm, this little pond can't be dangerous...."
champion Zakarias Juto
Vote Kobold for your local fortress overseer.
champion Slackratchet
"You have struck microcline!"
champion Robert Morrison
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
champion François Schmidt (Thogrinn)
Lyon, France
"It was a pleasure to help! Thank you for this fantastic game!"
champion Vothriller
"I hope the Dragon of North Sea gets you and your lord."
champion Jodan
"Sloboda je stvorena u mukama"
champion Echostatic
"Echostatic needs Dwarf Fortress to get through the working day."
champion Manuel
"...jamming the skull through the brain and tearing apart the brain!"
champion Grey Arnup
Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
Sodel Zatkeskel (dwarf peasant vampire) has become Mayor!
champion Rob Gerold (Raptaman)
Blairstown, New Jersey
"Admired for his vengeful nature."
champion Stewart (GodotIsWaiting4U)
"A flooding hospital AND goblins with a cave dragon? OH SHI-"
champion cryzed

champion Tiruin

champion Beehive

champion Garick (aka Hylum) Dwarf Master!
Vancouver B.C.
champion Syro

champion Jbevvie of GB
"In a league of it's own."
champion Besserwisser

champion Scott Akers
"Dwarves never play tag."
champion TrampolineTales
New York, NY
champion Attertsje
Bûter, brea en griene tsiis; wa't dat net sizze kin is gjin oprjochte Fries
champion Graham

champion Brad "Bradward" Castle
Knox, Tn
"I dream in letters in symbols"
champion Tucker Barlow (Tuckerism)
Ohio, USA
Too Much !!FUN!!
champion Joshua Sims
"It is noble to be good. It is nobler to teach others to be good and less trouble." -Mark Twain
champion Jaginun
Edinburgh, Scotland
"Dig, my minions, dig for the overlord!"
champion Coen Schalkwijk (PapaCoen)
champion RedGolpe

champion Miloyoyo
Beaverton OR
"this game is hard"
champion alhazan

champion Brett Atkins (BitAssassin)
Portland, OR
"Seven Hunters Go
Crosstrained like Navy SEALS
All dead by year end"
champion RadGH
Eugene, OR
Every other game leaves more to be desired. Not Dwarf Fortress!
champion Aaron Ede (Valourous)
Adelaide, Australia
"For all the "fun" past, present and future, thank you Tarn & Zach!"
champion Quinn Munnerlyn
Carrollton, TX
"The goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important not the winning." - Dr Reiner Knizia
champion Ichthys

champion Palladinium
champion Matt Howard
champion Trever Raber (Speedyth)
Lexington, KY
"Toady One: May you forever make the greatest game on the planet."
champion Dolo
Epics adventures and wonderful game =)
champion OF

champion Justin Lecus

champion Eric Orem (Mbiraguy)
champion Kristian Wiebe
"Needs more kobolds"
champion Dazza_Bo
Cairns, Australia
"oh god how did this get in here I am not good with computer"
champion Eric Brochu

champion krazycure
"One of my children went into a fey mood to make a granite mug. I could not find the 'slap child' menu."
champion Lorane Airwing (Darklord92)
"For my dear friends: Dravus, Angelus, Falk, Ky-guy, Fuzzy, Albinoblue, and Reoku. Love you all!"
champion GoombaGeek
Alberta, Canada
champion Shane Mirkovich (Mirk)
Oklahoma City, OK
Thank you kindly. Dwarf Fortress has moved and impressed me in so many ways. May you be immortalized in the annals of history for your wondrous creation!
champion Alex
champion Stefan
champion Jonas Ullberg
champion Lennart
"Purifying the fortress, one nobleman drowning at a time"
champion Tim Furman (kekenkenka)
"Gened Wickedspiders the Night of Terrifying has come!"
champion Platno
Ottawa Ontario Canada
"Sponges, had to be made of sponges."
champion space chikun
Director, Fweddit
Egghelende, Sinq Laison
"Give me back my television!"
champion Jubal
North Carolina
"Blame Grains"
champion Salis
"OMG my tomb is full of babies"
champion Rick Zhou
Shanghai China
"Every tile you dig you're leaving your legacy"
champion Alex Gryson
"I came, I dug, I died. Again."
champion Coffee Bean
champion Eevee
"peter's sitoss, feeling well enough alone. he needs no home, as he sits on top of beside beauty, piercing from within his center. her as his."
champion Loons
New Zealand
champion Duncan (Clarithium)
Milky Way, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster
champion mdqp
*The ?Dwarf fortress? hits mdqp in the chest, piercing the heart. mdqp is in love with ?Dwarf fortress?*
champion Yan S
champion Teodor Spæren (TheRedMood)
Knips, knips, knips...
champion Lewis
"Moria? Amateurs!"
champion The FragMan
champion DERPNESS
"Please god let me find some magma"
champion Jabberwok
"I am not a man of blood..." ---Tamerlane
champion Stephen Lockwood (sharkymouth)
Sheffield, UK
"Came for the dwarves, stayed for the werezebras".
champion a55b0t
Beyond "BEYOND QUALITY" quality.
champion Dane
"Dwarven Turing machine passes Turing test."
champion Xandalis
The Aspie-Hermit-Squid
champion Damian Noordink
Brisbane, Australia
"Just one more worldgen... then sleep"
champion Stef
champion ActionJackson
champion Thomas
Always waiting for the next update.
champion Doch88
Marche, Italy
champion Saraell Tellon
"The only game that's actually more complex than EVE."
champion Pbnjoe
"Dwarf Fortress: Legendary Game +5"
champion James E. (MrSlapHappy)
"Dwarf Fortress: One brilliant man leading thousands to insanity and beyond."
champion scotherns
"Looking forward to DF 1.0 when I awake from cryo."
champion tekfunk
"I pledge allegiance to the Earth."
champion Brynjólfur Erlingsson
A short, sturdy creature fond of drink and games.
champion Jon W (huhwhozat)
Location; Elevation; Situation
Cancels work. Interrupted by Toad Person.
champion bkdevil
BC, Canada
Knee deep in wiki....
champion Jason Milner (checkypantz)
Washington, DC
[PREFSTRING:misanthropic curmudgeon]
champion Niclas
"Badger sow is no longer enraged."
champion GB
Enjoyed a fine game recently
champion Lindhrive
"Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc"
champion Lee Raymond Saunders (Lee72)
Hertfordshire UK
champion Henry Anthony (PonKatt)
"Wait, aren't elves cannibals?"
champion Alibenbaba

champion Ron Corporon
Ontario, Canada
champion Unicow

champion Ivan Mancilla (Ivano Lich)
México, Jalisco
"Companies can learn from you guys!"
champion UlfRacoon

champion pingeee
champion mvime

champion Spell
Czech Republic
"This new fortress is finally doing grea..." *Your strength has been broken.*
champion Hape
Joensuu, Finland
"Them dorfs, man, them dorfs."
champion Quentin (muleet)
Paris, France
Vive la sympatochitude ! <3
champion Guilherme Gonçalves Santos
Curitiba, Brazil
"Uuuuuuuur Ahhaaaarrr Ahhgggrr" - Chewbacca about a HFS in Dwarf Fortress
champion Nogusta

champion Andrew Turner
Coventry UK
champion David
Sydney, Australia
champion Jeffery Davis
Hamilton, Ohio
champion Mark E.
Kansas City, MO
champion Mullet Master

champion Thand
Legendary Fun Haver
champion Luke Ashley
Denmark, Wi
champion Bob Gold

champion Ilya Naydov
Eliot the Cougar
From Russia with ☼love☼
champion Brian Novak

champion Tim Brown
San Antonio, TX
champion Sir Fredman
Sneek, the Netherlands
"the revenge of the mutant space frogs of doom is upon us!"
champion Braden (Xavier)
"Never trust a HAL 9000"
champion Douglas P. Fields, Jr.
New York City
champion bishun
It's more than a game!
champion Thunder Rush
"Why are there no ponies in Dwarf Fortress yet?"
champion Ben Myles
Durham, UK
'Urist menaces with spikes of fun!'
champion Nick Maxwell
Valparaiso, IN
champion Oliver Hannaford
New Zealand
Dwarf Fortress enriches the imagination
champion ikkyu2
"needs alcohol to get through the working day."
champion Medieval Nerd
"In the this new age of incomeware with endless clones and paper thin complexity, DF stands proud and tall. Thank you Tarn and Zach!"
champion Aicey
"Just give that one-feet dwarf a crutch, he is starving!"
champion Karen M
Los Angeles
Enjoyed a great game recently.
champion Nat

champion Matthew
champion Dominik Cenia

champion Katherine from St. Louis

champion Javier Alfonso
champion Megan (Meganistkrieg)
Rarely completes tasks and is often overcome by distractions.
champion Sjmoetj

champion Alex
"Kobolds keep stealing my socks!!"
champion Jonathan Helfrich (Jwph)
Seattle, WA
"It would be nice to see more games like DF in terms of quality and depth. The business side of the games industry is squeezing the life out of it."
champion Hastings
champion omen2k
London UK
Universe of Gatalushul
champion Alex
champion John Jervis

champion @DarkestKale

champion Bruce Turnbull

champion John Arras
Mega Cool
"Your story in my game is bad, and you should feel bad."
champion Glorian Underhill

champion Max (Chronicpayne)
Vancouver, BC
"Join me or die!"
champion EElsy
"He of the golden throne"
champion Mordrax
"The only games worth paying for are free."
champion blob
Leeds, UK
champion Tet2brick
Not this way McSuicide!
champion Sabreur
"Anything's flammable if you try hard enough!"
champion BadScribbler
"Remember programing is Fun!"
champion Leb
"Stupid dwarf! You make me look bad!"
champion Captain Horfe
"Admires Scamps for his tenacity"
champion florek
Laziness is a mother of invention.
champion John (JDaze)
Seattle, Wa
"thanks for making the game of my dreams!"
champion Vigilant
champion El Pinna (ZioZlorfik)
Sardegna, IT
"La fine è importante in tutte le cose."
champion Drizzly Bear
"Make things!"
champion JasonMel

champion Paperback
Sunshine Coast, Australia
I like the big fish
champion Bernhard Meier
Germany, Bavaria, Wasserburg / Inn
champion Graham Swanston
champion Jaymis
Brisbane, Australia
champion Grant Dreasher "FallingWhale"
Oakland, CA
Fun fact: towels over the face won't stop bogeymen from seeing you.
champion Samuel Leisering

champion Pyro
Procrastination has never felt more productive!
champion dweebit
Berkeley, CA
"Dwarves hurriedly work / The eCheck payment has cleared / Time to teach Scamps C"
champion Biomatter
[PREFSTRING:enormous ego]
champion JWNoctis
Far East
Lrg Nabgure QS Cynlre
champion Connor Bice

champion Kim Batselier
champion Donkiku
"Merchant is stricken by melancholy!" Free Stuff!
champion McWaffle
Madison, WI
champion tehzems
Washington State
champion Christian Domsch
champion Cheet4h
champion Skye Adaire
"One lion head, one alpha male."
champion Vugor
Clintonville, WI
"The Carp stands up."
champion Void

champion VTech
"Tarn codes, Dwarves Mine, My Fort Flourishes"
champion Snorri Hummingbird
champion Elth
Donate. It's pretty awesome.
champion alex booth

champion Bruno Bigras
champion Daing100

champion Kurt Staufenberg
Long Island
Not a single jimmy was rustled that day.
champion DrakIris
"I wonder where that door went?.."
champion popotam
Warsaw, Poland
champion Ken Ellis (nomad_delta)
San Francisco, CA
"Socks, obviously."
champion Joseph Sahu
I like fries.
champion Thomas Stead (Nucleus222)
Durban South africa
For every Fort that lasts a year there are 10 soaking behind them.
champion James R.
champion Nick Feldman
Overland Park, Kansas
champion Will Rogers

champion Jeff E.
Nashville, TN
"It is snowing human frozen blood!"
champion Carolyn VanEseltine
Thanks for 3+ years of fun (and counting.)
champion Brian M.
Eastern United States
champion Sus
"For ‼SCIENCE‼ !"
champion Vargas Gray
Slow computer + DF = Impending doom and gloom!
champion Blake
champion wickedmurph
Nelson, BC
"dinner is wine biscuits... again"
champion ModernMajorGeneral
Needham, MA
"Since I found Dwarf Fortress, I, too, have been nauseated by sunlight."
champion Jade Rubick
Portland, OR
champion Lockesly L'Crit
Urist cancels production: playing Dwarf Fortress
champion DeathMettle
Southeastern United States
"Death is Only the Beginning"
champion Conor
"!!Science!! for fun and profit"
champion Devonsputant
Columbus, OH
"I prefer wearing two socks on one foot"
champion George Pikoulis (Hellrider)
Athens, Greece
"Having Fun with dwarven engineering"
champion Mikael Hultman
Unicorn Soap, for that extra bubbly sensation
champion Flext

champion Homechicken
Post Falls, Idaho
"I didn't need that sleep anyway."
champion Gresham
Strong Ale for strong Dwarves.
champion Vertinox

champion floundericiousWA
champion Casey
champion Strongnicodemus

champion Josh J Weaver

champion Heiko Schmitt "Frostregen"
"Great game, great sales model!"
champion Lamp, Sand, Pitboss

champion Moon Chimp
London (UK)
champion Feastybeast
champion Steven Noonan
"Welcome to Boatmurdered. Hope you like miasma!"
champion Wixely Holmes
Dwarf fission.
champion Ben Ohloff
Tarifa, Spain
"Let's dig it out!"
champion Timothy Hartkorn (timtek)
Horsham Pennsylvania
"My fortress brings all the dorfs to mah yard..."
champion squarehappy
"I wrote a song about dental floss, but did anyone's teeth get any cleaner?"
champion Richard Saunders (Zupkuck)
San Jose, CA
"Sigh, looks like we're at war with the elves again..."
champion Rubicon
"Praise the Miners!"
champion HothMonster
"Why aren't you on here?"
champion Leonardo Valeri Manera
"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."
champion Charlie 'Two Teas'
"nae tather aba"
champion The Focused One

champion Alex Flo
champion Sisso
champion Brandon Howell

champion tdreyer1

champion Tumppi
champion Stormtemplar
"Lava-y death to all goblins (and nobles)"
champion Mike
New York City
champion Jack Blumenthal
"Because it was dead."
champion Cykodelik
"I can't believe I've been paying for the sims! you can't even build waterfall showers"
champion Trevin Liberty
"Damn Elves"
champion Bradan
"For glory, ale and kittens!"
champion Simon Heath (Icefox)
Phoenix, AZ
"For Science!"
champion fargred
fargred latches on firmly!
champion Tom the Truckdriver
The Netherlands
champion "Ranger" Miller
Dearborn Michigan USA
champion TooMuchPete
Atlanta, GA
champion Oogygalla
"The carp stands up."
Urist McHammerdwarf: Okay boys, this just got real.
champion EvanPoland
Perth, Australia
champion Jyri
Man simply is.
- Jean-Paul Sartre
champion Pedro "Nacht" Rodriguez
Somewhere in "The Oracular Realms"
champion MaskedMiner
Ethical fortress managing since 2010.
champion Flavored Owl

champion Taeraresh
"Dwarf Fortress: Be anyone. Do anything. With Magma."
champion Darkerson

champion tHe_silent_H
"atoms are 99.999% empty space, I still find it hard to walk through walls."
champion Aran Cox

champion Urist McXavier
Thanks for the Fun!
champion wonko "Ronny" the sane
Kuopio, Finland
"You live and learn. At any rate, you live" - DNA
champion Rob P.
"Dwarf Fortress is like The Sims for people that actually like good games!"
champion Jordan Webb
Chicago, IL
champion paroxysmcleave

champion Niccolo
Perth, Australia
"Ipsa scientia potestas est."
champion Jupotter
"Fire is the answer"
champion smirk

champion SP2
"Long live Dwarf Fortress"
champion Bastien Gorissn (Grungi)
Wavre, Belgium
Wonders when the game will go sentient.
champion Yamamushi (Will Navidson)
Austin, TX
"Puppy, The Other White Meat."
champion Laurent Van Acker (Valk)
Ghent, Belgium
"If in doubt, flood the fortress."
champion Carter
Tacoma, WA
champion James W. (Heroictomb)
"Likes hematite, green glass, and water buffulo for their water wallowing."
champion Tokeli
Raleigh, NC
"Skunk approved!"
champion Dylan Manning
futuredwarf will remember
champion Thomas Anderson Sobieck

champion Klegg
"Violently indifferent"
champion Jouni Matilainen
"Why contain it? It's cool."
champion Flobulon
"Urist McFlobulon has become a Master Procrastinator."
champion Flertallsformer
champion RV
"Got Magma?"
champion WoodJRx
Jefferson City, MO
"Proof that content and substance beat flashy presentation every time."
champion Fungee
"It's easy being an experimentalist. If you fail try again."
champion J.E. Turcotte
"The spinning sailfin molly strikes the Dragon in the head, bruising the fat!"
champion Cordi
Cordoba, Argentina
"Do dwarves dream of ascii sheep?"
champion Donald
B'ham WA USA
"Cats. Cats are nice."
champion Timpie
"Dwarves, not known for their brightness, but for their limitless resolve."
champion Bomboozling
"The artwork relates to the masterful biscuits prepared by the dwarf"
champion Dylan (THE BIG DEAL)
goon with miasma fetish
champion Malimbar04
Stanton, MI
"Don't feed the nobles"
champion Magnut
champion Taneb
Taneb cancels Badger: Interrupted by Dwarf Fortress
champion shazow

champion Michael Heigl (Couchmonster)
Ratisbon, Germany
Michael cancels listening to lecture: Taken by Dwarf Fortress.
champion Taxus
"The eyes of fire, the nostrils of air, the mouth of water, the beard of earth."
champion Red_Law
Brasilia, Brazil
champion James "Crow" Pike
champion Alc
Life: Legendary. Retirement: 1x25.
champion fildred13
"*GASP!* How does this affect Train Island?"
champion Cheifn oHuurn
Zurich, Switzerland
"...jamming the skull through the brain and tearing the brain..."
champion John Pawlina
champion James Picone
"Dwarf Fortress is good practice for being dictator of a small South American nation"
champion Charles Ward
"I say to you againe, doe not call up Any that you can not put downe"
champion Harold Myles
champion lawastooshort

champion Exoterius
"Annoyed by flies" - must take a break from DF to wash!
champion Lockyy
"Bay 12, two men showing everyone else how things should be done."
champion The Hollowworld Community

champion Lord Ub3r
"I'm a dwarf and I like fortresses. This game is for me 'cause it's called Dwarf Fortress."
champion Anthony (Chimpwithalimp)
New Zealand
"So long and thanks for all the carp"
champion Ducky
"Hakuna Matata"
champion Matt Johnson
Rockford, Illinois
"Matt has admired a Dwarf Fortress recently."
champion Peter
Upstate New York
"See Urist Cagecobbler's goblin zoo!"
champion Leonardo
"Ahh! Home at last!"
champion Sepok
Urist McSepok stops eating köttbulle: Interrupted by polar bear!
champion Connie
Kennewick, WA, USA
"With stout labor comes no time to play Dwarf Fortress."
champion Perry

champion Petr
London, UK
champion Jordan Bradshaw (Telgin)
Columbia, SC
champion Simone Robutti (Chobeat)
champion Jean-Baptiste Scref (Jibz)
Colombes, France
The fortress endures
champion thezeus18
Soviet Canuckistan
"Merry Xmas #bay12games"
champion Jerimiah Willhite (Gilihad)
Washington State
I don't like this little hamlet. Burn it!
champion Björn Gylling

champion Bryan Brown
"Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"
champion Red
North Carolina
champion Mikkel Battefeld
"Urist cancels sleep: Interrupted by drink"
champion Matt Pasternak (Komizar Mattbox)
Sydney, Australia
champion Emily "Faclonwhirr" Kwolek
Connecticut, US
"Five dead. Woodcutter is after me."
champion Matthew Steinwachs

champion Ignus
champion Keith Linfoot (Dain II Ironfoot)
Portgordon, Scotland
champion Gene 'BullyDoZeR' Cross
Western Australia
champion Joel Peterson (TheManchild)
"I came, I saw, a carp ate me."
champion George Edwards
Dallas, TX
champion Patrick

champion lexx

champion Catfancy

champion Chris
The engraver stands up.
champion Kierstal
Marinette WI
"Holy crap it's morning already?!"
champion Bernard Walker
Ottawa, Canada
champion John (Blafnigem)

champion Woodley, Lexie, Terence and Matt
"Follow your passion and create!"
champion Urist McDodger
champion Artur Scheibler (Splitter)
"Praise Armok!"
champion Galen

champion hangphyr
champion lamshell
A random-number lover lover.
champion chichom27
Quito, Ecuador
"Man the pumps! _ALL_ the pumps!!!"
champion Abyss, Holder of Light

champion Gorund Nilcagith

champion GrimerX
"Be Proud"
champion xasio7

champion Thyme Kuhn
Melbourne, Australia
champion Trevor Sand
champion Simon (Diceroll)
Limoges, FRANCE
Thanks for supporting linux gamers all over the world (we are few but we are ;))
champion Daniel (Spain)
It's not just about dwarves
champion Alex
Rochester, NY
champion Joel Hillacre
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
"Had the sun try to kill him recently."
champion Maik
"Damn! Forgot to attach an 'off' button to the lavatrap...again..."
champion Erik M. (Zombiehorten)
Diez, Germany
Remember the fallen Halls of Dwarfenkind!
champion Natron
Oak Park, Illinois
?"The generation of random numbers is too important to be left to chance."-Robert T. Coveyou
champion Joe
Canberra, Australia
My nightmares are plagued with carp!
champion Zach B-C (ImreGatsby)
"We went out dwarflings, we came back men..."
champion MattyG
MattyG cancels Dwarf Fortress: busy donating
champion Quyzi

champion Rosareven
"Don't underestimate the ASCII, it has lag spikes."
champion Eric Solomon
Austin, TX
champion John Sigurdson
San Francisco, CA
champion The beardless
"Fear my penguins!"
champion Eric (Waldschrat)
Has been ecstatic lately. He played a legendary dwarfen computer game recently.
champion Twobeard
"A jug of beer, a leg of ham, and Armok beside me laughing in the darkness."
champion The Management
South Bend, IN
"is menacing with spikes of alpaca wool."
champion Whitestar60
"I meant to set that on fire."
champion kirneh1986

champion James Della Valle (Lainers)
"Keep the booze coming"
champion Mechanixm
Houston...3 Z levels from HFS
champion Masentaja
Kokkola, Finland
champion Alexei Pepers
Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada
champion Quiles
The only game with sadism code
champion Callum Bruce (TrouserDemon)
What you do is important. Thank you for making the sacrifices you have.
champion Boogle

champion Eric (MasterE420)
"Molten iron splatters over the skull!"
champion Paul
"Paul was irritated by the sun lately."
champion Williham Totland
Williham Smaksmo Nustusp, chinchilla
champion Arbiter Tox
"Booze is the new water"
champion Bryan "Clovis" King
"The embark screen said I was daft to build a fortress in a swamp, but I built it all the same."
champion Knomez

champion kushka53
"Chance favors the prepared mind."
champion One F Jef
"Winning is for losers."
champion stakyman
Perth, Australia
champion Joshua Johnson
"Dwarf Fortress is the Citizen Kane of Simulation games, pony up some dough cheapos!"
champion Amaror
champion MalleusManus

champion betamax
Manchester, UK
champion James
Thank you, for all your wonderful work!
champion Krysmphoenix
Breeder of Kobolds
champion Telelion
"Any sufficiently advanced game is indistinguishable from Dwarf Fortress."
champion slurmel
"Many gold in his house, he is a microcosm of a miracle."
champion Matt Musser (Luckymoose)
Milledgeville, Georgia
Luckymoose cancels job: Sanity lost.
champion Josh "Aspect of One Fey" Priest
At Computer
"Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number - Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you - Ye are many - they are few."

"Admires fine gold chain"
champion Bottle Cap Whistle
Port Townsend, WA
"Maybe I'll become a gamer."
champion Falesh
"Keep up the good work!"
champion Minamikaze
Moscow, Russia
champion Joseph Kichline (Soolar)
Kirkland, WA
champion Paul Bernhardt
"Stoat stoat stoat!"
champion Nick Scheurich
Louisiana, USA
Husband, Friend, Ranger
champion Gary, Chicago
"I am axing you to support the mountain homes."
champion Prince of Space
"Ha! I told you. Your weapons have no effect on me."
champion Alpenjon
Bern, Switzerland
champion Kyle Jones
"Losing could not be more fun"
champion Liam O'Connor
Sydney, Australia
"As long as I have a flag flying, this pile of rocks is still a castle!"
champion Shiny Yang
"D is for Designate"
champion Knuti
"Bibo ergo sum. - I drink, therefore I exist. (Dwarven philosophy)"
champion Craig "ThatCraigGuy" Marais
South Africa
champion Bloodtoes
"Likes cows for their haunting moos."
champion alx

champion Ptasty
North Carolina
"stone pot, repeat"
champion Oliver Beckmann
Sauerland, Germany
Urist McGloesingen takes another drink.
champion Ashra

champion Michał Staruch
Zielona Góra, Poland
champion Tanel Liiv
For the dwarves!
champion Eric L (C0NNULL)
"I went to Bay12Games and all I got was this lousy fun. And asked for more. I must be a dwarf."
champion The Infamous Catbag
Cruel judge of migrant's professions since 2011!
champion Nelson Brandão
champion Zach "Leeko" Diamond
"Donating is the least I could do"
champion Simon Nilsson
Stockholm, Sweden
champion Tobias Franke

champion Nick Harris
"Moderately Neato"
champion Matthew Field
Edmonton, AB
champion Martin
"Soft matter, hard party"
champion Ben Appleton
Birmingham, UK
champion Lucas Green
champion Nistenf
champion GreenSkye
Kansas, USA
champion vimes
You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.
champion Yngar
Denton, Texas
champion .ag.
"Menaces with spikes of cheese."
champion Harry
Andorian Blues
champion Kalon
"Urist McOz stops Drink: Interrupted by kangaroo!"
champion Fthagen
Montréal, Quebec
champion Kyle Browning
"Dwarf Fortress: deciding to use even go want to do look more like."
champion Livingstone
"Goblin Bowmen on Giant Cave Swallows."
champion dpk
Seattle, WA
champion LuckyLuigi
Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Build a roof over the entire world, always fight in the shade"
champion ata
Tampere, Finland
"Urist McUrist cancels Urist, needs Urist."
champion Tivec
"Urist McDoctor recommends a healthy magma bath to minimize the risk for infection."
champion mideg
champion Josef Renner
Zurich, Switzerland
champion Jack Lemmer
Yet Another Convert to the Cause
champion Rev Dr Ari D Jordon DD

champion Lord Shonus

champion Martin Hlavacek
Prague, Czech Republic
champion Griffin McLain (Sketchy Griff)
"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn."
champion Leif
"Goon cancels Brew Drink: interrupted by Post"
champion Daniel Nilsson
champion Jevon
New Zealand
champion Matte W.
Bloomington, IN
[PREFSTRING:constant state of internal rage]
champion Cheost
Essex, UK
Magma is an appropriate response to all of life's problems.
champion Ian
Portland, OR
jfgfujitwas good and i liked ti
champion Mad Rita
The cross-dressing dwarf.
champion USP45

champion Ángel González Prego
Galicia, Spain
champion Jay Weston

champion OnyxIdol
champion Juraj A
Zagreb, Croatia
champion Farmerbob
"If you have ever wasted a whole weekend playing this game, it’s worth at least a few bucks! Pony up!"
champion André Camacho
"Dear God is that carp chewing on a severed leg?! Urdim?"
champion Zeranamu
Oregon, USA
"I am the Z!"
champion Maugrim
London, UK
champion Maluraq
Ontario, Canada
"Oh no, what did I do now?"
champion Erik Ristau
"Urist canceled saving world: Found socks"
champion Paul Spooner
champion Uomoz87
"can't smelt this D:"
champion Mathew M
Haverhill, MA
champion dark_rabite
Needs the flesh of his enemies to get through the working day
champion Julius ter Pelkwijk (Mr. Seeker)
Tilburg, Netherlands
"I come from a galaxy far, far, below."*Breathes Fire*
champion Chris Nei
How is babby formed?
champion Morgan W.
"The &s are coming!"
champion vaaern

champion Geb
"I have lost my spoon."
champion Bobble
Detroit, Michigan
"What do you need (besides a miracle)? Kittens, lots of kittens."
champion Ben White
Western Australia
"Living life vicariously via genus dwarfius"
champion lzm
Vitória, Brazil
champion Mathias Rav
"Is that a lever in your bedroom or are OH MY GOD IT BURNS IT BURNS"
champion Joe L. (Pikes)
"Has admired own fine Fortress recently"
champion Nuteater
Jyväskylä, Finland
champion Chris Douglas
Winnipeg, Manitoba
champion Lars R. Damerow
Emeryville, CA
Running around babbling!
champion Urist McCheeseMaker
Aagtekerke, Netherlands
More elves! MORE ELVES!!!
champion Argembarger
Ohio, US
"I don't even see the code. All I see is blondebeard, brunettebeard, redbeard."
champion Bret Moore
Atlanta, GA

champion Ledermau

champion Acherontius
San Jose, CA
"Designate 20 levels of channel, enjoy cripples."
champion Phil Brown
Luton, UK
champion Pips
"theres someone in my head but it's not me"
champion Patrick S
Portland, OR
champion RPharazon
"Thank you for all the great memories and your sandbox of the imagination."
champion Big Round Eyes
Ottawa, Canada
champion Psitaylor
"Making a free game for this many years deserves some credit."
champion Kris Northfield

champion Steven Bond (Geobaldi)
Gulfport, MS
"Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else"
champion smbh

champion Don Dueck
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
"It's 3:00 AM already?!?"
champion NW_Kohaku
champion Brainfreeze

champion Rob Parker
Waterloo, Ontario
cancels write Comment: Interrupted by Zombie cat.
champion L. Erlacher
"Blood for the Blood God!"
champion Dutchling
The Netherlands
Goblin Baby Snatcher!
champion Richard Jax
Coventry, UK
Cancels Sleep: Interrupted by Dwarf Fortress
champion Untelligent
champion Patrick Pleter
For all the fun I've had with, and the friends I've made through, DF. Keep at it, guys.
champion Joshua Ekins
"I'll kick ye' in yer skinny elf arse!"
champion Josh
Canberra, Australia
"His very long sideburns are neatly combed."
champion Klokwurk
You can't get better than awesome!
champion Shannon Prickett
Binder of Daemons
the internet
"For this is hell nor am I yet out of it."
champion Jeremy Bamber
UK, Midgard
"the severed part sails off in an arc!"
champion Kevin Alford (zeroeth)
"7-bit ascii4life"
champion Twitch Eaglehart
Time for some thrilling heroics.
champion Bloodthread

champion Axle Gear

champion Handicap
champion Deathseer
"I have seen the future, it does not include you."
champion Kastrol Aslaasri
"Attend Party"
champion Valarian
"As you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you"
champion Cameron Grout
New Zealand
"Stricken by CWS"
champion Narushima
There can be only one, and it'll be DF.
champion canccu

champion IdspispopdE3M5
"Dwarves can smell noclippers and wallhacks!"
champion ShunterAlhena
„fox has become enraged!”
champion Ves

champion Dev Hyfes
"We ride together"
champion db48x

champion John P.
champion Eva Jobse

champion Daniel Rasmussen
champion Psieye

champion Lord Darkstar
The Mountains of Rocketree
"We shall build a tower so high, we can mine the very stars themselves!"
champion Funnyguts
United States
champion Andrew Traviss (RantingRodent)
The far away land of Toronto, Canada
The not-quite-so-brave-as Sir Launcelot
champion Greenacre
champion Tristan
Savannah, GA
He has admired an exceptional game recently.
champion Jim

champion Profit
Battle Creek, MI
"Magma-Renewable Energy for our world"
champion Baalak Nalzar-aung

champion Shane "InShaneee" Phillips
Chicago, IL
champion kynalvarus
Wayne, NJ
kynalvarus wiggles toes: equipped legendary left sock!
champion DoubleDuke
Ferrara Italy
"Questo gioco è una nerdsaw pazzesca!"
champion Stepan
champion Naros
The Netherlands
"losing (money) is fun"
champion Mike Johanson
Edmonton, Canada
He is a casual worshipper of Eris.
champion Gregory Kampjes
New Zealand
Now convinced to grow a beard.
champion Seth
champion Luis Naver

champion Thes33
Louisville, KY
"The stuff that dwarves are made of."
champion Brennan
"About time I payed for this game."
champion AlarionZakath
Uppsala, Sweden
He likes DF, elves, cats and giant tortoises. He absolutely detests alcohol.
champion Christes
Eugene, OR
Veni, Vidi, Dormivi
champion Scaraban
"I ain't no champion..."
champion Meta
"For the dwarves."
champion Regis Fleck
Rolante/RS - Brazil
Snow owl for the win.
champion Golcondio

champion Monty & Morty
The Forest
champion Matthew Sullivan
champion Duncan Pettengill
"If you push something hard enough, it will fall over"
champion Squibbons
Dwarf Fortress appears. Beware it's addictiveness!
champion Rafael Fiol (Haggle)
Florida Land
"Do they have purple drank in the mountain home?"
champion Vinegar Ninja
It is only fair to try and help return the Fun that I have received from playing this addictive game.
champion RiceMunk

champion Priestly
"Biting their eyelids is a valid combat tactic."
champion Menmeth
"Menaces with spikes of angst"
champion Christopher Fallins
Sydney, Australia
A tall, dishevelled creature oddly fond of both a grand panorama and his hermitude.
champion MAShapiro
Dreams in ASCII
champion Mister Thou
Georgia, USA
"I distrust camels, and anyone else who can go a week without a drink."
champion De5me7
"Dwarf Fortress fertilizes your beard"
champion MooUK
"That's not milk!"
champion Freaky
Likes otters for their slinky bodies!
champion Sam
Seaham, UK
"Long live ASCII!"
champion Josh B.
Hod HaSharon, Israel
"Sof Shavuah, HaKol Raguah"
champion Whittacker
Is a friend of:
Friend of Furries, AKA The Mighty Gaspar
champion Sowelu

champion Jayson French
"Wait, this isn't the high score board?"
champion Cheesetroll
Sunnyvale, CA
champion Evan Kochuk
champion Indricotherium
Real rhinos don't need horns.
champion Ghoulz
Patron of the Arts
champion Alastair Morton
United Kingdom
champion Joshua Beale (Kryten)
Melbourne, Australia
Likes black bronze, olivine, olivine and platypuses for their venomous spurs.
champion Somnambulist
Admires Boston Terriers for their snorts.
champion gnodab
"adam ol!"
champion E. T. Young (emiteal)
California, USA
champion Arne a.k.a. Osmosis Jones
"Fear the trilby!"
champion Ryan C. Smith
Bethlehem, PA
"Strike the earth!"
champion Zack Foote (xnrad)
Mesa, Arizona
"Why are you being such...such....DORFS!"
champion Stormrage
Haifa, Israel
champion PalverZ
"Fond of Pepsi and Dwarf Fortress"
champion kaypy
champion Alluvian Est-Endrati
Realm of Chaos
"Loosing is fun!"
champion Ben Cartwright
champion Nathan Dilday
Newton, MA
Bay State Champion
champion Andrew Kasurak
Waterloo Ontario
Science makes the world !!Fun!!
champion Todestool

champion Xanfall
"Dammit, I'm a donator not a doctor!"
champion Johan Nyqvist, Sweden
champion Reuben Fortier
Milwaukee, WI
His socks menace with spikes.
champion Johuotar
Prefers to consume actimel
champion Francois M
Montreal, QC (Canada)
champion ShinWalks
"The whole town's made of iron ore!"
champion Reed "GnKbot" Lockwood
Less unethical than Tolkein's brain in a jar.
champion Random Number Generator

champion Asto
Toronto, Canada
"Dwarf Fortress: Fun Redefined."
champion Matt DiGregorio
Pittsburgh, PA
"Battleaxe to grind"
champion Zach Fullmer (Gatleos)
Utah, United States
"Hey, you got your Matrix in my Silmarillion!"
champion Henrik Nyström

champion Zar Peter
Vienna, Austria
Sarminbaz "The meanness of pets": A golden ball menacing with spikes
champion Suntorvic (gb)
"For sale: adamantine shoes, never worn."
champion Nuisance
champion Double A
North Carolina
"Stop right there, criminal scum! Your elven goods are now forfeit!"
champion Keledron
Poconos, PA
"Harden up, never give up."
champion David
Palo Alto CA
" break the surly bonds of gravity...and punch the face of God."
champion Darrell (DNABIOS)
Minnesota, USA
"Had to cancel my WoW account. It was cutting into my DF time."
champion Blizzy
"Oh hi Empiresmod!"
champion Rhockman
La Plata, Argentina
champion Mark Pankhurst (Murk)
Helsby, UK
"This game is adorned with hanging rings of awesome, and menaces with spikes of win."
champion Andrew Lyon (Aklyon)
Midlothian, Virginia
champion SSY
SSY has become attached to a *Game*
champion Bobiloco
Ottawa, Canada
"Fond of drink and industry"
champion High Master Dabbler

champion Russ
Austin, Texas
"Urist McBeard cancels shave: Interrupted by Carp"
champion Tyler Fehr
BC, Canada
"Professor! Lava! HOT!"
champion AWDBall
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
"I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite game on the web."
champion EvilTwin
champion Divrann
"Horrifying screams come from the darkness below"
champion dfj
"O' babes an' bridges / Gang aft agley"
champion squeakyReaper

champion LeMonkey
San Francisco
"It's dwarves all the way down..."
champion Mr. Bigras, Bay 12 Champion
St-Eustache, Québec
"So good it could be a childhood memory."
champion Brad Marshall, Atari2600
Toledo, Ohio, United States
"It's about time I paid for my favorite game!"
champion Capt. James Campbell-Prager, Lord Riven
Ontario, Canada
"Lege, Lege, Lege, Relege, Labora et Invenies"
champion Nick
"He's a shamus with a six-chambered heart of steel."
champion justinhj
Port Moody, BC, Canada
"Love Dwarf Fortress"
champion Eugenitor

champion Andrew Morris
United States, Indiana
"Tales of Insanity and Mastication"
champion Adma

champion Steve (President Weasel)
"Sippycup's tutorials are 17 kinds of awesome"
champion Mortiss
"You are not going crazy! You are going sane in the crazy world!"
champion Jason K
Seattle, Washington
"The Future is Dwarf Fortress."
champion Aron Simpson
Sydney, Australia
champion Gorjo MacGrymm
Fleeing from Carp since 2008.
champion Knigel
"Just in it for the buzzard skewering."
champion Shurikane
Montreal, Canada
champion Adam Starks (Karky)
Austin, TX
"NTS: Mark the bridge vs doomsday levers"
champion Beeskee

champion Raufgar
Note To Self: Remember to water your dwarves regularly to prevent "dropping like flies" syndrome.
champion Stephanie
Admires cats for their aloofness
champion Calasmeer
Newcastle, UK
Dwarf Fortress - GOTY ALL YEARS.
champion Emanuele Ravasi
Mihi heri, et tibi hodie
champion Waffles
One day Google will release Skynet, and Dwarf Fortress will become the Matrix
champion Welwel
"Procedurally generated insomnia."
champion Ariën Holthuizen
Nieuw Vennep
The Netherlands
champion JoystickHero
"Check out my tileset!"
champion Calcipher
Albuquerque, New Mexico
champion aethercircuit
Washington, DC
"Then there's no choice; purge the kittens."
champion João Anselmo
"May Heaven exist, even if my place is Hell."
champion Søren (John)

champion Charles Peter
"Are you torturing all those little people again?"
champion The Unibanger
"He ded now."
champion Digdugdiggy

champion quill18

champion Pisano
Maryland, USA
champion Rankin
champion Oldbushie
Northern Virginia
champion Adam Crayford (Raxx)
Mcfobo says Hai
champion brainspank
"Menaces with spikes of Love"
champion Jar
Stockholm, Sweden
After realizing "Toady One" is an anagram for "Donate Yo", there was only one thing i could do.
champion Dewar Scrabulous

champion Valrandir
"The faster you move, the slower time passes, the longer you live."
champion Robert Schultz (Brightgalrs)
"Pay for a good game, not the chance of a good game"
champion Lishain
Khabarovsk, Russia
"Get 'em boyz! Dakka dakka dakka! WAAAGH! THE ORKS! WAAAGH!"
champion Dr. Melon
"Please, just try not to kill everything. Again."
champion Waladil
"Urist McAxedwarf cancels Save Fortress From Invaders: seeking booze."
champion Bardum Idith
Likes toads for their programming skill
champion Paul (Oyog) Ware
Amherst, MA
champion Benjamin Groves
Dallas, Texas
"Valhalla, I am coming"
champion Robin Hester (Pester)
Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
Robin withdraws from society..."Dwarf Fortress..Beer..Pizza"
champion Blake Heatly (Kaelis Ebonrai)
Perth, Western Australia
champion G-J
Stellenbosch, South Africa
"G-J has been ecstatic recently."
champion Aaron (Vercingetorix)
Columbus, Ohio
"Likes slade for its hostile intentions"
champion Jeti, Finland
"Here be dragons"
champion Matti Eiden
Tampere, Finland
champion Wytze Keuning
Groningen, The Netherlands
Possessed by unknown forces! Dwarf Fortress!
champion Lucas P.
Nanaimo, BC, Canada
"DF is like knitting: It keeps your hands busy and you end up with too many socks."
champion Alberto Jimenez (Nero)
US of Awesome
"Why are there SO. MANY. ELEPHANTS?!"
champion Brian Hume (Doom lad)
"Time to build a DOOM fortress with extra DOOM"
champion Dr. Tongue

champion Adam Taylor (TheCatfish)
Cornwall, England
"Bring Your Pretty Face To My Axe"
champion Joseph
"Why is there a strange cavern filled with spikes and ash in the middle of my mining shaft? And who's screaming?"
champion cecilkorik
Calgary, AB
"Xukong Ongsloslub has come! A giant camel made of mica. It has wings and it appears to be emaciated. Beware its deadly spittle!"
champion FunkyWaltDogg
South Carolina, USA
The Toady One is smiling. The human is making a grateful gesture.
champion Tiogshi Laj
BC, Canada
champion Matt "Umbro" Maurici
Long Island, NY
champion Pottsy

champion March1138
"Haikus are easy,
But sometimes they don't make sense,
champion Jose Luis Perez Zapata
Obsidian Razor
Alcala de Henares, Spain
"Controlling and caring for a band of maniac depressive alcoholics has never been so awesome, word of a psychologist"
champion sarlok
The leading cause of Dwarf fatalities since Summer 2008
champion Skurcey
!Free Tibet!
champion Scott (Chal)
"Thank you for the hours of fun, and happy birthday. I look forward to the things to come."
champion Collin "Keeyai" Green

champion Slaguth
"What do you despise? By this you are truly known."
champion Sam Sieg
Richmond VA
"OMG! Dwarven civil engineering!"
champion bvark
London, England
Striking the Earth since 2008
champion RiPpEr253
I live in Melbourne, Australia
"'Racoon has stolen Floodgate'? what the hell?"
champion RevReese
Southampton, England
champion Jake
United States
"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."
champion Anders Skov
"Supporter of quality."
champion Zengrath
Clermont, FL
"Dragon killed 1, death from fire and tantrums, 96!"
champion Intelligent Shade of Blue
Chicago, IL
"DF: Proof that video games CAN be art."
champion TSXP
"There's magma? Hell yeah, I'm in."
champion Zalminen
Tampere, Finland
champion Marconius
Knowledge is power.
champion Foxbyte
champion Josiwe
"This programmer menaces with spikes of C#."
champion Kaltor
"♠. It's what's for dinner."
champion Bacu
"dem dorfs, man. dem dorfs."
champion Dracil
"Valar Morghulis"
champion Jasta
Sydney, Australia
"Goblins! 12 O'Clock High!"
champion vinic
Denton, TX
"so much the totally yes."
champion Cyrus Anderson (Vactor)
Madison, WI
Builds hallways wider than your legendary dining room.
champion penguinofhonor
champion Hazmat

champion Coaldiamond
Washington D.C.
champion Darbuk Ubildolush
Olympia, WA, USA
"I'm sorry Lulu-belle!"
champion Matt2358
"Matt2358 cancels work: interrupted by Dwarf Fortress"
champion Andrew
Minnesota, USA
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Yes, but this time YOU dig the magma channel..."
champion Miha Simoniti

champion Joe Crawley

champion Sarai
Arizona, USA
To Dwarf or not to Dwarf, that is the question...
champion Peter Phillips (LordHavoc)
Manchester, UK
Even the Reaper has a hobby
champion S.Jackson (sizeak)
Norfolk, UK
"Can I haz int?"
champion Charles Paul (cap11235)
Santa Barbara, CA
"Horrifying screams come from the darkness below."
champion Halindir

champion Jack Scisco
Atlanta, GA
"Has admired a finely crafted Dwarf Fortress Update recently"
champion Johnathan M. K.
champion Nikolaj W. Andersen (Flop)
Copenhagen, Denmark
"Hey, thanks for thinking about it, though..."
champion Jintor
Sydney, Australia
"I only wish I had more money to give"
champion Skull Panda

champion David Lehmann (TimeOut)
Berlin, Germany
Supporting the awesomest game ever created!
champion Peewee
Magma: The only solution.
champion Jormungander
Saskatchewan, Canada
"likes tentacle demons for their corrupt intention"
champion Justin Vaughn (Flamester)
champion Stephmo
New York
"The Basement Master ponders fuzzy kittens and food."
champion Jason Crump
Saskatchewan, Canada
"On the donation is an image of Urist McButcher and an infinite number of cats. Urist McButcher is in the fetal position. This relates to the drowning of Urist McButcher in a sea of cats."
champion Bombax
"Urist McUselessNoble cancels Live: interrupted by Unfortunate Accident."
champion Wierdoom
"Me too, like buckets and cows for their haunting moos."
champion Bill Snider (NRN_R_Sumo1)
Belleville, Ontario
"Likes cows for their haunting moos."
champion Brandon Bergren (Bdragon)
South Dakota, USA
champion Terroric
Grand Forks, ND
"I eat Dwarfs for breakfast."
champion McGuinty
Yakima, WA
"drums... drums in the deep."
champion Kassil
Nevada, USA
"I didn't mean to turn the fort into a magma lake..."
champion Archivis
"Slaves To Armok III: Dwarven Pizzeria"
champion LordNagash

champion Tom "Mesarthim" Pile

champion Arucard
Central VA
"Until the day you die, nothing can kill you."
champion JT
Coquitlam, BC, Canada
"Explosively Canadian"
champion Alvie
"Just gonna put in a moat... Crap! Flooded the fortress again..."
champion daggity

champion "Who let the dragon loose in the booze locker?" champion Dmitri Logan
Mineral Wells, WV.
"You're all GREAT!"
champion RaeFlynne
Workfortress of Failing
"Hmm... Magma Carp seemed like a good idea at the time..."
champion Outlander
champion Forseti
Montréal, Canada
"Forseti is surrounded by the dwarves, Forseti looks terrified!"
champion Schmi
(insert Dwarf Fortress reference here)
champion Bahumat
"Virtuous and Vicious Must All Men Be; Few in the Extreme but all in the Degree"
champion Matt Hilliard

champion n0manarmy
Baltimore, MD
Damn the Goons for introducing me to this addiction!
champion Irving
Boreal Taiga
"Admires cockroaches for their resilience."
champion Eggert Jon Magnusson (Maggot)
"If you can't fix it, get a bigger hammer"
champion Someguyo
"Urist cancels screaming due to lack of limbs: No limbs."
champion Kurt - GutsyTurtle
Manitoba, Canada
"Into the Blackness!"
champion reodjectz
Brooklyn ny
champion Dennis Ferron
champion Nenjin

champion Dantec
Perth, Western Australia
Strike the Earth!
champion Etienne "Beadred" Ménard
Québec, Canada
"Gold Gold Gold! Gold Gold Gold!"
champion Sianu
"Quote: Deepest game ever, and gods, it's in ASCII"
champion Oddtwang of Dork
"Like some sort of Disco Canute"
champion Engraved on the page is an image of Shadowfury333, a donor. Shadowfury333 is making a menacing pose. This commemorates the donation of $15 in support of Dwarf Fortress, an awesome game, in 2009. Not shown is the image of a cheese. champion Wanderer
"Wanderer cancels aqueduct: interrupted by hoary marmot migration."
champion Aresbece
"Depth and replay ability win out over graphics."
champion Gigalith

champion Ben "Bester" Hester
Burnaby, BC, Canada
champion FasterOnFire525
White Lake, Michigan
"Accidentally trading wooden bins to elves since 2007"
champion Brett Benyo (Dikadar)
champion Thanshin
"If sobs could fly, we wouldn't see the sun."
champion Gaga
champion IniX
The Netherlands
"Dwarf Fortress is the best game ever, support Bay 12 by donating!"
champion Rainseeker
Northern California
"I want the "One" in Toady One to stand for "One Million" someday!"
champion Evan
Broken Hill, Australia
"This is DF. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality."
champion Kerri (Longcoat)
"Needs coffee to get through the working day."
champion Phil Munoz

champion Joe Gilbert
southern california
"The Road goes ever on and on/Down from the door where it began."
champion Marc Müller (MarcM)
"Marc, Miner cancels attend party: Unconscious."
champion Brandon (Gentle Giant)
champion Prodigity
"Flooding fortresses since day 1.. fun times!"
champion zeffrin
"3D graphics are for the weak of mind."
champion Caspar Minning
Goes, Netherlands
"When possible, he prefers to consume Canadian Whisky."
champion Jxk254
Jxk254 screams, 'I must have Dwarf Fortress!'
champion Mitchell Leon (Lowen)
Tempe, Arizona
"We're working towards a bright future, but right now it's 'is his brain melting?'"
champion Thor (platypus)
Oslo, Norway
"Woe to him who teaches men faster than they can learn."
champion Triqon
"The mountain, the pick — and 7 Jussis"
champion Metorical

champion David Tyler Hunt
"Will live in a cave someday."
champion LogicalPremise
Fort Worth, Texas
"Fear only God and Dishonor"
champion Kristoffer
Stockholm, Sweden
"That the play is the tragedy, '{Dwarf}' and its hero, the conqueror {purring maggot}"
champion Don (Kon)
Bay St. Louis, MS
Notice fortifications on 2nd and 3rd level
champion Kyle Jackson
"Hoary Marmots"
champion Halconnen
champion Vince
"Everything serves the beam."
champion DaPatman
"The champion need not work."
champion Dave Curro
Brisbane, Australia
"A true gem in this age of stagnation, with a ferocious, old-school learning curve"
champion Trey Stout (chmod)
Bothell, WA
"Tarn has proven labors of love outshine all other achievements."
champion Ollieh
"Dwarf Fortress is a gem in the carp sea"
champion Elthar
"The default mental state of a dwarf is madness"
champion Rubberduck
All your fort are belong to dwarves
champion Charlie Wood (Chaz GELF)
"This kobold followed me home. Can I keep it? Pleeease?"
champion Zepi
champion Matt Antonellis
I like indie games.
champion Scrim
champion Michael Miller
Pennsylvania, USA
"You have struck Fun!"
champion Chaos
"He ponders fell beasts and treasure."
champion Reuben (CapnPants)
Urist it is pronounced yer-wrist people, he told me himself.
champion Danny
Ontario, Canada
"Mutton, not Mutton."
champion Drunken Gun
For glory!
champion Phyroksi
This little vein of mine, I'm going to get it refined!
champion Mouette76
Normandy France
champion KylRoy
"Our secret is Bavarian Beer!"
champion slink
"Chairdwarf, Committee for Hot Baths and Cold Beer"
champion Iain Howe
Calgary, Canada
"The Fortress menaces with spikes of iron..."
champion Murf
Brooklyn, NYC
Tarn Adams has coded a masterpiece!
champion nil

champion Trowzers
"Trowzers has created Sickrace the Cat of Virginity, a cedar amulet!"
champion Alex (MoatMan)
"I still can’t believe something this great is real. Thank you Tarn, Zach."
champion Joozey

champion SpaceTurtle
"Stay away from my Shell, moody dwarf!"
champion Ben

champion TFBeyond
United Kingdom
"It menaces with spikes of awesome and insanity."
champion Dan Polcari (Noble Digger)
Irvine, CA
He has admired a finely-crafted sentry gun lately.
champion Luke Meyers
champion Jplur
Brooklyn, NY
champion Cody Cunningham (Thendash)
B.C. Canada
Keep up the awesome work Toady!
champion Lord Herman
"Lord Herman cancels Build Fortress: Interrupted by Fun."
champion crash2455
"Looking forward to Dwarf Fortress 1.0!"
champion Syphon Kai
champion Windwaker
North Carolina
champion Molly Snibson
Melbourne, Australia
"Mmmmm.... Cat biscuits!"
champion Massimo T (Keebus)
"Brewing some strong ale for my cute two-years old baby."
champion iimu
Finland, Joensuu
Has been taken by a fey mood!
champion Joshua Thijssen (JayTaph)
Roosendaal, Netherlands
"A dwarf's gotta do what a dwarf's gotta do..."
champion Logical2u
NS, Canada
I was blinded by a unicorn, and it was awesome.
champion tirrike
Slave to Armok
champion Renegade
"Keep up the good work Tarn!"
champion Dave
"Bromor Neckbeard"
Marianna, FL
"Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!"
champion OneCrazyCzech
Ocala, Florida
....cancels task: Scared to death of carp.
champion Gidon Gerrits
Groningen, the Netherlands
"Blood ran cold at the scream of friends, slain by carp."
champion Melanie
Mist in Shadows
"::babbles and flails... then eats cake::"
champion Chonker
Needs alcohol to get through the working day
champion Tobias Widlund
"Plus... Tubular bells!"
champion Rochndil, Atlanta
"DF: perfection is a state of min(e)d."
champion Blakmane
canberra, australia
champion Patrick Flanagan
Connecticut, USA
"Hope Rides Alone!"
champion Mike Edenfield (Kutulu)
Orlando, FL, USA
champion TinyPirate
Wellington, New Zealand
champion Jurph
"Jurph cancels task: interrupted by Dwarf Fortress."
champion BuboNulus
champion Gerdjan (Shadowgandor)
The Netherlands
"This game is so awesome that I can hardly describe it, great job Toady!"
champion Emanuel Appelgren
"Right-click for justice. Stop violence against Stumpy-Wumples"
champion Mike Pace
Arkansas, USA
"Why are all my dreams in ASCII?"
champion Head Hunter
Michigan, USA
"A Dragon can't just fly in through the main door can it..."
champion Andrew Kelly
champion mori
"hi it's me mori"
champion TheMirth
Florida, USA
"DF: More fun than a gaggle of feral babies"
champion Ashley B
"Admires Mountain Goats for their beards."
champion Norbert 'Tim' Melzer
champion Catmacey
"Must make dwarfs work harder... Need sleep..."
champion Dylan Huskey
ilikehl2/Comrade Grunt
Michigan, USA
"Every good Dwarf is a mason, EVERY ONE."
champion Wayfinder
Sydney, Australia
He admired own fine Beani lately.
champion David "Asbjorn" Osborne
Denmark, Western Australia
champion Josh Pullman (Slinkyfest)
Kingston, Ontario
Did anyone else feel like they were signing up for a community fortress?
champion Miguel
"Dwarf Fortress needs Bulettes!!"
champion Cel
Newcastle, Australia
Cel is very happy. He has played dwarf fortress lately. He has been disgusted by miasma lately. He has been satisfied at work lately.
champion Plac1d
Bucks County, Pennsylvania
"I have the most delicious cat in the world."
champion John Mc
Los Angeles, USA
"John Mc, Gamer cancels Play DF: Unconscious."
champion Pierzasty
DF: one man doing the work every major company should.
champion David Francis
Adelaide, Australia
champion Abu Dhabi
champion Chikiwikie

champion Krans
United Kingdom
All great works start by digging a hole.
champion ToonyMan
Meriden, CT
"Troll Power!!"
champion Skanky
Sydney, Australia
When possible, he prefers to consume Dwarven rum.
champion Warlord255
"Thank you for proving that gameplay beats graphics."
champion David C. (Seryntas)
New Jersey
champion KaelGotRice
Wandering hippie traveler
onigiri roast, [BURN] sword, cat leather thong
champion James Lawson
Brisbane, Australia
champion Scaevolus
Fort Collins, CO
champion No Not The Bees
The Netherlands
The human is making a donation
champion Adam Pippin (NuclearDog)
Saskatchewan, Canada
"We have done the impossible and that makes us mighty."
champion kirin "Scrollhaven"
Los Angeles
"For teaching me to see Fantasy worlds in ASCII."
champion Greg
champion Thiago Vaz de Melo
champion Draco18s
"It's never 'just a game' when you're losing."
champion Matias Rantanen
champion Aki L. (Orkel)
Kajaani, Finland
"What goes up, must come down. Especially dwarven skyscrapers."
champion Siquo
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Procedurally generated
champion Colin
Eau Claire, WI
"He grumbles only mildly at inclement weather."
champion geggis
Derbyshire, UK
champion Javis
Washington, DC
"It's a CARP!"
champion Moogie
"Dwarf Cancels Eat - Interrupted by Batman"
champion Reynard
The spinning donation strikes the toad! It is enriched!
champion Patrik "Svampn" Riström
Luleå, Sweden
"I'm the greatest!!"
champion Sailor Brown
Out to Sea
"Incantations, THEN libations."
champion HollowClown

champion The CAM
Bellevue, WA
"Dwarf Fortress: Eating my time up in 8 hour chunks since September"
champion GoldPanda
Redwood City, CA
champion Uioped1
Portland Oregon
He was disgusted by a miasma lately.
champion onodera
Moscow, Russia
champion Ash
champion Armrha

champion felzix

champion Thomas Littler

champion Michal Artur Lukasiewicz
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
champion glitchpop
glitchpop cancels browsing to hunt vermin for food.
champion Lord Licorice

champion furrot
"Tarn Adams is the greatest game developer in the world."
champion Brunor
Beast Lord of the Northern Marches
champion lesslucid
Sydney, Australia
"Gold, lovely gold..."
champion Alessandro Roberti
Vasto, Italy
champion Munkee
Victoria, BC
"He administered a good beating recently. He has been satisfied at work lately."
champion Ravensgrace
Cheesy, WI
"Ceci n'est pas une pipe."
champion Lars-Jacob Hove (Laserlasse)
Bergen, Norway
"We have struck Awesomium"
champion Takaratiki
St. Louis
"I must have rock!"
champion Karol Sultanescu
Buzau, Romania
champion Gaskone
"Damn, I never knew a Dwarf´s left leg could be... thirsty... and for that matter... how could he have a hungry ear????"
champion Niltrias
"Gero. Gero. Bwah hahaha!"
champion Adam Haase (Adamantyr)
Seattle, WA
"Skill requires talent, talent requires study, study requires diligence."
champion Rhenaya
"She admired a own fine masterfully crafted Dwarf Fortress copy lately."
champion Bryan "Garthelious" Baywood
Vancouver, BC, Canada
"Most mentally demanding game ever!"
champion metasynthetic
Houston, TX
"Skinning Kittens for Fun and Profit"
champion Snall
New York
Lord of the Dance
champion Brian H.
Tallahassee, FL
"Wait, I'm not a plump helmet!"
champion foop
London, UK
"Interrupted by carp."
champion Linus

champion Newton
Naperville, IL
"Support Independent Games!"
champion Areyar "Arexack"
Lugdumum, Holland
"Dig here, dig there! One of these days..."
champion Fred B
champion Mephansteras
San Diego
Dwarf Fortress is probably my favorite game of all time, now.
champion Videns
Twin Cities, U.S.A.
"Sanza alcuno rispetto."
champion Glaughdram
North America
Spelguru Saves
champion MathijsBuster
"Not the beard!"
champion Alex L
The Dwarf Is Raising The Thong
champion Eric Barrett

champion Kaeru
Atlanta, GA
We are beseiged by carp. All hope is lost.
champion AGW (Shzar)
"Only dwarves would describe insanity as 'buttery.'"
champion Jan-Eric Pietralla
Fürth, Germany
Give me an axe and show me where to point it!
champion Eino Keskitalo
Oulu, Finland
champion Marc Arnault
Calgary, AB
champion WorMzy Tykashi
"Stop moving so much, you're killing my processor!"
champion David Edwards
champion Nick
Massachusetts, MA
champion Simone Zanfini
Milano, Italy
The dwarf is embracing the cave fish.
champion Abyss
Middle of the United States
champion Samo101
United Kingdom
"This is it!!!"
champion Rob Chunkyhells
Durham, NC
"The kitten is making a plaintive gesture."
champion Markavian
champion Alex777
Cayman Islands
champion CogDissident
Philadelphia PA
"Being beaten to death with his own pants."
champion Mark (LumenPlacidum)
"On his mind is an image of a computer and Dwarf Fortress. The computer is running the Dwarf Fortress."
champion Stephen K
I struck the earth, and the earth won
champion FacesOfMu
Toowoomba, QLD, Australia
champion Calenth

champion Raging Mouse
"Flooding my metal stores with magma since 2008!"
champion Balor

champion Masi Kajander (Maska)
Pakaa, Finland
Infinite statue sprawling
champion Alex Craig
Lincoln, UK
champion Lisa Johnson
Long Island, NY
The dragon is making a rude gesture.
champion JD
St.kilda, Melbourne
Listen to the Beta band.
champion Locklear
Michigan, USA
He is a casual worshipper of Bay 12 Games.
champion Gunnlaugur Lárusson
seed 3333333333 = "Todielathu"
champion ZOP

champion Jess Nash

champion Joe Osborn
"Tarn wrote the game I wanted to write before I knew I wanted to write it."
champion Victor L. (Keizo)
California, USA
Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.
champion SirPhobos

champion Tan Teck Weng

champion Griz
Ithaca, NY
champion SeaBee
Florida, U.S.A.
"SeaBee cancels sleep: Enthralled in Dwarf Fortress."
champion Jiri "Markus" Petru
Brno, Czech Republic
"Indie Power!"
champion Kelvin Le
champion David Burbridge
champion Benitosimies
Pennsylvania, United States
Rude Chummer
champion Mark
champion Kennel
Espoo, Finland
champion Benny
Cumbria, England
champion Nycktail

champion James Austin
Dunedin, New Zealand
champion cathack
Czech Republic
champion Wyatt Peterson
Binghamton, NY
champion Mike Plakos
Brooklyn, NY
He is romantically involved with Luci.
champion Ravuya

champion frobnic8

champion Octomon

champion MMad
Cave! Hic sunt disjecta membra.
champion OncleBen
Paris, France
champion Yves Vandriessche
champion Kristleifur 'Prins Kriblets' Daðason

champion Alex M.
All over the World
Future master of the world
champion Wouter Lievens
champion DisgruntledPostalEmployee

champion pickupsticks
London, UK
champion Nate Austin
Los Angeles
"Live the dream."
champion Michael Goins
champion Samuel
champion Ryan Vincent
New Zealand
champion Logan Marks
"Good and Evil are only a point of view"
champion Daniel R. Gardner
Wayward Garden
Batesville, IN
Flooding magma vents and carving obsidian towers.
champion Stefan Schilling
"Snow, Player is more experienced."
champion Armok, God of Blood
Slave of Toady, God of Awesome
"Armok cancels exist; DF to awesome."
champion Abbadon
"Fear Is But a Weapon to Be Harnessed"
champion librarian
certainly not a monkey
champion John Johnston
"Never Unprepared"
champion Jeremy Apthorp
Sydney, Australia
"You have hissed all my mystery lessons"
champion Matt Jarvie
Washington State
"I see capital S's in my nightmares..."
champion Niels
Living in Denmark but still Dutch.
Can I build that! How do I build that!
champion Onkl
Solothurn, Switzerland
champion Ken

champion Linthar

champion Scott Borow

champion Thomas Quinn

champion Zeek
Vancouver Canada
champion (The)SilverHammer or DeepT
Always looking for a faster way to kill off the Nobles
champion Aldaron
"Yay, I found magnetite!"
champion Mike
The Happy Anarchist
Honolulu, Hawaii USA
"Helping dwarves starve to death since 2007."
champion Cog Nate

champion Fossphur, Australia
"Haunted by nightmares of floods and cave-ins!"
champion TeDDD
Southwestern Ontario, Canada
"Taken by a fey mood!"
"Dig Deeper!"
champion Bret Gillan
Ithaca, NY
champion Aldo
Milan, italy, eu
champion Capntastic
"I reign with my left hand; I rule with my right."
champion Bombcar
"Doesn't feel pain or remorse or fear and cannot be stopped unless killed."
champion Othin
Beltsville, MD
champion Lorenzo Coletta
"Wow! So this is what the matrix looks like...oh wait... Why are dwarfs here?!"
champion Lloyd
champion Talon V.
Melbourne, Australia
"Answer that and stay fashionable!"
champion Kel 'Whoops' Graham
Brisbane, Australia
"He has admired a fine trap recently."
champion Tristan Linck
Pave the Earth!
champion Rollory
champion Prime Junta
champion Eduardo X

champion mrharvest
"CAMRA - campaigning for dwarves' right to a decent drink since 1971."
champion Paul Klinger
Vienna, Austria
champion Xgamer4
"Losing is so fun I paid to."
champion Matias
Oulu, Finland
"Advance is now to the third order, with the new ...169.33a version."
champion Robert Martens
Miller Place, NY
champion Hellzon
"Madness Takes Its Toll. Please Have Exact Change"
champion Doctor Zero
Michigan, USA
"Now losing in (cue echo) THE THIRD DIMENSION."
champion PTTG
The Great Republic California, Grass Valley.
I used up all my letters on my locati
champion Genuine

champion Tag Plastic

champion Tony Hoyt
Connecticut, USA
champion Pasi Niemisto
Helsinki, Finland
"I wonder what's behind this really hot obsidian wall?"
champion Bouchacha
Lorton, VA
champion James S.
Baltimore, MD
champion Ghost Gerbil
Bakersfield, CA
"Duty Now for the Future!"
champion Oarfish

champion Timofei Shatrov
Let the blind be led by the dumb
champion Do'nothan Cuddlefish
New York, NY
"[Life]'s all illusory - it's ill, and it's for losers."
champion Bob Arctor
Somerset UK
"Oh boy!"
champion Peter
champion Morkilus
Salt Lake City
champion DDouble
champion Dehydration
"Don't trust the phones. They're full of gas."
champion Kuzaar
"Too greedily and too deep is not greedily and deep enough."
champion Rens2Sea
champion Mu
t”ras alod im, an exceptional thank you.
champion Andy Hong
champion FFT

champion Emmanuel Dempuré
"Des amateurs ont construit l'arche de Noé, et des professionnels le Titanic !"
champion Aargh!
"If all else fails, use magma."
champion Adam Barsi
"I am mining and I'm still alive!"
champion ol
RIP Tupac
champion Ben Wilhelm
champion Johnny 'Vanan'
Slaves to Armok: God of Blood
Chapter III: Dwarf Crimesquad
champion MacGyvers_Mullet
Maryland, USA
"You strike the earth with the dwarves you have, not the dwarves you want."
champion John Tait
Harrow, Middlesex
"Hunting food for vermin"
champion GRNDL
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
So begins the twelfth year of my idiotic war. The pain of it! The stupidity!
champion Niklas Karlsson
champion Todd 'Kiyote' Lang

champion Whiskey Ninja
Trout Lake, WA
"HA! HA! I'm mining the Adamantine!"
champion sinoth
Arkansas, USA
champion Great Coca
Nampa, ID
champion Paul Meyer
champion Juan B. Tamez
Monterrey, Mexico
Strike the earth!
champion Cibby Pulikkaseril
Sydney, Australia
"Mutton yesterday, mutton today, and, blimey, if it don't look like mutton tomorrer..."
champion Keith Burgun
Goldens Bridge, NY
champion Alex May
London England
champion Bryan "PowerCrazy" Patterson
Dallas, Texas
champion p0x
"The polar bear is striking down the dwarf."
champion Mitch Harden
St Louis, MO
champion Dan "Iceman2343" Berends
Bel Air, Maryland
champion Ken Rutsky (Sykirobme)
Albany, NY
champion Rumple McFunk

champion Manos del Sino
Phoenix, USA
"By Armok's beard! Are those elephants in the nursery?"
champion Riki Sundberg
champion Alastair
United Kingdom
champion Havlock
Iowa, USA
Bay12 rolls a natural 20 on craft:game!
champion Saijonas
"I will show you fear in a handful of dust"
- T.S. Eliot

champion Rheinmetall
champion David Kidd
Sydney, Australia
champion Austin Scott
Nevada, USA
Thanks for all the fun!
champion Jake Vose (Chork)
Fairfax, VA
champion Kylaer

champion SD Lachance/Eagleon
Milwaukee WI
"Two of pant and a short-pair"
champion Greiger
Needs Dr. Pepper to get through the working day.
champion Andy "4bh0r53n" Bell
"The spinning +bronze mace+ hits the child in the head. It explodes in a cloud of gore!"
champion PJ Lorenz
Phoenix, Arizona
"OOohhhh, Jubei! That fortress is impenetrable!"
champion Minuteman

champion Charlie Wells (Chaswick)
Gainesville, FL
"Dwarf fortress is a great game, you should support it too!"
champion HotSake
"My robot brain needs beer."
champion Majestic7
champion Bott Maggot

champion Tom "Rewolf(/31)" N-D
Crawley, London, England
A vile force of darkness has arrived!
champion Bajuba
"Hey Josh! Wanna play Runescape?!"
champion Snogmonkey
Atlanta, Ga
"A man chooses, a dwarf obeys. Andrew "Tarn" Ryan circa 1960"
champion GameHat
Schaumburg, IL
champion Brian G. (sa:ergot)
Madison, WI
"Rocks fall, everyone dies."
champion Jim (Trukkle)
Worthing, UK
champion Lee 'Pod' Griffiths
Manchester, UK
champion Termonde
Grenoble (France)
"Oook ?"
champion slMagnvox

champion Cameron (cwc)
College Station, TX
champion Austin Byers (ElectricBoogaloo)
Houston, TX
The Stray Puppy (Tame) has been struck down.
champion Alexander Feder

champion TotalPigeon
"Then how do you explain the dead unicorns?"
champion Tapio Latvanen (Aristharus)
Helsinki, Finland
champion Twilight
"Looting ancient crypts: beats the day job!"
champion Luke Miller (puke)
San Francisco, CA
champion Fred "Macaque Wrangler" Crawley
London, England
Trading +platinum mugs+ for whiskey since 1053
champion Shanty

champion Tom Kitchin (2DMan)
"If you're not cheating, you're not trying."
champion Syndlig
"Ri Unyih, Ri Ohah, Ri Ebuhta."
champion Michael Welsh Duggan (Duggan)
Pittsburgh, PA
champion Brett Flannigan (Janus)
image art is by Ganbat Badamkhand for Mount&Blade
champion Andrew, Lurking Near
"Histories of Toil and BGOC"
champion Keyboard Fox

champion Aaron Flint
A slime draws near! Command?
champion 0x517A5D
Sacramento, CA, USA
champion Rav
"Do not weep for the BGOC"
champion Ookpik, Canada
champion SupaGoat
"BGOC Forever"
champion narflung

champion Kythorn, Under a Bridge
"Long Live The BGOC"
champion Damian Kelleher (Arkhaine)
Brisbane, Australia
champion Alex Mooney (Demon)
Columbus, OH
The reason the forums are on Eastern Time.
champion Spelguru, Sweden
"I have the cutest cat in the world."